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Diamond Tiara has now become a young mare. Graduation is around the bend and she wants to make right what she has done to those she wronged in the past. She apologizes and eventually her reasons behind it become very clear.

A trade with the amazing ABagOVicodin.

Picture by Taon-the-Chosen

Please enjoy!

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 46 )

Everypony has to grow up someday.

Did she ever reconcile with Babs?


If enough people ask for it, I can do a continuation and involve Babs, Snips, Snails and the rest.

Babs Seed, Babs Seed,
What's Diamond Gotta do?
Got regret back from her past,
Will her friendships really last?
Babs Seed, Babs Seed,
Diamond's a good, good seed.

Lol to my epic (fail) song.

Plz do Babs.


That was very creative. Haha. Again, if this gets enough popularity with my readers, I'll do another segment with the rest of the school fillies and colts. :derpytongue2:

3114626 Something is wrong with the like button. IT WON'T LET ME LIKE IT MORE THAN ONCE!


Haha. We should probably tell the IT part of the site about that problem :rainbowwild:

3114626 How about twenty likes, and then you'll read a sequel. Oh look I'm number 20, sequel please. :duck:

Oh my Celestia! I bucking love it!!! :raritystarry:


Sneaky, sneaky. But I suppose this means I probably should add more, eh? :derpytongue2:


I'm glad you like it. I wasn't sure how well Diamond Tiara's POV would take

I suspect it's going to take more than a thousand words for Diamond Tiara truly to make amends, but at least she's making the effort, and truth be told, I'm weary of all those efforts to paint her as Worst Possible Pony, so thank you for a look at her other side.


Why thank you :pinkiehappy:


My logic was simple: She's a bully in the show. Babs had a reason to be a bully. So why didn't Diamond Tiara? It was clear she was close to her dad but no mention of a mother. Logic kinda clicked and this was born after 5 hours of turmoil last night and 2 hours straight writing today.

My wrists hurt after changing tactic several times over :pinkiecrazy:

Nice work, Although I do feel you could have maybe done more than one chapter, it's a good concept there is no doubt in my mind about it but Putting it all into one chapter seems a bit like a wasted opportunity, my advice maybe consider writing more or another few chapters but again it's your fic so keep up the good work, I look forward to more. If there will be.

The first impression I found from this story was that it could basically be summed up by the first paragraph. She's writing letters to atone for her regrets because she's grown up, having thrown away both her past self and her tiara. After reading the line:

She was almost a full adult now and she had grown up on the inside as well.

I could walk away from my computer and call the story read. Message received.

However, as the saying goes, first impressions can be deceiving. And while the words 'The End' would find themselves right at home after that first paragraph, there was a good reason for them to remain on vacation for a few hundred more words. The first paragraph creates the illusion of completion with the beginning and ending completely defined, but the middle is left to the imagination. At least for the moment.

Whether it's a prequel, a retrospective story, or simply has a flashback, a story that's told out of order loses its suspense because we know how it will end before we run out of words to read. If I were to write the story of the race from 'Fair Weather Friends' and started with Rainbow and Applejack feeling bad about tying for last place and losing to Twilight, there really wouldn't be any point in telling what happened during the race because we already know how it ends. The ending has been spoiled, and the suspense is lost with it.

Therefore, in order to tell one of these kinds of stories, the focus needs to be on the 'how' rather than the 'what'. Even if we know Applejack and Rainbow tied, it would be interesting to find the reason they tied was because they were abducted by aliens and taken on an extraterrestrial adventure to defeat the evil Melgor and his Zubdinian army. We know the 'what', but the 'how' can still hold a reader's attention. In your case, the 'how' refers to how Diamond got from point A to point B. How did she change as a pony and why? With the ending already set in stone, your primary source of intrigue comes down to answering this question, and you chose to use these letters as your means of doing so.

Let me see if I can infer how Diamond's past transpired. Diamond and Silver kept fighting with the CMC as in the show. Then Diamond apologized to the CMC for being such a mean filly after her mother died. Later, finding Diamond crying by her mother's grave, Apple Bloom helped console her, and Diamond and Apple Bloom became friends. However, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were hesitant about it due to their history with each other until Diamond and Sweetie Belle found something in common and started doing something together. This resulted in Diamond neglecting Silver and the two of them having a falling out. Eventually, Scootaloo accepted Diamond as a friend as well and Diamond joined the CMC as an honorary member of some sort.

