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Group for bronies from Missouri

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I'm not from Missouri, but what the hay?

Glad we found this group. Missouri is the best state in the union. And coincidentally the best place on Earth.

I'm from St. Louis, living in Maryland Heights, working in Wentzville, and filming weddings all over MO and IL.

357692 ikr :)

357683 UM... HEY, THERE'S MY RIDE!

Hello from a Brony who's really from Missouri! Formerly of West Plains, MO, and now residing in Wentzville, MO.:ajsmug:

Nice l'il Group. I'm glad that I joined it.:ajsmug::twilightsmile::yay::rainbowkiss:

oh. Well, then, carry on.

357683 I'm actually neither of those. I'm only being nice.

Posers and hipsters detected.

I'm not from Missouri either, but I'll join none the less.

I joined.
I'm not from Missouri.
Is that bad?

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