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The Cutie Mark Crusaders couldn't be happier. They've finally managed to earn their Cutie Marks, and make a couple new friends along the way. As they eagerly look forward to summer vacation, Apple Bloom invites Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara to join her and the rest of the Crusaders at Camp Friendship. Seeing this as an opportunity to make up for all the torment they caused for the three fillies, they accept. After discovering Babs Seed will be joining them, the promise of a fantastic trip seems all the more likely. And if Rumble's stories about his experiences here from last year are true, this trip is shaping up to be out of this world!

But when the seven eager ponies stumble across a set of mysterious devices, a trip out of this world is exactly what they'll get. Stranded, surrounded by strange creatures called Digimon, and with no clear way home, one question plagues their minds: what does this Digital World have in store for them?

Inspired by Digimon: Equestrian Destined by SuperKamek.
Cover art made by Lightning Bliss.

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I love this story's first chapter and I cant wait for more and there's no need to change anything I'll b waiting my friend

Digimon is my all time favorite anime. Glad to see it in the ponyverse. Like how you worked a Tron gimmic into it so far. Can I guess who Scoots' is? :pinkiehappy:

Glad you like it so far. As for your question, not sure what your guess is based off of....but go ahead.

7780689 coloring mostly... be cool if it were Guilmon... :scootangel:

Ohhhh, you were talking about her partner. As to your guess....well, you'll just have to wait until Chapter 2 comes out :twilightsheepish:. As to when that will be, hopefully soon.

this is a great chapter my friend I love it a lot can't wait for more


The CMC got their partners, so what are the partners or the other kids? :P

great chapter my friend I can't wait for more uploads to this story keep me posted

Agree, very good.
Definetly one of the better ones in the genre.

7836612 can't wait for the next upload

Glad I could help with this, let me know when more progress is made

7780898 7780727
I 'm pretty sure it's a Gigimon which is Guilmon's in-training form.

Awesome chapter my friend and I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story thanks

Yes! I was correct. 'Tis indeed a Gigimon that is Scootaloo's digimon partner. Also this:

The creature smiled back and nuzzled her leg. “You're welcome,” it said. “My name’s Gigimon, what’s yours?”
“Scootaloo,” she replied.
Gigimon tilted his head to the side. “Scootaloo...mon?” he asked.
Scootaloo raised an eyebrow. “Wait, what? No, just Scootaloo.”
Gigimon continued to stare at her. “Are you sure?”
“...Yeah, I’m pretty sure.”
“...That’s a weird name.”
Scootaloo shook her head and gave a light chuckle. “Whatever.”

I'm getting a pretty heavy Digimon Tamers feeling from this exchange.

“Uhh, the beach,” Gigimon stated.
Scootaloo face hoofed at this. “Ugh, I meant where in the world am I?”
“Oh, well this is File Island,” Gigimon said.
“File Island?” Scootaloo asked. “Where in Equestria is that?”
“Equestria?” Gigimon asked. “I’ve heard that there are a lot of other lands out in the Digital World, but I’ve never heard of that place.”

Okay. Never mind. Now I'm getting some Digimon Adventure vibes here.

Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara quickly ducked behind a tree. “What, what is it?” Diamond Tiara whispered. Apple Bloom motioned for her to look around the corner. They looked to see a small, round cream-colored creature trying to get fruit off of a branch. The creature didn't seem to have any feet and had two large ears that looked like small wings. The creature continued jumping up and down, trying to reach the fruit, but to no avail. Apple Bloom looked at the creature with pity and slowly began to step out from behind the tree.

Upamon. Calling it before I go on.

After snacking on the fruit for a bit, the cream-colored creature spoke up. “Hey uh, I don't think I caught your names yet. My name’s Upamon, what’re yours?” he asked.

Sorry. :twilightsheepish:

She glanced behind Apple Bloom in time to see Diamond Tiara trot out of the tree. “Diamond Tiara, glad too see you’re alright too. Wait, hold on a minute,” she said as she let go of Apple Bloom. “Did...did you really just come out of a tree?”
“Um...yes?” Diamond Tiara said.

"What kind of tree is this?"
"It's a hiding tree, silly."
-Izzy and Motimon Digimon Adventure Episode One "And So It Begins..."

