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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011


Spike Drake has started attending Canterlot Academy as part of a Co-Ed experiment. With him being the only guy in an entire academy filled with hot and sexy girls, will his teenage hormones drive him crazy, or will the boy-starved student body eat him alive?

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Off to a good start. I wonder who else will show up. Hey, how about having Spike being friends with Discord who show up at the school every now and then to either help his bro Spike or to cause trouble?

5089324 I'm glad
5089511 Thank you
5089592 Sounds like a good thought

Lots of kisses sences are tingling:pinkiecrazy:

Of one guy in all girls School reminds me of this hentai

5089638 That's where I got my inspiration.

Very nice I will be watching for more

5089624 big time till he pass out


cool! in that case!
That means in the video:
Ebihara Mai Is :twilightsmile:
Chihiro-chan is :fluttercry:
Misha Ivashkova is :pinkiehappy:
Kagami Kazuya is, well obviously.:moustache:

shame it's only rated teen...

5089915 I'd have it at mature, but the rules are in human or anthro fics the characters under 18 cannot engage in pure sexual conduct. And I like having the girls and Spike at the high school level.

5089991 damn legal issues... frustrating artists that actually want to have realism since they were first enforced...

dude you could just keep it M with the sex tag because for god sakes this site gets away with foals and colts doing that crap man this is fancition in other words anything goses

5090164 it says on the site rules that you aren't allowed to post "Mature stories involving human or anthro characters under 18." and since he admirably wants to be realistic, the characters are mostly underaged

Interesting, is this a reboot of "Girls Of My Life" ?

The shot shows outside a large academy building, as a voice narrates.

'My name is Spike Drake, and I am fifteen years old. I'm smart, honest, helpful, and kind. I'm also kinda shorter than most teens my age, which results in a lot of others mistaking me for a kid. This is where I go to school, Canterlot Academy. This place is actually an all girls academy, so not a guy in the whole student body, even the faculty is almost all women. So how is it a boy like me wound up attending an all girls school? Well, I'll tell ya.'

'The Principal and Vice Principal of this school decided it was time for a change and decided to see if this school could become co-ed. But before they could make that decision a permanent thing, they decided to put it to the test. They searched the local schools outside the academy for a boy who's smart and dedicated, then enters me.'

'I got a request form from the Principal and Vice Principal about the plan, and at first I was unsure knowing how awkward it could be for one guy to be in an all girls academy, until I learned my parents had to move overseas because of a job transfer. I liked where we live and wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of moving. Too bad they already made plans to sell the house. I checked the form again and said I would be required to live on campus. Without a job I couldn't pay for our house myself, so what did I have to lose?'

This part seems a little unnecessary. Most of it is explained further down the story and just comes off as redundant. Plus, a voice shouldn't have to narrate what's already being narrated.

5090230 just say you from japan age of consent is 13 or 14

5089755 oh so there will be jealous sense:twilightangry2:

5091295 it's the site rules, and the japanese law still says that if it's not a romantic relationship (or with parent's approval) it's still 18 (and 20 to get married)

5091104 It's a different take, so to speak

Twilight said, "I'm the smartest of the group here. In fact I'm the top student."

This.. seemed a little OOC of Twi, just saying. :unsuresweetie:

Interesting. I like the story concept of Spike being in an all girls school. However the dialogue feels a bit wooden. Especially when the girls are telling him about themselves. The way they simply list their position in the group as the smart one, the athletic one, and so on, is really unnatural and unrealistic.

Funny, I Always took spike for a Gorillaz fan

UH-OH!!:raritycry: Vid in the story!! everytime I see a story with one of those inside their chapter the story itself gets taken down:raritydespair:

Already a kiss.:rainbowlaugh::twilightblush:


i'm going to be disappointed if spike doesn't get in at least a little trouble for that. especially because i'm pretty sure kissing isn't allowed in any school, never mind a school of all girls and one guy where things could become volatile among students pretty quickly if rumors and such aren't handled properly.

I wonder who's gonna get in more trouble for that. If any of those girls are gonna tattle, I reckon Fluttershy would get in more trouble, since she was on top of him.

Oh I have an idea
OK one day Spike wakes up( not drunk OK) and find that a girl is right next to him in bed.

all the ladies. Spike gets all the ladies.:moustache:

respect to Spike for getting a kiss, even if it as unintentional. Keep up the good work.

Not bad, apart from some grammar errors, also, you need to slow down on your pacing, and watch some of your expressions..... They don't always sound like actual speech.... Still, not bad....

Oooooooh Dashie has a thing for flutter shy

5116540 or is just protective:rainbowdetermined2:

I must have moar! Nicely written.

The ending had me laughing.

Octavia? Spike you dog....you lucky dog.

Some girl needs to sneak in his room:pinkiecrazy:

Stuff Phys Ed, Spike is going to get all the exercise he needs from running.:rainbowlaugh:

Twilight read one, "We both wouldn't mind getting to know you a little more in case you wanted to hang out with us. Love, Flitter and Cloudchaser."

*Ding ding ding ding ding!* We have a winner! two for one, you got to go with that.

5149775 That's not a bad idea actually. Then she would get expelled and maybe then the others would leave him alone.:twilightsmile:

5149883 please WILDCARD25 do it and the expelltion seems a little much

5149883 and girls peeping while he is in the shower

anyone else saw that coming

5149883 Not to worry you all I got loads of plans in store.

5150052 please let girls peeping spike in the showers be one:applejackunsure:

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