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In a world where ponies and vamponies co-exist, the lovely Octavia has fallen for the dashing vampony Vinyl Scratch. Can their love survive those who oppose it? The self proclaimed Vampony Hunter Rainbow Dash? And most importantly Vinyl's alter ego, DJ PON3?

Fic is based off the premise set forth in Charlaine Harris' books "The Southern Vampire Mysteries."

NEW COVER ART! Tangled Up In Bue by Kare Valgon on Deviantart


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The characters are still ponies and not humans but this wonderful author specializes in drawing human figures. Go check her out and leave her some love! Thank u so much swift-blaze

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Comment posted by ShotgunNeko deleted Jun 29th, 2013

damn i'm really looking forward to the next chapter

The story is going good so far, I recommend that you keep doing this and try to keep the sex on a down low so that more people will read and enjoy this story.

2794644 yes I agree! I think I shall keep things sexually suggestive but no further than that :) thank u for your comment!

2794581 thank u! Ill try to post it ASAP!

2794800 this chart is all kinds of win!!!!!

I've always found it awkward when writers try to describe horses walking hoof-in-hoof... so I just pretend it's anthro lol

Omg....:rainbowkiss: when I was reading this, I had a fan girl moment:twilightblush:. I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

2794812 ohhh man I see what u mean...I realized when I wrote this I was imagining vinyl like the picture in the fanart ...on two hooves instead of four....oops I dropped the ball on that one lol next chapter I will make sure I fix that hehehe

2794992 lol really? Hehehe that's what I like to hear! Working on next chapter and hoping to post ASAP :)

"hello, hello, hello my darling some things never change, when our words are dipped in gasoline our love goes up in flaaames!" "I tried so hard to get behind your mental barricade, but every time it leaves me feelin' damaged torn in paaaiiin!" sorry I just felt that needed to be said for this fic. =3

Was the title of the story based on the song "Tangled Up in Blue" by Bob Dylan?


My Mom used to have a Bob Dylan CD playing in her car all the time and she played that song along with Knockin' on Heaven's Door, so that's how I knew. :twilightblush:

all i can say is more . im very very interested in seeing what is going to happen.

I must admit i am interested, but a little afraid of how sexual it might get.
Otherwise, niiiiice :pinkiehappy:

2796938 ya if it gets too ... saucy i will have to unfav

2796938>>2797010 I'm going to keep it toned down....I promise lol :) I want everyone to be able to enjoy the fic!

Wow, this is really stupid.

2797715 wow, what a completely useless comment.

2798001 im sorry to intrude in the conversation, but well if you did want to make some parts of the fic a little more " adult" like you could always do it in a side fic , other fanfics have done the same thing and it keeps the normal story where it should be and it gives the more " mature" audience a little more " sauce " to the story if you get what i mean.

2798191 that's a good point my friend! I will definitely keep that in mind :) thanx again for the feedback.

2795456 Ohhhh okay cuz I was wondering about that... there's another story on this site, one of my favorites actually, called Tangled Up In Blues, by The Descendant.

But dis ayum totes un relayted.

Ok this is now in the number 2 spot on my all time top vampony fics.....and hint hint: number three is My Roommate is A Vampire

7 dislikes without an explanation? :facehoof: Idiots

2798452 ahhhh maybe I should have checked for similar titles before I posted lol...I just got wrapped up in the music and then forgot about it!

2798932 I know....it kinda burns me up.....lol but what can you do? Haha and the one guy who said this fic was stupid...didn't even toss it a downvote

Well-written and sexy and luring. I'll be following this fic. :twilightsmile:

2799202 really????? I didn't even check! :) you just made my day lol

2799588 awwww thank u! Ur words are much appreciated! I shall be posting the next chapter soon!

this is like the fifth time i ready this and i still adore it so much !!!! there is just one thing that stands out for me , its octavias dialogues in some points, vinyl´s character is amazing ! shes works so awesomely every time shes on and with everything she says, but octavia just seems like a completely in love mare, not that its bad , but it doesn't give her more personality, yes shes very in love with vinyl but thats it, i would recommend you to check that out a little, maybe give her a little more assertiveness when shes angry, more reasons in the things she says, but besides of that its still a very awesome fic. cant wait for more.

