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Tangled Up In Blue - ShotgunNeko

In a world where ponies and vamponies co-exist, the lovely Octavia has fallen for the dashing vampony Vinyl Scratch. Can their love survive the haters? The self proclaimed Vampony Hunter Rainbow Dash? And most importantly Vinyl's alter ego, DJ P

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Animal I Have Become

Ten Years Earlier...

Vinyl Scratch awoke suddenly, sitting up in her bed. She slowly raised a hoof to her forehead, groaning as she tried to remember the events of the previous night. Her head was pounding, and as she looked down she silently cursed. She instantly recognized where she was.

“I’m at this stupid club again?” she wondered aloud.

As her voice echoed off the sound proofed walls, she felt something warm stirring beside her. Vinyl looked down and was shocked to see not one, but two beautiful earth ponies. On her left side lay a blue mare with a soft pink mane and to her right, was an identical looking pink mare with a light blue mane. They both shared the same cutie mark symbol, a white flower blossom. Vinyl shook her head again to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. Both ponies were propped on their sides, sandwiching Vinyl between them. She could hear them breathing softly which automatically made her feel relieved.

Vinyl reached over to the blue mare and gently stroked her hair to the side, revealing two large fang marks in the sleeping pony’s neck. Sure enough the pink mare also had identical bite marks on the side of her neck as well. Underneath the two mares Vinyl caught a glimpse of the blood soaked sheets. Viinyl groaned again, struggling to recall the prior night once more. She wasn’t sure why she even tried as this wasn’t anything new to her. She had been having these blackouts since she was a child.

Vinyl knew that when she blacked out she became somepony else. Somepony that was wild, crazy and irresponsible. A pony that lived for a good time and partied her nights away, waking up with strangers in the morning.

Vinyl shuddered. She needed to get rid of these mares and fast. Vinyl had no trouble snaking her way out from beneath the two sleeping bodies. She got up and walked to the closet, hoping to find her shirt and vest. She wanted desperately to take a shower, but her desire to get the hell out of there was even stronger. She cursed again as she found the closet empty. She supposed it didn’t matter, most ponies walked around naked anyways. Glancing backwards once more to make sure the mares were still asleep, she used her magic to hover above the floor, careful not to make a sound as she floated towards the door.

Once outside Vinyl breathed a sigh of relief and let herself land softly on the dark red carpet underneath her. She mentally tried to remember which way would take her outside the fastest, checking the clock on the wall in the hallway. She still had a good hour before sunrise, plenty of time if she didn’t get distracted.

As she began navigating the hallways, she made her way past room after room. From what she could recall from all the previous times she had woken up in this place, was that it was a nightclub that catered to vamponys. Vinyl was currently underground where the rooms were light proof, so no vampony ever had to worry about partying hard and waking up in the wee hours of the morning. No sunlight could or would reach the depths of this underground safe haven. Finally, after a few missed turns, she found the staircase leading up to the main floor. It was true that a vampony’s senses were heightened, but Vinyl was so disoriented from her blackout that everything seemed to be harder than it usually was.

“I just need to get home.” She muttered.

“There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Vinyl turned to see her best friend, Lyra Hearstrings approaching.

“Where have you been?” Vinyl hissed, her eyes struggling to focus on her friend.

“I could ask you the same question buddy.” Lyra laughed, handing Vinyl her sunglasses.

Vinyl took the glasses gingerly, slipping them on over her eyes.

“Thanks.” she muttered. “But, I thought I told you to watch over me. How could you let me end up in bed with those two random mares?"

“Hey...” Lyra said, putting up her hooves. “I tried but there’s no stopping the DJ! Actually you should be thanking me for NOT stopping you.”

Vinyl cocked her eyebrow.

“TWINS!” Lyra exclaimed, lifting her hoof up for a high one.

Vinyl rolled her eyes. She was about to say something else when she was interrupted by a loud, shrill voice.

“Why? Why? Why? Of all the worst things that could happen, this is THE WORST POSSIBLE THING.”