Alright, I know I have to be dreaming because I swear I’ve had this nightmare before!’ Sweetie Belle thought. At the moment, she was being chased by what she could only describe as ferocious clumps of vegetation. After waking up a few moments ago, she had spotted a couple of large colorful flowers. After trying to get a closer look at them, she had found that they were on top of two monsters with thin red eyes, sharp teeth, and two vines for arms. The only major difference between the two, as far as she could tell, was that one was slightly bigger than the other. They had tried to grab her, but she managed to get a decent heads start before they began to pursue her.

Ummmm... Dangit! My streak is broken! I have no clue what digimon this is.

As the creature stood where it was, Sweetie Belle was able to get a better look at it. Much like the monsters from before, this one looked like it was made of the surrounding vegetation. Unlike the ones from before though, this one had two small legs, and two small leaf-like arms, each with three purple fingers. It had small dark green eyes, and a large pink flower atop its head. She also noticed the creature was about as big as her.

Palmon I think... But umm Palmon isn't an in- Actually you know what this isn't really that important. I'll just stop my guessing.

“She saved my life from a couple of...uh, what were they called?” Sweetie Belle asked herself.
“Vegiemon?” Palmon offered.

*eye twitch* :flutterrage: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! I COULDN'T RECOGNIZE A-

Everyone watched in horror as the giant beetle soared overhead, cutting through trees as if its pincers were made of steel. “Oh no. It’s a Kuwagamon!” Gigimon shouted.

Hey look. Kuwagamon. This brings me back.

Gigimon, now Guilmon, was taller now and had arms sporting three sharp claws. His two remaining legs had grown stronger and also now had two claws on each foot. His mouth was filled with razor sharp teeth, his tail now longer. And a strange black symbol now was emblazoned across his white belly.
Whereas Upamon previously had no legs, Armadillomon now had four. Most of his body was covered in a hard shell, save for his paws, tail, and some of his head. Each one of his paws possessed three sharp looking claws.

Ah. good old digivolution. Always there to get the digidestined out of a jam.

“Hey uh, guys?” Rumble spoke up. “I really hate to be a buzzkill but...does anypony have any ideas on how we get home?”

And the Inevitable question has been asked. Will the CMC and co. Find a way home? Tune in next time on "DIgimon: A New Legacy of Digidestined" to find out.

...Or if you're like me just hit the next chapter button. That works too.

Chapter 3: Start!

“What we know so far?” Silver Spoon asked. “Okay, here’s the deal: We got sucked into a machine, got knocked unconscious, woke up separated from each other, got chased by a giant stag beetle—”
“Plus a giant praying mantis if you count me and Apple Bloom,” Diamond Tiara interrupted.
“Nearly got eaten by said giant stag beetle,” Silver Spoon continued. “And now here we are wondering WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW!” Everyone recoiled at the sudden escalation of Silver Spoon’s rant as she started breathing heavily, her glasses slightly askew.

Okay nothing new here, Just Silver Spoon having a break down... Actually that makes a surprising amount of sense for Silver Spoon to have a break down. I mean, The CMC are, well, The CMC It makes sense for this not to phase them. Rumble is the only guy and will probably try to be strong for those around him. Babs Grew up in Manehatten. I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain. And Diamond Tiara who, in my opinion, was the other one I thought was likely to have a break down until I remembered something about Diamonds. They're very difficult to break. So In all honesty, Silver Spoon is the only one that a break down from her would make sense.
LOGIC! :pinkiecrazy:\

“And I didn’t see any doorways, magical or otherwise,” Silver Spoon said. “I think we were sent here by teleportation, not a portal. If it was a portal we all would have woke up in the exact same spot.”
“How do you know that?” Rumble asked.
“I read about it in one of my dad’s old books,” Silver Spoon said. “They were from his days studying at Canterlot. There was a whole chapter dedicated to teleportation. I was curious about it after seeing Princess Twilight constantly teleport like it was nothing. I mean, I heard that it was difficult for most unicorns, but it comes to her so...” She looked up to see everyone staring at her.

WMG: Silver Spoon gets the Crest of Knowledge.
Wait... Should I put a Spoiler on this? Eh. It's probably better to have it there than not have it there.

