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While normally far from the type to play video games, especially violent ones, Rarity finds herself convinced to join the girls in playing Black Sunset, one of the most popular games in the country. It's not long, however, until the game has her thinking about what's going on with her life. Namely, Spike. While the years had both washed over them, blossoming her into a mature, college educated woman and Spike into a fine lad himself on his junior year in high-school, his obvious interest in her has yet to fade. Rather, it's grown stronger.

A part of her yearns for the simpler times, back when he was a child with a childish crush.

But another faint, diminutive part of her is curious. Wanting. Wanting to sit back and listen to him. Listen to him express himself to her.

In his own way.

Thanks for the featured guys! It's a great honor!


Wrote for the contest in the Sparity group. Check out some of the other contenders, I'm sure they'll be top notch!

Special thanks to Peregrine Caged and Jake the Ginger for editing and being bros. Addational pre-reader thanks also goes to:

and RainbowBob

Thanks guys! Couldn't do it without you.

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If is a love story between spike and rarity why does the cover art is with fluttershy? :applejackunsure:

Huzzuh, tis out!

@Merc the Jerk...

Not my particular cup of tea for fan-fictions, but you have some great positives which earned a Like from me regardless of story preference.

1. No glaring/major spelling errors
2. No obvious grammatical errors
3. Clean & clear reading format
4. Hale & hearty word-count

Cheers. :pinkiesmile:

Awfully lavender hair for fluttershy. Just sayin'.

And there was much rejoicing

Thank you kindly. I tried my best to make it at least grammatically correct, haha.

T-thanks. :3

3671598 You meant "awful art" this rarity hair color is very confusing. The creator should probably remake the art,


awful art


...they still didn't finish the paper, right?

Congrats on non-mature feature!

Is was a nice story.

Congrats on your featured!:pinkiehappy:


Thanks! :twilightblush:

Appreciate it, pal.

I know this maybe sounds stupid to you, but I am so happy that you have used the same names as in your other works. They have some kind of recognition value to me and I think that Iabelle is the perfect name for Dash, I don't know why but maybe because Isabelle sounds in a way classy and Dash is the complete opposite:twilightsheepish:.
I really love this story and the writing is very good it's definitely favourited.

Another spectacular piece. Is this going to continue into the world of fantasy gaming? I hope so. :pinkiesmile:

Really good story. I loved the connection between the real world and the video game and you did the changes of storyline really well. Good job.

MERC my god man. I love mmos, I adore Sparity, and you've just...my god man. How is anyone supposed to compete with this?

Anyway, this story is wonderful. I love how you intergrated gameplay and real life. The way you added in the characters was wonderful, and the way they matched up with their characters in the game was fantastic. (Though, what game is it that has so much customization?)

And the way you handled Spike/rarity aspect was wonderful. I love how Twila (currently) hasn't said much, even when Spike left mid game. And Dash was just the perfect touch.

(Also, I'm just assuming, you're going on the British concentration laws? Idk, it's just a headcanon of mine that Equestria is more British than American).

Spike is in highschool and doesn't know what the D is? Weird.

Concentration law? I'm not sure what that is, but Merc isn't gonna go Brit on anything, heh.

Kill urself, faggt.

Ahh, so ey're playing an iteration of CoD.

"Rarity had just gotten back from a fashion show in Camelot and bought a souvenir for Spike."


". . . a fashion show in Camelot . . ."


". . . Camelot . . ."

. . .

I must ask, tis' it a silly place?

Let me assuage assumptions of malice by saying that I enjoyed the story. Normally I don't read much Sparity shipping, just not a ship that I keep my eyes peeled for when I'm browsing is all, but this one pulled me in, and I was not disappointed in the diversion from my usual search for other Rarity stories (*cough*Rarijack*cough*). A few minor complaints in flow or events here and there, but those come more from my pondering of what I would have done than out of any valid justification for criticism.

I guess - well it was the names that got me most. When I read humanized, generally speaking I'm not a fan of changing their names, but i understand the importance of artistic license, and it didn't really detract from the story for me any. The names struck me as close enough that I could easily matched each member of the Mane 6 to them.

Just - Camelot?


TL;DR? I laughed, I cried, I pondered the significance of life, and the city name made me lol.

Congrats on the feature, This thing deserved it :twilightsmile:

I figure if I've used them this long, might as well stick to my guns and keep callin' 'em as I call 'em. I like the humanized names I made, so it's great seeing others enjoying them as well.