Both Vinyl and Lyra trotted towards the door the voice was coming from. As they strolled in, they instantly regretted it, covering their mouths with their hooves. The entire room was drenched in blood. The walls were stained, the sheets were soaked, and there didn’t seem to be one spot in the room that had been left untouched. There were three earth ponies in the room. One on the bed and two on opposites sides of the floor. All three had been completely drained, their bodies splayed rather lewdly.

In the middle of the room was a fashionably dressed unicorn, reclined on what looked to be some sort of small couch. Her coat was the color of snow and her mane was brilliant lavender. She looked up at the two ponies as they approached.

“Rarity? Whoa! What happened in here?” Lyra asked, the smell of blood instantly causing her fangs to extract, making a loud clicking sound.

A similar click was heard from behind her as the blood permeated Vinyl’s muzzle.

“It’s that damned Blueblood.” Rarity said, using her magic to rid the room of the couch as she stood up. “I can’t believe I used to date that ruffian. He has absolutely gone too far this time.”

Rarity’s horned glowed light blue as she began to wash the walls with her magic. “Now I have to find somepony to clean up his mess.”

“Can’t you report him to the authority?” Lyra asked.

The authority was a counsel of elder vamponies, who worked for the vampony Queen, assisting her to make sure that no vampony broke any of the new laws. It had only been a couple of years since vamponies had begun to exist outside of the shadows. As their numbers grew quickly, they began to integrate with the pony population and eventually set laws were made for both ponies and vamponies by Princess Celestia and the Vampony Queen. Princess Twilight Sparkle, Celestia’s most faithful student and herself a centuries old entity, was detrimental in advocating equal rights for all ponies, studying the vampony disease and facilitating talks between Celestia and the Queen. There was a rumor that besides her counsel, Twilight Sparkle was the only pony to ever speak face to face with the Queen.

“Ugh. I’d rather clean this up myself then deal with those idiots.” Rarity said. “Besides, Blueblood has been dodging the authority for years. He gets away with it because he ‘s royalty.”

“Then you need to hire some good help.” Vinyl suggested.

“Oh darling, you’ve read my mind.” Rarity turned, smiling.

“Good help is so hard to find these days.” Lyra joked.

“Especially when a certain horny lyrist happened to accost and defile my newest bartender.” Rarity pouted.

Vinyl watched as Lyra’s minty green muzzle began to turn red. Lyra put her hoof behind her head and began to back up.


“Tried hard to keep track of me did you?” Vinyl smirked. “Seems to me that you had your hooves full.”

“Oh that she did darling.” Rarity hummed, levitating the lifeless bodies of Blueblood’s victims out of the room and into the hallway. “But anyways, the sun will be rising soon and I have to find somepony to dispose of those bodies. I have a very important business meeting with an apple farmer later, and I need my beauty rest.”

“An apple farmer?” Lyra asked, quickly changing the subject as she felt Vinyl’s ominous stare.

“Yes, isn’t it quaint? Apple cider is THE preferred drink of many ponies. I need to attract a broader clientele if this club is to be successful. We need to keep the earth pony and pegasi coming. She nodded to the door. “That’s why things like this need to be...dealt with.”

Both Lyra and Vinyl nodded, bidding Rarity their goodbyes as they made their way into the hall. Vinyl was careful not to disturb the pile of earth ponies. She had begun to think clearly again and she remembered someone she needed to visit.

“Teleport home?” Lyra asked.

“You go on ahead Lyra.” Vinyl said softly. “There’s somepony important I have to visit.”



Octavia looked down at the two empty shot glasses in front of her. She had been quick to down them as Lyra had explained the mystery of DJ PON-3.

“So...” she said, taking a deep breath. “You’re telling me that Vinyl has a dual personality.”

Lyra and Bon Bon both nodded.

“To better explain, it’s like a mental disturbance in which a pony assumes alternately two different identities, without either personality being consciously aware of the other.” Bon Bon interjected.

