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Welcome to our humble domain! Enter freely and of your own free will!

For the night is young, the air is cold, and there are stories to be told. Stay a while, won't you?

This is a group for stories featuring ponies that have become creatures of the night.

Preferably the cunning and classical type, and not the cannon fodder littering modern cinema.

We're taking it back, Stephenie Meyer! The term vampire has been tarnished by your sparkling garbage for too long! First pony fanfiction, tomorrow, all literature and I guess movies too!

*To those that wish to post a story into this group*
Due to the fact that I never have the time to check up with this group... Anyone can now add their own story or a story that you may believe match with this group. ~BlueAzura
However be warned... if you post the wrong type of stories (not relating to vampirism at all) it will be removed.

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noticing a lack of activity here.

So.. uhh are we talking about bloodsucking vampires or mlp Night Guard/Lunar guard thestral? I'm looking for blood-sucking vampires because I remember a vampire story along time ago and was trying to find something like it.

Pfft...snerk...HA HA HA!

Blea blea ble-

No no just no...

Vampires von't svarkle

VAND vhey von't talk vike vhis. :facehoof: :twilightangry2::facehoof::twilightangry2::flutterrage::twilightangry2::facehoof::twilightangry2::flutterrage::facehoof::flutterrage::fluttercry::fluttercry:

413396 Alright. I shall fix that then.

401257 Found? you mean created.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


The subject of “vampires" is not the bumbling bafoon of a vampire that originates from the movie Twilight right? No sparklers please that would ruin my meal indeed.:pinkiesick:

How do you post a story that is not your own? I found a hidden jewel of a vampire twilight, and would like to give it some love. The only problem is that I think it's dead now. No author or update in the past year and a half roughly.
The story is The Undead Librarian by Fyrebird.

This sounds like an awesome community. I love vampires! :heart: (NOT the sparkly kind of course)

Vampires, as in sucking blood, right?
bats or otherwise, I hope.

Flutters sends her best spawn in hope of a warm greeting.

can there be room for folders for the foals of the main six?

Mabye your right that all vamps aren't bad mabye I've just been an idiot and a bigot... or mabye I've just taken to many knocks to the head I'll think about what you said. But as always Vampire Hunters forever!!!!!


Because some people are sophisticated. "Hating and Killing Vamps" could honestly hurt somepony's feelings, as you have just done. Yes, there are a few hunter fics out there, but not all of them ("Vamps") are as brutal and violent as you think.

Why can't there be more stories about hating and killing vamps?

Has anyone seen a story where the main character unknowingly moves to a canon or non-canon town where the majority of the population is Vamponies?

346083 If I only knew my dear.


And just like that, more members and stories.

Why can't the little things last? :fluttercry:

555 members...111 stories, combine that to get 666

Coincidence? I think not!

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