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1274692 I'm nowhere near talented enough to do the source material justice, but think of the wonders you could work. Imagine Axe Cop filling Chrysalis' hive with bombs. Imagine Dinosaur Soldier riding Discord and punching dragons. Imagine Ralph Wrinkles x Winona. Imagine the possibilities.

Do it for the fans.
Do it for yourself.
Do it because it needs to be done.
Do it...for Axe Cop.

I... cannot find even one. :rainbowhuh:
This is... this cannot stand! :pinkiegasp:

1272172 Speaking of the glorious axe wielding avatar of justice, do you know of any crossovers featuring him? I can't find any.

:pinkiehappy: Don't feel bad and stupid for having doubly good taste!

Well... triply good taste, actually... because again... Axe Cop. :ajsmug:

1266319 Sorry, I knew it was one of those. I feel bad and stupid now.

  • Viewing 8 - 12 of 12
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