• Published 3rd Oct 2014
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Ladies Man on Campus - Wildcard25

Fifteen Year old Spike has found himself attending an academy for girls as part of a co-ed experiment. Will he be accepted or go crazy from hormone overload.

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Spike's Light Show Date

One morning in Spike's room, Spike was at his desk and looking at his laptop that had a website up for the upcoming comic con.

Spike marveled at the display, and spoke to himself, "This is absolutely perfect. Comic con is just a few weeks away. And I will be attending with the girls. Oh, I can't wait to cosplay. I'm sure Rarity would absolutely love the chance to show off some of her costumes. And the others would look super hot." he salivated while thinking about the girls cosplaying.

Spike's fantasy was interrupted by a knock at his door, "Oh! Coming!" he got up and answered his door seeing Trixie.

"Hi, Spike." she greeted him.

"Oh, hi, Trixie. What's up?"

"Not much. What're you doing?"

"I was just looking up the upcoming date for Comic Con. I'm itching to go."

"By yourself?" Trixie asked in concern.

"Actually, I was planning on asking you and the rest of the group."

"Really?" the girl asked with hope.

"Yeah. If you wanted to that is." Spike replied.

"I would love to." Trixie answered.

"Really?" Spike gasped, "That's great! Now I just need to see if the others want to join us."

"Before you ask them, Spike. I was wondering if you'd like go out on a date with me?" Trixie asked.

"A date? Really?" Spike asked.

"Yes. I mean, if you want to." Trixie said acting sheepish.

"Well, I don't have any other plans. So sure. I'm game." Spike answered.

Trixie gasped, and smiled, "Thank you, Spike. And I already have some stuff for us to do."

"I can't wait." Spike smiled with joy.

Soon after both Spike and Trixie got ready, they were already walking through the city, while enjoying their date. They stopped for a bite at an Ice Cream parlor and were each having a sundae. As Trixie took a spoonful of her ice cream, she tasted it.

"Mm, delicious."

"I'll say." Spike agreed, as he took a bite of his own.

Trixie seeing an opportunity, took another spoonful and offered it to Spike, "Here, Spike. Ah."

Spike seeing what she was doing took the spoonful and ate it, "Yum."

"Now do me. Ah." Trixie said with her mouth open.

Spike smiled, as he took a spoonful of his own ice cream and fed Trixie. "How is it?"

"Perfect." Trixie said, as she licked her lip.

Spike sighed, as he kicked back, "I can't believe half of summer has gone by like that."

"I know," Trixie agreed, "We've done so much these last few weeks."

"Some awesome, some funny... And some frightening beyond understanding." he said the last part in dread, as he and Trixie recalled their sneak in at the run down entertainment center.

"But we still got time before the semester continues." Trixie reminded him.

"Uh-huh. So we gotta make the most of it." Spike agreed, as they relaxed.

Later on, both Trixie and Spike entered a shop that sold both magic and joke props. The man at the counter saw them and gasped in joy, "My favorite customer, Trixie!"

"Hi, Marshall." she greeted him.

"It's so nice to see you here in my shop," Marshall noticed Spike next to her, "And who's this young man?"

"This is Spike. He's my friend. Spike, this is Marshall the Magnificent. Retired magician."

"Nice to meet you, Spike." Marshall shook his hand.

"Likewise. So you did magic?"

"Oh, yes. I was once a hit back in Vegas. Everyone would jump at a chance to see me perform my mystifying magic." Marshall declared dramatically.

"Now he own this magic and joke shop. I've come here lot's of times. It's where I get my best stuff." the girl explained.

"Not bad." Spike said, as he looked around.

"Browsing today, Trixie?" Marshall asked.

"Well, sort of. I wanted to see if there's any new items I can stock up on."

"Help yourself. Same as you, Spike." Marshall said, as he gave the two some bags.

Spike and Trixie looked around the shop checking out some magic and joke products. Spike picked up a ventriloquists dummy, "Say, Billy. What's a ghosts favorite lunch meat?"

"Boo-logna!" Spike made the puppet speak. Trixie laughed at Spike's joke, while looking at a fresh new pack of magic cards.

They continued to look at more stuff like magic wands, fake doggy doo, handkerchiefs, squirting flowers, fake blood, magic rings, little cups with balls, whoopie cushions, hand buzzers, and lots of other stuff.

"Might I make some suggestions, you two?" Marshall offered.

"Sure." Trixie answered.

"How about a shrunken head?" he offered a voodoo head for them.

"Nope." Spike answered.

Marshall pulled out a human sized fake head, "Regular size."

"Nuh-uh." Trixie shook her head.

Marshall then picked up a giant sized fake head that looked like Frankenstein, "Monster size!" he declared.

"NOOOO!" Spike and Trixie cried from how scary it looked, while clinging to each other.

Marshall placed the head down, and they released each other. The owner pulled out a pack of gum, "Trick Gum."

Spike looked interested, "Ok." he took it.

Marshall pulled out another item, "Headlight goggles."

"Nice." Trixie took it.

"And my personal favorite... The voice thrower," he held up a gadget and put it on his tongue. He spoke while aiming in the direction of a mummy statue, "I am a mummy." The two teens gasped, as they heard Marshall's voice come out of the statue, even though he himself was right beside him.