2800169 actually I agree wholeheartedly....as I was reading over it. I realized I will have to work on that for chapter 2.... Thank u for the feedback...a lot of authors write Octavia as a canterlot snob or give her a British accent lol ....I chose not to go either of those ways so I realize I need to definitely work on her characterization! Have I mentioned that I'm super stoked about ur artwork? Lol

2800277 thank u very much! I can promise this fic will be clop free ....and the sex tag is only for more implied sexual relations behind the scenes lol

really looking forward to the next chapter, i acculy like the fact that you put in a description of what the buck they acculy do in bed, even though that's a clopping idea, it still brings a seance of legitimacy, where most Anthers are afraid to venture, do to Public Eye, again cant wait till the next few Chapters and see where this is going =D

2800371 well not all of the fanfics do that, yes most popular Octavia and vinyl fanfics do turn octavia into a snob, but not all of them , and this is where investigation comes :) i would recommend you to analyze 2 very good versions of octavia , 1. is the octavia from "university days", shes a very passionate character, innocent yes but always willing to learn everything she needs in order to make vinyl happy, and 2. is the octavia from " truth" another one of my favorite versions, this octavia is very very sweet, shes elegant but never a snob, shes very intelligent but doesn't let vinyl know that ... she makes her think that shes just an innocent and beautiful mare. id recommend you to check them out, im sure that they could help you to create your own octavia and make her work wonderfully.

if there is something i have learned as and artist and a animator is that references a a very good way to investigate :)

2800371 ps. thank you :) im glad you liked it XD i hope i cant make a pony version fanart so you can use it here, beacuse well it is a pony fanfic not human lol XD

2803402 thanx I will check those out ! As for the art...hey humans is fine if that's what ur good at lol I have seen a lot of fics where ppl have used human fanart but said...."they are ponies in this fic" lol anyways like I said whatever inspires u....I just think it's cool ur inspired!

2798829 wow that's a huge compliment considering what a successful story my roommate is a vampire is lol thank u so much!

When is the next chapter coming? I'm DYING here! :raritydespair:

2808821 no problem fellow Vampony Writer!

2807108 omg that's my new favourite thing! Sooooo awesome!!!!!!!

Three Days Grace song awesome! :yay: Curse you and your cliff hangers!!!!!!:raritycry::raritycry: I want to say thanks for getting me into vampires again! the Twilight movies kinda ruined it for me but this helped got into again. :derpytongue2: :pinkiehappy: please don't stop writing this story!!:rainbowkiss:

So... Fairy Twilight? Alicorn Twilight? or just unicorn Princess Twilight? :twilightsmile:

Will this ruin Vinyl and Octavia's relationship?
Will Dashie fuck things up?
Will Octavia ever realise the points of a joke?
Will this fan stop making stupid questions?
Will my manly narrative voice you are imagining in your head go away!?
Are you even imagining a voice to begin with?
Where exactly is the Internet located!?
Where does 42 fit into this story!?

Find out in the next installment of

ok...now that this is over...great chapter!

2825855 and the Oscar goes too......

Lyra put her hand behind her head and began to back up.

Yes! Lyra's dream has finally come true! She's got hands now! xD

Seriously, though, this was an amazing chapter, even though I am pretty sure such cliffhangers are illegal in at least half of the EU. :raritywink:

I suddenly remembered a family guy scene from just seeing the "you hit her with a frying pan!?" part. Many LOL's were later made.

2825855 lol I think so too! What was she thinking? Clearly she wasn't lol :)

2826335 lol damnit Lyra get outta my head! Haha fixed! Thanx for pointing that out! Lol I can't help it with the cliffhangers....it's just easier to end a chapter that way lol

2826050 lol I DID imagine reading that listening to your manly narrative voice! Made it so much more dramatic! Glad ur enjoying thus far.

2825904 lol I hadn't thought about adding the fairies or shifters or wolves but now Uve got the wheels in my head turning haha....I'm thinking princess twilight as an alicorn....but she will play an important role in later chapters so we shall soon see hehehehe (that's evil laughter) lol

2825861 lol but I love my cliffhangers...my cliffies as I call them....Lolz yes the song in the chapter title is awesome and fits this chapter well for vinyl. I was listening to it while writing! The twilight movies were terrible...I'm glad I could help bring you back to the dark side :) I am already working on chapter 3 so ill try to keep them coming!

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