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Why are you best person.
All that remains is best fic.

Why is it first now that I follow you? That is a really big mistake on my behalf

I like your profile picture! It's just like mine! :pinkiehappy:

171152 o well i see it now looks as if it slipped my sight. and if you like story's like 'cold as ice' look up wings for a pony. it hits the feels so dame hard i can't cry without giggling now...

Oh, if you're looking for that, it is my fic 'A Cold Night's Dream'. I'm glad you enjoyed Cold as Ice, and I hope you enjoy the sequel as well :twilightsmile:

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All That Remains delay · 1:43am Dec 11th, 2013

I'm very sorry to everyone who's been waiting for the next chapter of ATR, especially since I left it off in part 1 of a multi-part chapter. I've been having some issues at home as well as just with life in general, so along with a lack of motivation or inspiration for writing I've had more pressing things on my mind as of late that have kept me away from the story.

This isn't me saying that I'll have the new chapter out in the next few days, because that's highly unlikely since I'm going out of town tomorrow afternoon and won't be home until sunday, but I will say that I've finally gotten back to working on it with some help from others and support of readers who were concerned about me and the story.

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