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Reading, Writing, Drawing, and Roleplaying are my hobbies. Not a whole lot more you need to know about me.

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Concerning sonic universe... · 5:58pm Dec 16th, 2014

at this point I have given up on this story. I just don't have any more interest in this story, and combined with the fact that i started this story with no real goal in mind I just don't see the point anymore. so unless i somehow pick up the mantle later down the road or someone wants to take over the role as author, I highly doubt the website will see much more of this story.

-Lightning Arc

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Thank you for the favorite on My Little Pokemon

Hi Lightning Arc! My name is Star48955, and I recently started a group called 'Stories Are Meant To Be Finished'.

The name is pretty self-explanatory.I have noticed that a lot of great fanfics were abandoned,for whatever reason.So,I want people to finish them,whether it's me or another pony.I read your Sonic Universe:Equestrian Adventure,and I really liked it.I was sad when I found out it was incomplete,and because of that I want to ask you if me,or another pony could finish it for you.

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