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Kit Astor

Pinkie Pie and Octavia are best pony!!!


50 Questions · 1:42am Apr 10th, 2014

1) What is your name: Danielle
2) How old are you: 32
3) What country are you from: The United States of America
4) What do you really look like, pictures are acceptable: 6 ft tall with short brown hair and a bit on the chubby side (nobody is perfect right?)
5) What do you wish to look like: Only thing I would change about how I look is my weight, I absolutely love being a tall woman.

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To be honest, I was surprised that I wasn't already following you. :twilightblush:

Wow, thanks for the watch. :twilightsmile:

It is my pleasure, I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

Thank you so much for watching me, darling!

Thanks for the fave on The Scratch Ends Here. I'm glad you are enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

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