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Octavia has finally been promoted to first chair, unfortunately for her, that chair is in the new (and as of yet unformed) Royal Ponyville Orchestra. Now, the best cellist in Equestria (Her words) is being sent to the cultural gulag of Ponyville (Also her words) to form and lead the Royal Ponyville Orchestra to greatness (Princess Luna's words).

Now has a sequel, Princess Luna's Academy of the Arts and Sciences.

And an online reading.

Credit goes to jlm123hi for arranging the cover art
Vectors used:
The stage

Bonus: Have some fan art made by GamingMelody I found when I accidentally typed my username into Deviant Art's search tool instead of logging in. It's cool someone liked my words enough to draw them, and I hope anyone who does so in the future will send me a link so I can plug them in whatever way I can.

Chapters (30)
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Comments ( 657 )

I've never seen a story like this and it's a shame that it's been overlooked already. You're off to a good start story wise though.

Thanks, I have a few big papers due during the next week or two, so updating might be a little slow, but after that it should speed up a bit.

first comment
u did great man great:moustache:

I feel a lot more for Octavia than I do for Pinkie, here.

Beautiful just beautiful! :raritywink: Couldn't stop smiling at all! And with a little cliffhanger, too! :yay:
Can't wait to see Tavi's (possible) hangover and her reactions to what she remembers from that night :scootangel:

2690965 Oh yes, the morning after is going to be something magnificent to behold, with a now sober (and hung over) Tavi having a spectacular freakout about what she got up to last night. 2688531 Yes, I hope I made it seem like both sides are kind of at fault. Pinkie for ruining two of the most important performances in Octavia's life (unintentionally) and Octavia for making Pinkie cry (intentionally).

maybe twilight can do Octavia a favor and put a sound proofing spell on that one particular wall

This is awesome! So sad it only has 43 views though, you need to send this in to EQD or something.

2750992 Glad you enjoyed it. I have thought about submitting it to EQD, but I want it to be a bit more polished and complete before I do so. I always love the feedback though.

2750959 If only Tavi lived with a unicorn who would presumably know a few sound proofing spells, that would be great.

"Oh yes Lyra! Use your magic fingers!"
Best line ever:rainbowlaugh:

holy crap, i dont think pinkie has had that happen before, even cranky did'nt tell her off that bad. but considering the source i think its almost warrented but probably not the right timing
sweet chapter moving on to the nextone

This is awesome I adore it. All so your portrayal of Lyra is without a doubt my favorite ever. More please and thank you!

Interesting premise and a pleasant tone. Curious to see where else this goes.

2770297 Thank you, I just finished the rough draft of Chapter 5, and will be revising it tomorrow. Sadly, it is shorter than chapters three and four (and possibly two), but I wanted to give Tavi a semi-normal day for self-reflection before throwing her back into the crazy. Also, no Lyra in chapter five, but more in chapter six.

umm did vinyl get buried under her stacks of records?

or she recorded Octavia while she played? (somehow)

2778708 I feel like you are pointing out something very important, and my lack of understanding worries me. Could you explain your comment a bit more.

Actually, I didn't meant anything...
I read 2778408 and thought It could be that or It could be something like Vinyl somehow managed to record Octavia while practicing her cello and was doing her DJ magic thingy... :scootangel:

2778906 Oh good, I was getting worried. As for intent, I didn't initially intend for it to read like Vinyl was buried by her own record collection, but upon reflection, that image is funnier than the one I was shooting for. Rest assured that the fic will be updated accordingly.

Well that was rather dark. Still nice to see I'm not the only one who believes in the "Crusader Curse".

Good lord. That was indeed dark :derpyderp1:

Very nice chapter! Keep up the great work :scootangel:

2863875 Crusader Curse? Is that where everything they do ends in hilarious tragedy?

I think it says a lot about her that she was more worried about everypony else then her prized cello and only remembering about later, but it kind of sucks that she almost died because of it, I am sure Vinyl will have brought her immediately to the hospital

I forgot to receive email updates for this! Such a tragedy! Still, I'M LOVING THIS! :twilightsmile:

2888453 Glad you are enjoying. Hopefully the next update will be tonight, although I might go to bed before I can finish editing.

:raritystarry::yay:Updates tonight or tomorrow? YESH!

Sleep, in time it defeats all. This is one of those moments that I'm glad for insomnia. :twilightsmile:

Updates yay!:yay:
Looking good thus far! :twilightsmile:

:facehoof: DERPY!

:applejackunsure:Octavia playing H&D? I could go for it.

I would totally love more of the H&D!:twilightsmile:

2954904>>2954588 Thank you for the kind words on H&D I only played D&D casually myself, so I hope I don't butcher the mechanics too terribly. Also, it is going to be very difficult (and might not happen) but I want Chapter 8 up in time for Bronycon.

Yeyyy update~ :yay:

And H&D sounds pretty awesome, would love to read on her adventures.~

I would prefer sticking with the core story. Not much of a D&D fan. Unless you have Octy constantly pointing out flaws in the narrative which would be funny.

Man I feel bad for Octy. It's like life (or the author) enjoys torturing her with no punishment for her tormentors (Derpy, Twilight, Luna)

2957132 Are you implying that I enjoy bringing all this pain down on Tavi? Because that claim is just... just unfounded. :scootangel:

I really enjoy this story and I would love to see more H&D with Octavia :ajsmug:

... The Bass cannon? Really? Vinyl, that wasn't the best thing for you to use.

3013672 But it's so loud, and for Vinyl, louder is better.

Still don't see Vinyl as part of the orchestra. A deck and bass speaker is not an instrument.

Finally that brought me to… “Oh, Tavi, I didn’t know you could play the bass,” I said, as I got down to her name, “I thought you mostly did techno stuff.”

Umm... I think that was supposed to be Vinyl not Tavi. You also forgot an opening quote in the middle of the conversation with fiddlesticks.

3014955 Thank you for the pointing out the issues. I will get to fixing them in the next few hours (Right now I am going to bed).

3014560 Then I guess you will have to keep reading to see if she gets in.

The way you've set up Ponyville is kinda like Silent Hill where town just does stuff to you and doesn't want you to leave.

3063800 Not just one! Part two might be popping in the next hour or so, and I will try to have part three up before I leave for Minnesota on Tuesday.

3063887 cool I'll be waiting for it. :twilightsmile:

3064091 It's going well thus far. I'll say you threw me for a loop with the whole relationship thing. Now tell me, are you going to be able to write from Minnesota?

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