“Well, we got dropped here without any of our stuff. We don’t have any food or water, and from the looks of things it’s gonna be dark in a few hours. I think we need to focus on findin’ a place to camp, preferably near a source of fresh water. If we can find somethin’ to eat then that would be great. But water is the most important thing.”

WMG: Connected to the above Apple Bloom gets the Crest of Reliability

“Well, nothing’s going to get done if we sit on our rumps all evening,” Scootaloo said before getting up. “Come on everypony, and Digimon, we’re burning daylight!”

WMG: Again, connected to the above, Scootaloo get's the Crest of Courage. Why do I think that? Because that reminded me of Tai and Davis. I'm probably totally wrong but I don't particularly care if I'm right or wrong.

Silver Spoon looked from the jungle back to the campfire construction. “Hey Apple Bloom? I’ve been meaning to ask, how do you plan on lighting that?”

I bet Apple bloom is about to suggest that they could use Guilmon's Pyro Sphe-

Apple Bloom stopped and stared at the fire pit. “Well...uh—”
“You’ve got to be kidding me. You mean to tell me you’ve been setting up a fire this whole time, and you have no idea how to light it!”


Okay. Come on man have a little faith I'm sure somepony is about to sugges-

“Hey!” Babs Seed shouted, getting up. “Back off! She’s gotten us this far, just give her a few minutes. She’ll come up with somethin’. Right coz?”
“Uh, yeah,” Apple Bloom replied. She put a hoof to her head, trying to concentrate. She knew that if they didn’t have a fire by nightfall, it was going to be a long night for everyone. “Maybe we can use your glasses Silver Spoon.”
“My glasses?” Silver Spoon replied, putting a hoof up to the object in question.
“Yeah. Maybe if we hold them so that they focus the sunlight onto the tinder, we can light the fire that way.”
Silver Spoon looked to the fire pit, then up to the trees and the setting sun. “I’m not sure the sun’s at a good enough angle for that.”
Apple Bloom looked at the fire pit and realized she was right. There was barely any sunlight on the firepit, and using the glasses might take too long to light it. They would run out of sunlight before they even got an ember. “Well, uh...I’m open to suggestions.”

“Hold on a minute,” Sweetie Belle said, a hoof to her chin. “Apple Bloom, remember how your sister started the campfires when we went to Winsome Falls? Didn’t Applejack use some kind of bow or something?”
“Yeah, she said it was the “bow and drill” method,” Apple Bloom replied. “I thought about that, but there’s not really anything we can use for the string of the bow. The vines are too thick.”
“Well what can we use?”
“Well, if one of ya’ll happens to have any string or dental floss, then that would be great.”
“Wait...dental floss?” Babs Seed asked. “What good is that gonna—”

Okay. That's it. I have lost all faith in Ponykind and Digimonkind. I mean seriously, not even Guilmon thought to use-

“PYRO SPHERE!” Guilmon shouted from a few feet behind Apple Bloom and Babs Seed, causing the two fillies to jump. They looked back in time to see him launch a small fire ball into the fire pit. In a few moments, the sticks inside were aflame. Guilmon looked up at the two stunned ponies with a smile. “How did I do?”

Guilmon... YOU DID AWESOME!! THANK YOU! Now, Onwards with the chapter!

“Speak for yourself,” Babs Seed said. “Back in Manehattan, I’m lucky to see more than one star at night.”

This is probably what I hate most about Cities: Losing the ability to see the stars. Thankfully. I live in the middle of Nowhere.

“Light pollution,” said Silver Spoon.
Rumble tore his gaze away from the night sky and looked at Silver Spoon. “Say what?” Everyone else looked to Silver Spoon, curious as to what she meant as well.
“Yeah, apparently the lights that are left on at night affect the way we see the stars. Their lights overpower that of the stars, which makes them seem faint. That’s why it’s hard to see them in certain towns.”
Babs Seed blew her hair out of her eyes as she looked back up. “As somepony who comes from the city that never sleeps, that makes a lot of sense.”
“So...we could be seeing this every night?” Scootaloo asked. “But we don’t because we leave the lights on?”
“More or less,” Silver Spoon shrugged before looking up.

More Evidence for one of My earlier WMG.

