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It sucks that the stories were taken down.

Watch and Learn was incredible. Thanks, Boney J.

Although I never got to meet you while you were active I am very happy you left your stories up. They were a pleasure to read and even if you never finish or post any other stories on this site I hope you continue to write and do everything you are passionate about. Whatever anyone else says about you, know this, I enjoyed your piece and will continue to be a fan of yours even if you never see this. You are a great author and your stories will always be one of my favorites to read.

I honestly think that this has been happening far too often on this site recently. People don't seem to realise that authors don't have a whole fucking fic waiting in their computer, ready to post chapters as soon as some asshole demands it. Cocksuckers make demands, it gets to the writer, the writer leaves. Now, those of us who were willing to wait have lost the story, and the impatient fucktards go off to fuck over someone else. I can't blame the authors, we'd all do the same, but I think there should be a rule against excessive hating. Like, I understand constructive criticism, it's very helpful in the writing of a fic, but the people who attack a fic and it's writer just for shits and giggles should just get fucked off the site.

Anyway, now that I've got that out of the road, you don't need to apologise Bone, you've done enough. :twilightsmile: Watch and Learn was really, REALLY good, and Kiss Me Deadly sounds...

Fun. :ajsmug::pinkiecrazy:

But anyways, I wish you luck in all of your future endeavours, whatever they may be, and I eagerly and hopefully await your return to writing, however little chance there may be of this happening. You are a brilliant writer, with an eye for detail that so many on this site lack, and it makes your fics shine, in my eyes. Now go on, go and do some great things, and know that you've got the support of the vast majority of the world's bronies.

For now, I bid you adieu.


*tips fedora and vanishes in a puff of smoke*

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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