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This story is a sequel to Foal Fever

You try having a daughter who thinks the only way to get anywhere is by flying. And a pregnant wife who can move slightly faster than continental drift. Oh! And before we forget, let's make sure your wife is also the pony with the magic to keep your daughter from flying or running or getting into various other shades of trouble.

Can you imagine how exhausting that would be? Try to, because then you might understand just why I listened to Vinyl's idea. Going around, telling your foal Krampus will give you coal if you're naughty? That's not too far removed from the usual Santa Hooves story, and if it can buy me a few days of peace and quiet before Hearth's Warming? Well, I'll take what peace I can get.

Thanks, as always, goes to EquesTRON and Seether for editing my story. I know I couldn't get this story out before Christmas, but I still managed to publish it in the twelve days of Christmas, so... you know, it still kind of counts.

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Comments ( 17 )

Very nice! And the ending was cute! :ajsmug:

i like it and i have a question does Racket have two mothers also i edited this comment just to let you know when you reply to it

6801228 Ah, forgive me, I misread your original comment and thought you said you had a question about Racker's two mothers instead of what it actually reads.

Yes, Racket has two mothers. They used a magical insemination process to fertilize one of Octavia's eggs with one of Vinyl's, allowing them to give birth to a daughter.

6801416 that ok and ok

don't worry octy you are related to the apples and are acquaintances/friends with rainbow dash I am sure you will do fine

aww we didn't get to hear about vinyls name dream yet :fluttershysad:

Oh this should be good!

6804864 Actually, that's all it is. I forgot to tag it as completed. Sorry. :twilightsheepish:


But the world needs more Rocket

6804875 we need more rocket

6806421 okay but still i want more of Racket

6806422 Well, there will probably be more of her at an indeterminate point in the future, but this story is finished.


Okay, but still-
*sees comment*

Okay, cannot wait to see more Racket in the future

Great story, I specially like the deep thoughts it gives me

Great story, I specially like the deep thoughts it gives me

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