"We'll take one each." Spike said, as Trixe nodded in agreement. So Marshall gave them one each.

Aside from the suggestions from Marshall, Trixie bought a new deck of magic cards and Spike got a fake hand he was hoping he could spook Pinkie Pie with.

After paying for their stuff the two left, as Trixie led the way, "Where to now, Trixie?" Spike asked.

"There some more stuff I have to pick up for something special tonight." She answered, as they approached another shop.

Spike looked up at the sign, "Crazy Kap's Fireworks? Are you getting fireworks?"

"Not just fireworks, Spike. The best kind." she smirked. Spike raised a brow, but said nothing as he and Trixie went inside.

Inside the shop Spike looked around and saw just about every kind of fireworks ever made, "Whoa. This is a lot of fireworks."

"I like to buy mine here. It's got all the ones I need," Trixie explained, as she approached the counter, "Vincent?"

The guy at the counter saw her, "Ah, Trixie. Here for your order?"

"That's right."

"It's all in the back. Let me get it." Vincent said, as he went into the storage room.

Spike watched with Trixie as Vincent came back with a box filled with fireworks, "Whoa. Look at all of these." he gasped.

"I order the best." Trixie smiled.

Spike checked them out and spoke, "Some of these can't be legal."

"Some of them aren't, but they sell for the right price." she smirked.

"Do I even wanna know what you plan to do with all of these?" Spike asked.

"You'll find out tonight." she answered.

When nighttime came, Spike were setting up all the fireworks. When they finished, the two stood by a tree and saw the whole field set up with Trixie's fireworks.

"This is gonna be some light show." Spike said.

"You bet it is. It shall be magical and spectacular." Trixie said, as she lit a fuse and the two watched the fuse travel to the fireworks. One by one each firework was set off and shot up into the sky before exploding.

Trixie and Spike watched as more fireworks were shooting off into the air and colored the sky with their explosions. From the dormitory, all the girls looked out their windows and marveled at the display.

Back with Trixie and Spike, the two sat beside the tree and watched their little fireworks show. Spike smiled, and spoke, "You were right, Trixie, this is magical and spectacular."

"Yeah. I have been known for pulling off such a feat." Trixie said, as she rested her head onto his shoulder.

"I'm glad you asked me out on this date." Spike added.

"So am I." Trixie replied, as the two scooted closer while the fireworks continued to go off.

Later on after all the fireworks were used up, and Spike and Trixie cleaned up the remains. The two went back to Trixie's room at the dorm.

Trixie locked the door, and turned to Spike, "There, now no one will bother us."

Spike smiled, "I hope I can satisfy you, Trixie."

"Satisfy me? I'm hoping I can satisfy you." she replied.

"Guess we'll find out together." Spike stepped out of his shoes.

Trixie kicked her own shoes off, before unzipping her hoodie and let it fall to the floor. The girl approached Spike and wrapped her arms around his neck, as Spike himself wrapped his arms around her waist. The two leaned in and locked lips.

The two kissed passionately as their tongues explored the inside of each others mouths. When the two parted, Trixie reached down and pulled Spike's shirt up and off him. Spike did the same to Trixie by removing her shirt, and exposed her voluptuous breasts contained in a blue bra. They engaged in another kiss, while Trixie reached down and undid Spike's pants, and they dropped to his ankles. Spike undid Trixie's skirt that also fell around her ankles. With both teens in their undergarments, Trixie guided Spike to the couch where she sat him down.

"Now let's get the real party started." Trixie said as she climbed on top of him and started making out with him through passionate kissing, while Spike took the opportunity and massaged her breasts through her bra.

"Now this is fricken awesome." Spike panted, as a tent formed in his boxers.

"Take it off me, Spike. Take it off." Trixie panted.

Spike not needing to be told twice, undid Trixie's bra, and she slipped it off revealing her breasts in full view.

Spike's eyed widened, and spoke in arousal, "Boobies."

Trixie giggled, "You're too cute."

And so Trixie started rubbing herself against Spike's bare torso, while reaching down below and started giving Spike some pleasure as well.

Spike moaned as he could feel the build up, "Trixie, it's coming..."

"Do it." she whispered seductively, as she gave him a little nudge. Spike did so much to Trixie's joy.

"That felt good." Spike panted.

"It's not over yet, Spike." Trixie reminded him, as she draped herself over him, "Does my body feel nice pressed up against yours?"

"It's the best." Spike admitted, as he felt her breasts press firmly against his chest.

"I'm glad. Now where were we? Oh, yes." she kissed Spike again, as she started riding Spike, while the boy moved his hands down and coped a feet of her butt resulting in sensual moans.

An hour later, Spike and Trixie were in the girls bed resting from their love experience. Spike turned to look at Trixie, as she looked at him, "Trixie, that was amazing. Thank you."

"You were amazing yourself, Spike." she kissed him.

"We should probably get some sleep. Gonna be another day filled with surprises no doubt."

"You're right. Goodnight, Spike." she cuddled up next to him.

"Goodnight, Sexy and Lustful Trixie." He whispered.

Trixie thought to herself, 'Not bad.'

Spike thought to himself as he got comfy, 'Eight down. One to go.'