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New Pc · 5:59am Dec 10th, 2019

Finally got my new rig in, and by God that's got me motivated homies. We're gonna be getting some shit and getting it out pronto, now that I'm not stuck in 2011's tech. Expect some actual honest-to-God progress now, as I won't be doing things in exciting potatovision™

So, now that that's out of the way, how have you all been?

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What happened to the heistverse?

I'm not going to lie, I thought for 100% sure I replied to you about a day after you asked that, but then I realized that I had a reply typed up but hadn't hit the post button yet, and then my computer restarted and it never was posted. 100% my bad dude.

The 'why' I think is more a lot of the little nuggets are more there to help facilitate the plot and themes of the story, so things like I believe Rarity's mom not being quite as affectionate as her show counterpart in my stuff, or things like Rarity's saber being lighter than a lot of swords still used in the army due to metalworking finally advancing some in Cabello are kind of just notes, rather than pushing a theme like AJ having no magic inside her or Rarity's harder physique telling its own story and representing Rarity growing stronger in key elements she felt she needed to from her moments of weakness in the first story.

May I ask why? Because, at keast speaking for myself, its easier to sort my hcs if I make „categories“ of my headcanons :pinkiesmile:.

Oh yeah, I got a bunch of little nuggets but it's hard to jot all of them down

Hi, I want to ask if you have headcanons about your verses that you would like to share, but that arent lomg enough for a story? Maybe little tidbits, if you feel comfortable sharing :twilightsmile:.

  • Viewing 207 - 211 of 211
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