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Once upon a time a story reviewer and writer. I like to help wherever I can. You can find me on Steam under this username.


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1247504 "the loss of a pet definitely played a role"
I know how that just disrupts everything, unless you hid in said everything to escape like I did... R.I.P. Zeus the cat...:fluttercry:

Anyway, half the fun of reading for me is that I don't know where the story will exactly go next, but writing... well... all my attempts have hit a MASSIVE wall about halfway through chapter 1, because I wind up rushing EVERYTHING!!!

1245721 I just don't know what to do next with it. Went in without a plan, hit a wall and got knocked out, so to speak.
I've been thinking of people whom I could reach out to for help, but I just don't know who to ask. That, and I've been preoccupied with a number of things in the past year and and a half, too. Disruptive life events like school stress, my computer breaking last week (I just fixed it a few hours ago, yay!), and the loss of a pet definitely played a role. Haven't felt the drive, and bumps along the way prevented me from getting into the groove again.

and incredibly unreliable writer

So I've noticed...:ajbemused:
So... what are you stuck on? Maybe someone here can help

You're an orange, I'm a lemon.
Let's do lunch.

999380 I don't make the rules. As people of the site's staff have told me, the voting system isn't meant for handouts and "trades", and its usage as such can be considered abuse of it, which is against the rules, of course.
If you want to know what I think about it personally, I state that what you're doing is dishonest, and that the comments that you gave in these "trades" (others of which I saw in another thread) appear to be completely useless as feedback. You're trawling for, and dealing in, fake recognition and the increase of a meaningless number.
At least you haven't taken to alternate account voting... Or, at least, I hope you haven't stooped that low.

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