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This Account is now considered Dead, blog tells where I’m at

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  • 165 weeks
    Re:The new account

    Sorry for the sudden Deltion of the last blog as i had a talk with a friend after the original post on discord.

    To keep this short, I'm moving to my new primary account which is MichiruFan42, this account is only staying active for the stories nothing else with the occasional feed check, stories will stay here but won't be updated, new stories will be posted on the new account.

    So yeah this account is officaly dead.

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  • 166 weeks

    So, it’s been a while since I’ve done on update on my blogs.

    I’ve decided that I’ll make a new start by making a new account which will hopefully not get terminated. (Hopefully) Reason why I’ll be moving to a new account is to have a brand new start and maybe even write new stories that won’t be kingdom hearts related (there may be a outfit or one of the games may pop up in these new stories).

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  • 167 weeks
    A group me and a friend made

    Me, Leonnidus454 and Knight_of_hope made a group for his story Earth & Equis.
    If yous want to join here’s the link to the group The Earth & Equis group.

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  • 172 weeks

    So, I guess I better say everything now then in small parts.

    Things haven’t been going smoothly with me during lockdown which in turn started to make me question should I continue SGA or not or delete it and leave fimfiction and never come back.

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  • 176 weeks

    Here’s a question for yous.
    If I get 100 followers by the end of May, I will build something in Minecraft that will probably be posted on a different blog after the 100 follower mark has been reached.

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Thanks for the follow!

thanks for the follow!

Ugh, stupid me accidentally unfollowed you, sorry man! (I'm breezyshade)

Thank you for the fave.

Thanks for the follow:heart:

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