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What happened to your other stories? They're being suggested but every time I click them, I get the 404 message. 🙁

I hope wherever you are life is treating you good and I hope your book is successful.

Heya, I know you'#re on hiatus right now while you work on your passion project but I'd like to leave this here anyway for when you come back.

I only just came across your works recently, and I've browsed around this site for 4-5 years at this point. Man, was I missing out.
It was simply one time and I was looking for the next slice-of-life/romance to get enthralled in, and I noticed Curveball in the suggestions; That story had me disobeying a fire alarm to finish off the story, I was so invested in how the characters were written and the situations they were placed in. The cleverness of the chapter titles never failed to make me smile either. And I simply had to see what else you've written.
And so it gets to 2am that same day, I read the blurb for Challenges of Sobriety in a Weekend of Confines, and I know the moment I start reading that story it's not gonna get put down. It didn't. You've got one of my favourite stories of all time here, that's just the fact of it. Real life issues, personality traits people are often afraid to tackle, incredibly life-like portrayals of the characters and the emotions they bring out.

You're amazing. I plan on reading the rest of your work, and I know I'm going to love all of it.
Keep up the amazing writing, I can't wait for that finished novel. <3

  • Viewing 96 - 100 of 100
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