“Yeah, speaking of Camp Friendship—” Scootaloo started, before wiping her mouth. She glanced back at the campsite before turning to Apple Bloom. “Do you think they’re looking for us?” she whispered.
“Well...yeah. We’ve been gone for a whole day. Of course they’re lookin’.”
“Do you think they’ll find us?”
Apple Bloom frowned. “Well, we did end up in a whole other world. I hate to say it, but...I think we’re on our own.”
Scootaloo looked down, ears folded back. “Yeah, I kinda figured.”
Apple Bloom put a hoof on Scootaloo’s back. “Hey, we’ll be fine. We’ll find a way back, I promise.”
Scootaloo smiled back. “I know.”

You know I think this was intended to tug on some heartstrings and I'll be honest, it does. However The fact that this story seems to at least be slightly based on Digimon Adventure kind of lessens the feeling when I know that In the end, It will seem like no time has passed out side of the Digital World. Of Course the author might choose to subvert this so... Eh.

“I just slept on the ground,” Diamond Tiara stated, the grogginess seeping into her voice.
Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked at each other. “Um...yeah. We all did.” Scootaloo said.
“I never thought I would find myself in a situation where I would be sleeping outside on a makeshift bed of leaves. How I got any sleep last night is beyond me.”
“Yeah, I hear ya,” Scootaloo said, massaging the back of her neck.

Ha. LOL. Just imaging a someone like Diamond Tiara sleepin on the ground is funny. Also, WMG: Connected to all above WMGs Diamond Tiara will get the Crest of Sincerity. Why? She's acting like Mimi. Good thing this isn't really that serious of a guess.

“What if we climbed up there?” asked Scootaloo, pointing to something in the distance.
Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara turned to see Scootaloo pointing at a large mountain in the distance. “You’re joking, right?” Diamond Tiara asked.

Infinity Mountain... Five dollars says they meet Devimon at the top. Any takers?

As the squadron of Flymon flew past the edge of the jungle, they caught the attention of a red bird-like Digimon standing in the tree branches. His icy blue eyes narrowed at the site of two strange looking creatures held by two of the Flymon. He reached up to a belt wrapped around his white head, making sure that a red feather with an orange tip was secure on the back of his head. Giving a satisfactory nod, he focused on the Flymon, spread his wings, and took off in pursuit.

Who's that Digimon?
It's Hawkmon!
... Actually maybe I shouldn't make that reference seeing as it's to a completely different franchise... Oops. :twilightsheepish:

Will Silver Spoon and Bab Seed Be Okay? Find out in the Next chapter of "Digimon: A New Legacy of Digidestined!"

Glad you're enjoying it so far. :scootangel:
You read Chapter 4 yet? Or are you just not doing those recaps anymore?
By the way, good call on the spoiler tags. Can't say at the moment weather any of them will be true, but it never hurts to be safe.

7978230 Just haven't gotten to doing it yet. I found some pretty epic Digimon fanfiction and was reading that.

Silver Spoon and Bab Seed were abducted by a group of Flymon. THIS TIME!

Apple Bloom looked down. She would be lying if she told her that she wasn't as worried for Babs Seed, if not more so. ‘If only I’d been payin’ more attention!’ she thought.

... Just a second I gotta check something...!
*Clears throat* Ummm... Anyways. Calm down Applebloom and stop acting like Joe. There is no need for you to be so down on yourself.

“Did you call in those bugs?” Scootaloo asked. “Did you ask them to fillynap our friends?”
Apple Bloom looked up at Scootaloo, eyes wide. “What? No!”
“Well then, it’s not your fault!”
utta the way!”
“Did you call in those bugs?” Scootaloo asked. “Did you ask them to fillynap our friends?”
Apple Bloom looked up at Scootaloo, eyes wide. “What? No!”
“Well then, it’s not your fault!”
“Yeah, but—”
“If you pulled Babs out of the way, then they would have taken you instead. If you kept chasing them, you might not have stopped in time, and then…” Scootaloo looked down. “We would have lost three of our friends instead of two.”
Scootaloo looked up, a small fire in her eyes. “So stop moping around over something that clearly isn’t your fault. We need you to buck up girl!”

Scootaloo is correct Applebloom. It's not your fault. To borrow a phrase from Digimon Tamers, Momentai Applebloom!