The letters present some interesting fodder for a Diamond redemption fic. Silver Spoon being the unreasonable one is something I hardly ever see, and usually I only see the 'Diamond joining the CMC' event when Diamond's cutie mark is revealed to be fake all along. With the story being told in the form of these letters instead of a more linear format, we're getting a glimpse of a story, a taste of it. However, the story itself has no conflict, instead opting to look back at when the conflict actually took place.

That's why I see this less as a story and more as a proposed scenario where Diamond abandoned her canon self and adopted a less egotistical outlook on life. It's similar to a piece of Diamond artwork that captures her in this way. It's a quick, little imagine spot that provides an optimistic hypothetical future for people who want to see Diamond end up as more than the one-dimensional bully that many think she is, and for what it is, it's a good one.

Though I'm confident that this story would be more interesting as a multi-chapter 'coming of age' sort of deal, it does a fine job of just asking that simple 'what if', setting up a friendly, upbeat mood for Diamond's future, and giving it a bit more depth than just 'she turned good.' I do think it could have used a bit more explanation in the areas of what made her apologize to the CMC, why exactly Silver Spoon despised the CMC more than Diamond, and why Diamond was writing a letter to her dad when he was right downstairs, but you presented something worth contemplating, and something is always more interesting than nothing.

You did mention that she didn't have her cutie mark twice in the second paragraph. Just thought I should mention that in case you wanted to fix it. Aside from that, there really weren't any significant grammatical/syntactical mistakes that I saw. Nice work there.

I'd call this story a spoonful of strawberry gelatin. It was just a little taste, but I definitely see a delicious full dessert that could be made if you cooked up a big tub of it.

Make the most!


When I glanced at that novel of a comment I cringed in fear that I had done something wrong. However, after reading it, I felt a little more confident in my abilities. It seems this concept is one that people would like to see more of. And frankly, I had a fun time being challenged to see why she was the way she was in her youth. I think, after much debate after this being up for less than a day, I may make it a multi-chapter thing.

And as far as my repetition in the second paragraph... My bad. :facehoof: I thought I took that out in editing before I submitted it. I'mma fix that.

But thanks for boosting my confidence in this. I think over the next few weeks I'll work on this and create a multiple chapter story. :twilightsmile:


So, that takes you up to about seven-ish people who want me go more in depth with this story. And I think I just might do that.

Every DT sympathy I see has to do with an absent mother. Why does it seem like there isn't any other explanation for her behavior in the fan base? Well, other than total BS ones like her being in love with Applebloom or some s***.

Maybe she's jealous of Applebloom because the apple family has a closeness to it that hers does not?
Does Filthy Rich own a failing business due to a larger use of market stalls in Ponyville, and takes out his anger either on DT or it at least influences her attitude?
Maybe she really is just a generic rich girl bully thought up by the creators/writers with no real reason for her behavior?

So many possibilities, and yet still, all I see is absent mothers. :trixieshiftright:


Well, I certainly cannot speak for other authors but I chose to go with the absent mother approach in that I am in DT's shoes. My own mother passed away 2 years ago to cancer and I can relate to feeling cold, heartless and not giving a buck about the world. So, naturally, that fueled the thoughts to write this since I know the feelings well. And I also know the regret that comes from behaving like an ice queen.

Sure, it may be overrun and I'm sorry if it's so tedious to see, but I had very deep personal reasons to go with this.


Ah. I suppose it's understandable then; please excuse my ranting.
Sorry to hear of your mother's passing, may her soul rest in peace. :ajsleepy:


Oh don't be like that darlin'. I wasn't offended. Takes an awful lot to offend me :twilightsmile:

Actually, I just figured if I explained my position it would add a lil more depth. Though I do agree, the stories often have that in common.