Lyra looked at her marefriend. “What Bon Bon is trying to say in English is that DJ PON-3 and Vinyl Scratch are two completely different personalities in the same pony.”

Octavia looked back towards the DJ booth. DJ PON-3 was spinning a sick beat, and Octavia still couldn’t believe that was HER Vinyl Scratch. As she watched, several mares began to crowd the DJ booth, all seeming to enjoy the DJ’s music.

Lyra and Bon Bon exchanged worried glances.

“She’s quite popular.” Bon Bon said, reaching out to grab Octavia’s hoof.

“I think I need another drink.” Octavia said slowly.

Bon Bon nodded and got up to personally make Octavia something strong. Lyra shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She wasn’t good with these sorts of situations and now Bon Bon had left her alone.

“Listen, Vinyl really likes you. She wanted you to know the truth.” Lyra stated matter-of-factly.

Octavia nodded.

“I’ve known her since she was a teenager. She has no control over this and it tears her up.”

Bon Bon made her way back quickly, much to Lyra’s relief. She handed Octavia a foamy, bubbly looking pink drink. Lyra smiled. Her marefriend was known for making the sweetest, most delicious tasting alcoholic beverages in all of Canterlot.

Octavia sipped the drink tentatively, before a smile graced her lips. “This is absolutely delicious.”

Bon Bon grinned. “It’s my specialty, on the house. Listen, I know you’re in shock. This is a lot to take in, but you have to believe us when we say that Vinyl doesn’t want you to get hurt.”

Octavia looked up at Bon Bon as she continued to nurse her drink. The cream colored mare was now snuggling into Lyra’s arms. Lyra had her front hoof wrapped around Bon Bon protectively. As Bon Bon leaned her head down onto Lyra’s shoulder, Octavia gasped. There, adorning the earth pony’s neck was the tell-tale marking of two large fang marks.

“Bon Bon! You’re a fangbang-" she stopped herself before she finished the rest of the unflattering remark. “Oh Celestia, I am so sorry.”

Bon Bon laughed and waved it off. “Octavia, please you don’t have to apologize.” She then looked at Lyra, leaning in to kiss the unicorn on the cheek. “I AM a fangbanger.” She giggled.

Octavia’s mouth hung open for a second as she realized that these two were similar to her and Vinyl. She watched them with great interest as they continued to show affection to each other. She knew it was impolite but she had to ask. She looked back and forth between the two lovers once more.

“Do you two...Hmm...What I mean is...Do you...Well...” Octavia was having a hard time asking her question.

Bon Bon laughed, helping her out. “Yes, I let Lyra feed off me. But only Lyra.”

Lyra smiled big. “Damn right.”

Octavia turned to Lyra, taking this information in. “But weren’t you afraid to drain her?”

Lyra’s smile fell. “Well actually...” she said, rubbing her chin with her hoof. “I think I almost did the first time. Not my fault though. Her blood tastes like candy.” Lyra grinned again.

Bon Bon playfully pushed her marefriend. “She was definitely aggressive, but I kept a frying pan next to the bed and after a few good whacks to the head, she stopped.”

Octavia’s eyes went wide. “Y-You hit her with a frying pan?”

Bon Bon and Lyra both laughed and that’s when Octavia realized that Bon Bon was pulling her leg. She let out a soft sigh, visibly relieved. She couldn’t fathom having to hit poor Vinyl with inanimate objects. Bon Bon leaned in close again.

“The first time, you have to be ready to take a chance and let yourself go. After that, you have to trust your partner.”

Lyra smiled, ruffling Bon Bon’s mane. Octavia finished her drink, setting it down hard onto the table. She had made a decision. She had to talk to Vinyl, no DJ PON-3. Just as she was about to excuse herself from the table, she noticed that DJ PON-3 had left the booth. Her eyes scanned the large crowded dance floor, looking for the white unicorn. Ponies were dancing, drinking, making out with each other and carrying on in every direction. Just as she thought she spotted her mare, she was interrupted by the arrival of Applejack.