“So, are you with us?”
“Are you?”
“Are you?!”
Scootaloo smiled. “There’s the Apple Bloom we all know and love.”
Apple Bloom chuckled. “Thanks Scoots.”
“Don’t mention it.”

... I got nothing. I mean this whole scene reminds me of a few of Joe's breakdowns which is good for my WMG, but I can't decide if this whole thing is more Crest of Courage or Crest of Friendship. I mean I can see Davis doing what Scootaloo just did, but I can't really picture Matt or... well actually Tai might do that... Okay yeah my WMG still stands.

“Wait a minute,” Diamond Tiara said, putting a hoof up. “What do you mean you “think” you found a village?”
“Well…” Rumble started. “When I first saw it, it didn’t quite look like any town I’ve seen.”
“Well, what did it look like?” Apple Bloom inquired. “Was it a collection of huts? Was it big like Ponyville? Come on, tell us.”
“Honestly, it kinda looked like the buildings were made of…” Rumble trailed off, trying to find the right words. After a few moments he shrugged. “It looked like a bunch of building blocks.”
“...Say what?”

You know that was my reaction before I remembered something rather important about File Island. Primary Village is there.

On a circular mountain overlooking a forest, two Digimon stood near the entrance to a cave. They appeared to be a hybrid of a feline and a rabbit. Their heads resembled that of a mountain lion, but they had long ears stretching outwards. They stood about two feet tall on their hind legs, and their fur bordered between a faded blue and light grey. Their forelegs each sported three black claws. The ends of their tails were wrapped in three small leather belts.

Ummmm... Gazimon that's my guess.

“You ever wonder why we’re here?”
“It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, isn’t it?”
“That’s not what I meant! We are not having that conversation again!”
“Alright, sorry. Geez.”

Hahaha! Ah the humor of Digimon.

As the Flymon drew closer, four more of the feline-rabbit Digimon emerged from the cave. They lingered near the entrance, giving room for the massive insect Digimon to land. “Hello Gazimon,” one of the Flymon said. “Busy day today?”

Hey, I was correct!

“To be honest, I’m not quite sure. I’ve never seen these things before.” The Flymon squadron leader nodded to the other two. They dropped the two creatures they were carrying. They both had four legs and were around the same size. One of them was grey with a long silver mane tied in a ponytail. Her tail was also silver. She wore blue glasses and a turquoise pearl necklace. She was also scared out of her wits, which wasn’t a rare sight to the Gazimon.
The other one was bright brown and had two alternating shades of light and dark pink in her mane and tail, both of which were cut short. This one didn’t seem scared, but instead met the Gazimon’s curious gaze with a glare.

You know, If you haven't seen it before, maybe it's not a digimon.

The Gazimon guard wiped the saliva from his face and glared at the creature, who had a smirk on her face. “Oh, you think you’re funny eh?” He turned towards his comrades, some of which were trying to stifle their own laughter. “Toss in these two with the others in Group Five.” He then turned to the Flymon. “And you three, buzz off!”
The Flymon leader stared at him for few moments. “Wow...first time I’ve ever heard that one,” he said, deadpan. “Come on guys, lets go.” And with that, the Flymon took off into the forest.

Hahaha! More digimon humor. I love it!

As the shouting died out, the Gazimon looked out towards the forest. As he looked around, he spotted a small patch of red and white amongst the greenery. He brought a claw to his face, making sure it was clear of saliva, and focused on that spot again. There was nothing there. He let out a long sigh. “When’s the end of our shift?”

I bet that Hawkmon is glad that Gazimon are stupid right about now.

Apple Bloom and the rest of the group found themselves in an open field, heading towards a collection of structures. Following Rumble’s lead, the group left the jungle behind them in the hopes that this “village” that he saw would be able to help them. As they drew closer to their goal, they came across a railroad track. The track seemed to lead from somewhere in the forest out into the plains. What grabbed everypony’s attention however, was the railroad crossing right in front of them.
“Okay, who’s idea was this?” Diamond Tiara asked. “Who puts a railroad crossing out in the middle of nowhere?”

I don't know, who puts a bunch of phone booths that don't work on a beach or makes a factory that creates random junk then takes it apart?

