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I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Just like SpongeBob SquarePants, it is one of the greatest cartoons ever created. My goal for the future is to become a voice actor and/or screenwriter. You

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"The Romantic Adventures of Spike Drake" Update · 7:10pm May 8th, 2018

Hello Everypony,

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Are you going to finish The Romantic Adventures of Spike Drake?

Thanks for the like really appreciate the support and thanks for the motivation.

Alright, both of you, 251297 and 297432, knock it off. While the both of you make some compelling arguments, I think the both of you are missing the point. When Stephen Hillenberg created SpongeBob, he said that he just wanted to create an adult character who is a child at heart. And I relate to that, since when I was a child, I was really creative back then whenever I played with my toys. And now, as an adult, even though I don’t play with my toys anymore, I am still a creative person just like I was when I was younger. That’s the whole reason why I chose to write my own stories based off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the first place. And I owe a lot of the credit to SpongeBob for inspiring me to be a creative writer.

Although, I will admit that maybe SpongeBob SquarePants isn’t for everyone, since maybe the modern era of SpongeBob isn’t exactly on par with the pre-movie seasons with lackluster episodes and cruel characters, but to me, there’s always been a lot of charm to it. And just because I love SpongeBob, doesn’t mean there aren’t things that I hate about it. What I’m trying to say is that just because you really enjoy a show, doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to criticize it. If you do, it means that you know the show so well and that you know what episodes make it succeed (Band Geeks, Chocolate with Nuts, and Pizza Delivery) and which ones make it fail (A Pal for Gary, One Coarse Meal, and Little Yellow Book). Another reason why I love SpongeBob is because I grew up with it and that I relate to the characters. When I was younger, I wasn’t like Arnold from Hey Arnold or Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents; I was an optimistic person like SpongeBob, I had friends who weren’t exactly smart but were still good friends like Patrick, and I sometimes annoyed other people inadvertently with my antics like Squidward. I just relate to a lot of the characters. So in conclusion, no matter how many people will say that SpongeBob isn’t a great cartoon, I say that it is a great cartoon show regardless and it is one that I will never bring myself to hate.

Gravity Falls is a kids show, and it's the best cartoon ever made (at least by my opinion). MLP is a kids show, and it has multiple mature morals. Steven Universe is a kids show, and it has constant allegories to sex (and SJW propaganda, but I digress). Spongebob is just noise, and not even a pleasant noise at that.

My point: Stop trying to defend Spongebob. You're bad at it.

Well what do you expect? It's a kids show, of course there are things in it that doesn't make any sense.

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