It'd be a fun thing to consider, though I'm not sure how long the gimmick could run in a chaptered story, haha.


I was just rolling with a number I knew was about world-average, to be honest. I always saw Equestria as Midwest America, due to Apples growing easily, multiple seasons, that kinda thing. Regardless, thanks for the words. I appreciate it. :rainbowkiss:

To be fair, 'give her the D' might be a weird way for him to hear it.

Brits don't even know how to drink their tea, I sure ain't gonna listen to them on laws.

Yep, sounds like WarcraftofDuty: Ghosts to me.

Thank you. It's like RariJack to me: When done poorly, it doesn't work, when handled good, it's one of my favorite ships in the fandom. Glad you liked it, boyo.

When I humanize, I humanize hardcore, giving the ponies human names, and as such, I give the cities human names, where the pony versions were derived from. Manehatten becomes Manhattan, Canterlot becomes Camelot, and that sorta stuff.


RariJack, huh? I might have one of those going right now. If you like my style, maybe take a gander at that too. It's honestly mah pride and joy on the site.

Thanks again for giving it a chance, and I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Dunno if it deserved it, but I'm ecstatic it did. Thanks mate.

It’s treasure hunter.

Couldn't find one of Rainbow Dash, >.>

Merc, come play Neverwinter. It's no BG2, but it's the most fun D&D MMO I've come across yet. You know you want to, :pinkiecrazy:

....oh, good story btw, :moustache:

Edit: Non-Mature featured! Aw yiss!

Edit this shit son! You're in the mature box. Batting for the big league, now :pinkiehappy:

Damnit merc you jerk you owe me a new pair of sides. Your rainbow dash killed me.

3674377 I'd say it could make around 20-30 chapters, but it seems like short story material, I guess. :twilightsheepish:

I liked this fic, nothing more needs to be said than that.

Well, I also have to say that I like the chapter title. I'm pretty sure Rarity got a critical. :raritywink:

Cheers, Null


Ah, WoW reference :ajsmug:

Damn game is all kinds of impressive, but back to the story!

This was pretty solid, deep, and you really tugged Rarity along by the heartstrings, Excellent work :twilightsmile:

Brilliant just brilliant!

Adorable. Absolutely adorable and amazingly articulated! :rainbowkiss:

The game mentioned in this story needs to be real. Is it based off of another game like it? If so what is it? But this was a very good story, I really like the was you portrayed Isabelle in it. That kind of person who always loses their temper in game, sometime that's me with TTT. And if I may ask, who exactly was Fluttershy in this?

I must congratulate you on a story well written. It's a unique approach to a familiar situation, and the end had 'D'AAAAW's a'plenty. Have a positive thumb, good sir. And a mustache.

But that'd involve me playing something online that's not an FPS. :raritydespair:


Very much yay.

I'm glad, as Dash was one of the things that let me enjoy even writing the dang thing at first, haha. She's a great character to ease people into a concept.

It's just one of those things that I feel if I expanded too much, I might as well do an original fiction around the same premise, to be honest. But it was a fun lil' ride, and that's all I wanted to do.


Nice to hear coming from you, champ. Appreciate it. :ajsmug:


Really radical repetition, Batman! Thanks.

It's a hybrid from the amount of MMO's I put my teeth in. The big three or four inspirations are WoW, Everquest, Terra, and All Points Bulletin. Fluttershy in this was the girl named Chylene, who played Cennina in the game.

Yo, thanks dawg. :rainbowkiss:

3683426 Seriously I fucking love this fic. It made it's way onto my top 10.

Considering you're co-writing "Hail Mary," a fic I like quite a bit, hearing that pleases me greatly, my friend. :rainbowkiss:

3683755 o-oh, s-senpai!? :twilightblush:

“Any reason we cnt jst shank the dude?”

God dammit, Dash!

I don't know what I was expecting from this but I was pleasantly surprised. This was a charming fic. Good job.

I know this was meant to be a one-shot but I'd love to see this continued.

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That's fine. It's an old joke; I just copy/pasted it.

3697862 We it wasn't funny :/
You can get out now.

I'm good thanks, bossman.

Merc and I are writing for the same contest. So I came to check out the competition.


Merc and I are writing for the same contest. So I came to check out the competition.

Better get your submitted soon, nerd. Shop closes up soon. :raritydespair:

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