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(The Votes are in! Here you go, the next installment of Leap of Faith!!!)(Note: Any songs I reference are properties of their respective owners and I do not in ANY way, own any of the musical content used in this fiction)

The Second Leap of Faith.

Octavia is known across Canterlot as a "High-class, prestigious pony of good taste and fair charm". Unfortunately for Octavia, despite hours upon hours of practice, she believes she is still ill-prepared to deal with one of the greatest and most respected performances in all of Equestrian History! The stress begins to mount, and her life begins to unravel in her own hooves, with no signs of escape and no release from the pressure of it all!

That is...until she convinced herself to go to a "Bar" named "Vinyl's Cage Coral". It is here she will meet the legendary DJ-PON3, the one and only Vinyl Scratch herself. When their eyes meet, Octavia can only see the word "Ruffian", where as Vinyl will see the word "Opportunity".

Can Vinyl Scratch, through whatever means necessary, convince Octavia to enjoy the fun and wild side of life? To put down her cello for just one second so she can hear another kind of music? The music of freedom...of life...of faith?

Just how far will Vinyl go...to help Octavia take a Leap of Faith?

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xDDDDD! Oh man! Awesome start to this fic.
I can tell it's gonna be good :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

good story, ill be following, one thing though: octavia is a cellist, as confirmed by the shows composer on equestria daily some while ago. (i tend to remember useless little facts). anyway keep up the good work!

Neat beginning, has me interested in where you'l go with this.

WOOT! I love this take on Octavia...but she does play a cello, not a voilin, as TangoDeltaBravo mentioned.

Oh don't worry...I know about this....and it's going to be funny where it goes :raritywink:

Great story...the addition of the music just made it that much more amazing. Please write more!!!:twilightsmile:

Haven't read yet, but I have to side with Octavia. Classical music is the shit. It was here first, mind you. Make Octavia win...

Awesome start, though I kinda got the feeling you really wanted to get to this part of the story as the beginning went a bit fast.

This chapter was awesome!! The music was a great addition to the chapter. WoodenToaster woo!! KeepOnRockin' - Spin That Record Vinyl Scratch was an awesome song, thanks for the introduction :) I had to stop reading the chapter, I was too busy rocking out to these songs :D. The club scene was great. My favorite part was when Vinyl Scratch spotted Octavia in the crowd and the way she looked at her. :3

I love this fandom and the music it makes, awesome! :D

Octavia C#. I about died there. Music nerd here.

I'll just make a short summary over what I like about this story.

- The humor
- Octavia's characterization
- The way everyone else interacts with/ reacts to her

It's a very entertaining fic so far, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more :pinkiehappy:

Hmmm I like where this is going keep up the good work.

this story is amazing :pinkiehappy: SO reccomending it to other ppl

Now octy's manager is gonna see her with a cello and yell at her then vinyl will offer her a job, i love ruining it for everypony. :derpytongue2:

Dayum, that apartment manager is a pro.
He won't take no shit from anypony.

Hmmmmm this is pretty good so far. Keep doing whatever you're doing.

Liking the story :pinkiehappy:

but oh dear god the FORMATTING makes my eyes BLEED. :pinkiesick::raritydespair::raritycry:

For future reference, when you make a person say something, it stays with them on that same line, not a new line entirely. Example:

"She's...an orphan?"
Lyra nodded sadly, "Yeah...(insert the rest here)" she whispered back.

The current formatting is... incredibly annoying to read :fluttercry:

That's not what happens silly filly! :rainbowlaugh:


I'll try :fluttershyouch:


Sorry if I sound angry! Which I'm not. Just a bit annoyed XD

It's an interesting setting for sure (slight issues with characterization, but that comes from reading too many other octavia/vinyl fics), but it's hard on the eyes as it is :derpytongue2::derpyderp2::pinkiecrazy::applejackconfused:

I like this more and more each chapter.

Every chapter i like more and more, and every chapter i always get better and better music to listen to :pinkiehappy:

why the fuck didnt i notice this?


Much better formatting! Mostly grammatical issues remain, but it's much easier to read now :)

Who ever knew the refined and elegant Octavia would be so... frantic?

That song was indeed pretty epic. :coolphoto:

*Plays Spin that record on His iPod While reading*

I like the leap of faith motif your using with these stories.

Loved the first Leap of Faith and this one is shaping up to be pretty good too, but why so much crying? It almost feels like there isn't a scene that goes by where someone isn't crying ._.

"Wait! I don't know how to da- OH SWEET CELESTIA!" :raritydespair:

Best line yet. :rainbowlaugh:

This is the best story that i'm currently reading.. SO GOOD :moustache:<-- this is a sign of gratification

This is the best story that i'm currently reading.. SO GOOD :moustache:<-- this is a sign of gratification

Just a quick note, I know the characterization for Vinyl Scratch may be a bit off, but that's because I'm trying to break off from the typical "Care-free Electro Pony" Stereotype that she seems to be stuck in. This Vinyl Scratch Is care-free yes, but she's a lot more passionate about the freedom and beauty of music, rather then Octavia only having a narrower vision of music based upon her career and how she was raised in the Orchestra. I hope that clears some things up :yay:

That was beautiful. This is really blossoming into a great story, I hope to see more emotional chapters like this.

I want you to imagine that I stood up and clapped after reading this. Because I did.

luna dayum! STOP FINDING MUSIC AND MAKING ME PUT IT ON MY MP3 PLAYER......wait....no....dont stop.....i want you to stop so i have space for other music, but at the same time i want more of this music..... im confused now.....

That was beautiful! :fluttercry: Vinyl on the Cello? Perfection.

I thought Octavia was gonna flip out :trollestia: lol

Is it good so far? Flowing right, everything ok? I feel like I'm kinda screwing it up a bit...

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