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Equus Defense Force is military organazation group and there mission is to defend and protect the kingdom of Equestria and it,s ally

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Oh yeah, some surprise you others do what they say they do. Still great games.

ive played, 2017, 2025 and 4.1. in all, anyone who says that the games suck are not entirly wrong, but ill be damned if i say they are right.
finding new weapons is liek snorting a line of crack, you never know what it will do until you try it.

If you've played it you know it's a great game. :rainbowdetermined2:

All these Earth Defense Force Comments xD

To save our mother earth from any alien attack!


Thank you guys for adding my story to your ranks.
Admiral Heat Signature (OC) of their Majesties' Royal Naval Fleet is at your command.

Sir! Requesting Permission to thank who ever added my story, Das weideraufleben! Sir!

Hello Sergeant.

A semi-programmatic mechanism for fresh group detection has evaluated your group and marked it ‘new’. The listing of this group in New Groups was initiated as a consequence. Congratulations!

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