“Hey y’all.” she said curtly, nodding to Bon Bon and Lyra. “Just a heads up, Rainbow Dash and her crew have been spotted in the area.”

Bon Bon sighed. “Not again. This is getting ridiculous.”

Lyra narrowed her eyes, her grip on Bon Bon tightened. Applejack looked up and nodded her head as a beautiful white unicorn sashayed onto the floor. The unicorn was wearing a gorgeous velvet cape, sapphire that matched her eyes. Her dark lavender mane was swept up, and her neck was adorned with a lovely gold necklace. At the centre of the necklace hung a sparkling purple diamond. To top it all off, two large translucent butterfly wings protruded from her back. Everypony in the room was in awe of this magnificent creature.

“Ahh Rares, yer always making a scene.” Applejack mumbled, rushing to her side. She escorted the unicorn to her own seat, which looked much like a throne.

“She’s breathtaking.” Octavia exhaled.

“That’s Miss Rarity, the owner of this club.” Bon Bon said. “She always looks amazing. She’s also one of the most powerful vamponies around. Rarity’s got connections, everywhere. ”

As everypony’s attention continued to be pulled in Rarity’s direction, Octavia noticed DJ PON-3 against the south side of the wall. The DJ seemed to be chatting up a buttery yellow pegasus mare.

“Excuse me.” she said politely, getting up from the table before her companions could stop her.

“We have to go after her.” Lyra said, quickly getting up.

She was surprised to feel Bon Bon’s hoof pulling her back down.

“We should let her go. She needs to sort this out on her own.”

“But Vinyl told us to keep an eye on her.

“And we will, but from a distance.”

Lyra slumped back down into her seat. “Vinyl’s gonna kill me.”

Bon Bon laughed, jumping on Lyra’s lap, straddling the unicorn as she whispered into her ear.

“I’ll make it up to you.”

Lyra quickly forgot all about Vinyl and Octavia as she became lost in sweet, candy flavored kisses.


As the cellist made her way across the room, she could feel the bass booming from the speakers. It shook her entire body, causing her heart to pound even harder than it already was. She had no idea what she was walking into, but she believed in her own love for Vinyl Scratch. It was her optimism and gentle spirit that had attracted Vinyl to her in the first place, all those years ago.

Octavia had made it to her mark, standing just behind the DJ. The DJ had the yellow pegasus pinned tightly to the wall. The pegasus was making tiny mewling sounds and soft squeaks.


Octavia couldn’t handle it any longer and she softly tapped the DJ on the shoulder. If she had felt it, the DJ ignored her, content to suckle on the neck of the lovely pegasus. Octavia tried again, this time clearing her throat loudly while she tapped a bit harder. Again, the DJ paid her no mind, running her tongue lightly up and down the jugular vein of her current prey.

Now there were a lot of things the cellist would put up with, but this wasn’t one of them. Remembering Bon Bon’s story about the frying pan, she grabbed the closest thing she could find, which happened to be a large microphone stand. Holding it firmly between her hooves, she raised it slightly and smashed the DJ over the head with it. The microphone stand clattered to the floor after it made contact. Horrified Octavia back away, realising what she had done.

The DJ spun around quickly, her full attention on Octavia. Sensing a fight, the pegasus slipped away into the crowd, leaving Octavia alone with the DJ. Before she could speak, Octavia felt a magic aura wrap itself around her neck and pull her roughly against the wall.

It was only then Octavia realised, she may be in over her head.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

Again the whole vampire/vampony setting is inspired by Charlaine Harris' novels or better known as the tv series TRUE BLOOD.

Next chapter: Can Octavia tame the wild DJ PON-3? And how did Vinyl and Octavia meet in the first place? Will Rainbow Dash ever show up? lol

Thanx to everyone who reads and leaves a review. I enjoy looking over the comments and they definitely encourage me to write faster lol. You have all helped me to enjoy writing again for the first time in years.