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Call me Angel. Full time wife and customer service rep. Part time author and independant business owner. <3 Married as of 10/13/12 <3

Works In Progress- September 2015

My current works for Sept 2015:

Elements of Destiny: Will be working on the first 3 chapters throughout the month of September

Mass Effect 4: Equestria: First chapter will be out by the end of September

As more stories begin and as updates and conclusions happen, this will be frequently updated. Stay tuned!


Holy crow! It's been forever! · 8:54am Sep 11th, 2015

Goodness, so many things have happened since I was last logged in. It feels like forever since I've been on.

Basically, my muse FIM-wise dwindled into nothingness for a while and I just kind of... disappeared for about a year. Needed a break and to deal with the fun thing we all know as life. But now, I'm back full-force and intend to jump right back into writing!

Hope everyone has been good! Missed y'all!


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Comment posted by Pedro Hander deleted Apr 29th, 2015

Hi! Random friend would you like a follow for a follow?



I am soooooooo excited. :pinkiehappy:

And you are totally welcome! I feel so totally honored!

Thanks once again, this time on "The Guild: Fallen Kingdom". You'll be happy to know that I've chosen Morning Glory as the love interest of Bluemoon's Crescent.

Hope you'll enjoy it.
Keep it cool, Condemned.:pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the favorite on "Markiplier in Equestria". I hope I can continue to entertain.

Keep it cool, Condemned.:pinkiesmile:

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