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New Pc · 5:59am Dec 10th, 2019

Finally got my new rig in, and by God that's got me motivated homies. We're gonna be getting some shit and getting it out pronto, now that I'm not stuck in 2011's tech. Expect some actual honest-to-God progress now, as I won't be doing things in exciting potatovision™

So, now that that's out of the way, how have you all been?

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Hard to believe, ain't it? Crazy how time flies.

Wow, I cant believe its already been two years since Diktat hast been completed. :twilightsmile:

Oh yeah, I'm always up to jaw when I'm around. And thanks for the complement, glad ya enjoy the bio pic!

Hi, just happen to come across your bio and you looked intrested so I thought, maybe we could talk(and be friends?). Sorry if this is awkward. Just trying to be friendly and chat with people I find interesting. Love your bio pic btw:heart:

  • Viewing 215 - 219 of 219
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