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Rules for Reviewers

From the Review team heads, Peregrine Caged and DreamWings--
To our reviewers, here's how it works:
Check out this profile and look at the Stories Awaiting Review section or the Author Support folder (link in Bio). We review stories from oldest (first posted) to newest (most recently posted). Read through it (it is recommended you read about 1/3 of it at minimum, to ensure you've a decent grasp on its quality)--hit up the GDocs and write your review!

If there are several grammatical mistakes or other such errors, say that it has received a 'Deny'--explain why it was denied and how they can fix it. Basically, do your job please--give it a real review! Once every member of the team has done so, we will see if it receives more Passes than Denies--if that is the case, either Dream or I shall message Bronymaster and he'll move it to the accepted folder!

If it receives more Denies than Passes, Dream or I shall collect every review and PM it to the author, marking the story with a strike. If we do this three times, the story is no longer applicable for submission for review.

It's that easy.

(Yes, we are allowed to post our own stories. In that case, it goes as normal save you are not allowed to review your own story. If it ties, then Bronymaster himself will step in a review it, to break the tie.)


1. We operate on the three strikes system. The writers will have three chances to comply with what we say before their story has no chance of becoming approved.

2. If you, as a reviewer, believe the story suffers from extreme grammatical errors, typos, poor tone or structure, or other such technical things, tag it with a Deny, write your review and PM said review to this group.

3. We're not EqD standard, but we still only want some of the best stories to be approved. The approved folder is going to be used to show stories that people should really read, and so the stories must be high quality and incredibly special. Remember, this folder will be a shining example of quality to the rest of the group!

4. Unlike EqD, we accept any and all genres. A good story can come from anywhere, regardless of its tags. Yes, that includes Gore and Clop--if you have severe issues reading something, talk to Peregrine Caged or DreamWings, we'll help you.

5. We have to be fair, honest, and non-biased when we are reviewing. Even if you know the author, you must judge on the writing and nothing else.

6. If the grammar and wording are all correct, then do your review and mark it with a Pass. PM said review to this group. Dream or I will then gather them together and see how the votes stack up, judging the piece based upon the results. This makes it a collective decision, which helps ensure true fairness.

7. We CANNOT forget that this is a team effort. If you need help with a story review, just talk to another reviewer for help. We're not going this alone after all--it is through our combined efforts that we will make this succeed.

Stories Awaiting Review

This is a list of all the stories in the To Be Reviewed folder.

The First Contact: Zecora's Scarlet... Scarlet Reign – ( )

Midnight Fragments.... -( )

Story Strike Out Status

//:Coded x017E ... Darkbladex96 -- (First Strike)

The Burden of an Honorable Stallion ... Zong the Nefarious -- (First Strike)

The Contest ... StarslashBrony -- (First Strike)

Sins of the Father ... Mr. Mister -- (First Strike)

Surrender ... Sorrow872 -- (First Strike)

The Oncoming storm ... WiskyMike1 -- (First Strike)

My little REVENGE ... coolant1 -- (First Strike)

Origin ...Stuby911 -- (First Strike)

Silver Crescent Lullaby... Starslash -- (First Strike)

Memento Luna -- Krushnazag (First Strike)

The Impossible Dream...Merc the Jerk -- (First Strike)

Our Last Goodbyes ... finesthour -- (First Strike)

Behind Blue Eyes... Sulliman – (First Strike )