I wouldn't mind writing a story from DT while she's bratty and down-right-evil... I see myself doing a grimdark version, too... :pinkiecrazy:

But those thoughts aside, thank you. I appreciate the sentiment. But the family is fine and I'm writin' again cause lord knows she'd haunt me if I didn't. :derpytongue2:

A fic where Silver Spoon is a bigger brat than Diamond Tiara, interesting :trixieshiftleft:


Yeah, I know. I see so many where she's just a follower to DT. I'm sick of it. Time to share the blame :derpytongue2:

I need more of this!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!! This was really well written and I liked the idea. Please write another chapter!!! Or two! Or three! :D

I like how this fic is going. I look forward to see how many more letters Diamond wrote, as well as reactions to said letters.:pinkiehappy:


Why thank you :twilightsmile:

I have to admit.... I'm having tons of fun writing them :rainbowwild:

What a witty name for a story. Good thing nobody's ever thought of it before.

Diamond In The Rough

Diamond In The Rough

A Diamond In The Rough

Also seems someone took the instructions in this video to heart. Be careful, you only get 200 chapters!

Diamond Tiara's official name is Diamond Dazzle Tiara in the MLP:FIM merchandise.

Not really a bad fic btw, just cliché as heck Please surprise me when you get further on. Right now it pretty much reads as a fic about DDT planning to commit suicide / terminally ill. Hope you won't go for that route at least.

It always nice to read fanfics where diamond tiara become friends with the CMC this i like to see on the show but i doubt it keep up the good work :pinkiesmile:


Your sarcasm has been duly noted... :ajbemused:

I never once promised the title would be unique nor did I ever promise I would match my writing to how everyone else would. Sorry if I broke your heart there but I don't really care about who did what before.

And no, I don't plan on killing her off. Just sending her to college instead. Significantly worse


Why thank you :twilightsmile:

I so badly wanna see an episode like that. It would make me happy :heart:

Not to be that guy or anything but "I had always thought I only needed Silver Spoon and my dad to get buy(by),". It's just a small error and I'm enjoying these letters thus far as they somehow feel very in character and genuine. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:


Oh you can be that guy all you want. :twilightsmile:

My usual grammar skills make me sad I missed that. But hey- now I can fix it! And I don't get all huffy and man when people point out those mistakes. I'm human. I feel better upon knowing rather than not knowing

Nice. I wonder who else she is going to write a letter to. Or are we going to get reactions to said letters.


Well, with only 2 chapters left, you'll see 3 characters for sure.

The epilogue will be their individual reactions to the letters so expect that to be the longest chapter in this installment (Easily 1,500 words)

You were always kind to me, even after I had earned the respect and forgiveness of the class after my apologies.

Don't you mean before? Plus, Snips x Diamond Tiara? AND Silver Spoon had a crush on him? That would explain part of the reason Silver is mad at Diamond. I'm guessing the next letter is to Twist?:twistnerd:



Apparently my fingers were doing the opposite of my mind. :facehoof: I'mma go fix that.

And strangely enough, I don't see a lot of the Snips x Diamond Tiara shipping. So I felt it'd be a cute one. Cause I'm awesome like that :trollestia:

And you'll just have to wait and see who the next chapter is :raritywink:

Snips x Diamond Tiara. Heck yes.

I was right.:twistnerd:
Anyway, I look forward to the next and final chapter.

Amazing story i give you a 9/10 good work :pinkiehappy:

Well written. I still think, even though it isn't cannon, that all Diamond Tiara needed was a good friend, someone other than Silver Spoon. Glad to hear her change of heart and, though it is a bit cheesy, i like the line about diamonds.


Mind reading is quite the feat :raritywink:


Why thank you :twilightsheepish: Glad you liked it!


Coming from someone who has had bully drama, I know how it often goes for them and you're right. Often they need love and they're fine. So why should DT be this evil, vindictive bitch instead of being a scared, sad child?

exactly what i think. Just get her a good friend and all will be alright, though isn't that what the show is about anyway?


Exactly my point! And I'm a sucker for happy endings :twilightsmile:

I don't want anypony to be alone like I was after mom died. So for once, stop being so bucking stubborn and just hug me and be my friend again." By the end of her plea, Diamond's eyes were full of tears.

I was so worried Silver Spoon was going to be left behind. Thanks for that.:twilightsmile:

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