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Ever wondered how Octavia met Luna, what prompted Lyra's fascination with humans, or just what Vinyl was up to before she met Octavia? Then this anthology is for you. All stories here are meant to flesh out and enhance the characters of the Royal Ponyville Orchestra, so while I would highly recommend reading that story before reading these it is not absolutely necessary as each story is designed to stand on its own.

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Well, first off, I have to point out that your grammar is nearly flawless. While I really don't consider that to be an accomplishment, it still makes this story stand out from the rest. Characterization is good, if a little stiff (which might be expected, given the scenario), and the narration's all good. The one thing that bugs me is that Octavia and Luna seem to fall in love (or at the very least get the hots for each other) almost instantly, but as long as it's not a ship purely for shipping's sake, I guess I can grit my teeth and ignore it.

Well done. You've earned a like. Not a fave, although that's mostly because I don't really read a heck of a lot of stuff on here.

3195731 Thanks for the like. If you want you can check out my other story, the Royal Ponyville Orchestra. It is told from Tavi's perspective as well, and the romance is actually kind of organic (I agree that this one felt a bit rushed, and I will probably tinker with it during the next few days).

Excellent. You write an excellent and believable Blueblood. Enough cleverness to be a threat but not really. An interesting little interlude, but you may want to do more to point out that this takes places before the main story or as a side story.

I do hope someday this gets updated. There is so much potential for fun here.

4965727 It might, it's basically just a repository for short story ideas set in the Orchestraverse, but whenever I have those, I usually just decide to make them their own thing (See Weirdly Wed)


If all goes as planed, this years gala will be the best ever


Hey man, it's this still going on?

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