The steady sound of bells ringing caused everyone to look up. The red lights on the signs flashed, and the yellow and black striped safety barriers were lowered. As the bells rang, everyone glanced up and down the track. “So...where’s the train?” Apple Bloom asked. A clanking sound made everyone look right, towards the forest. Apple Bloom put a hoof above her eyes, squinting into the forest. The steady clicky-clack sound grew in intensity, but no one could find its source.
The sound finally reached a crescendo, bringing with it a rumbling noise that often accompanied moving train cars. A small gust of wind followed in the vehicle’s wake, sending dandelion seeds and loose grass airborne. Despite all the indications that a train was crossing, one key factor seemed to be missing.
“Um...does anypony actually see the train?” Sweetie Belle asked. Everypony shook their heads. Sweetie Belle picked up a stone with her magic, and chucked it above the safety barrier. Sure enough, right after it sailed over the striped piece of wood, it ricocheted off of something with a loud CLANG, and came to rest beside her hoof.

...Welp, it isn't the weirdest thing to happen in the digital world, but invisible trains? Or would that be a trailmon?

“Well, I don’t know about anypony else, but that was the last thing I expected to see today,” Scootaloo said.
“But we couldn’t see it Scootaloo,” Guilmon said. “How can you expect to see something that you can’t see?”
Scootaloo chuckled. “Fair point.”

Okay it's official Scootaloo is the new Takato. And Guilmon is just as adorable as ever.

“What’s going on here?” another voice shouted. A small, four legged Digimon emerged from behind the Gotsumon in the right watchtower. He had a thick coat of red fur with dark blue flame-like accents. It’s nine tails resembled feathers, almost like a peacock.
“Caught a couple of wannabe trespassers here Elecmon.” The Gotsumon replied.

And I have absolutely nothing to say about Gotsumon. But Elecmon, now that's a horse of a different... :facehoof:
I'll just go sit in a corner now.:twilightsheepish:

“Stop!” The Gotsumon in the left tower shouted. “We already know why you’re here.”
“Ya do?” Apple Bloom asked.
“Yeah, and let me tell you something. We’re not falling for another sob story!”

... Wow. Rude.:twilightangry2:

“Don’t you play stupid with me! Do I look dumber than a box of rocks?”

Frankly Gotsumon, Yes you do. And Diamond Tiara agrees with me.

“Well—” Diamond Tiara started, but was interrupted by a light smack in her side. She looked to her right to see Scootaloo, rapidly shaking her head.

Throughout the exchange, Elecmon studied the collection of ponies and Digimon below with narrowed eyes. As he scanned them, gauging their reactions, his gaze lingered on the device on Apple Bloom’s foreleg. His eyes widened as he noticed similar devices on the other ponies.

And Elecmon seems to know something about the digivices if his reaction to seeing them is anything to go off of.

I don't really have much to say for the next little bit seeing as this is almost exactly how TK reacted to Primary village for the first time. Than this happens:

Rumble turned to the doorway, seeing Bearmon standing there. “Um...hi,” he said, waving to him.
Bearmon gave a small smile and a weak wave before walking down the hall.
Rumble slowly lowered his foreleg. “Did I do something wrong?” he asked.

Placing my bet now, Bearmon is Rumble's partner digimon.

Elecmon looked down. “Unfortunately, yes.” He walked over to a window looking out towards the village. “You see, about a month ago a group of Gazimon came here. They were tired, and one of them was hurt pretty bad. I invited them into the village, and patched up the wounded one as best I could. They told me that they were foraging in the forest when they got attacked by an angry Monochromon. I felt bad for them, and offered to let them stay the night.”
Elecmon tensed up, and began shaking. “The next morning, they were gone. And...several Digi-Eggs were missing.” As Elecmon continued to shake in anger, his fur began to bristle, and a few bolts of electricity jumped across his body. “How...how could I have been so stupid?! Monochromon are normally docile Digimon! If I had realized that sooner then maybe…”
Elecmon then remembered he wasn’t alone in the room, and to have a breakdown now would be ill-advised. Taking a moment to compose himself, he turned back to see everyone staring at him in silence. “Sorry,” he said. “I’m sworn to protect this village and all its inhabitants with my life. And to have this happen right under my nose—”
“It’s okay,” Sweetie Belle interrupted.
“Well, a few days later, another pack of Gazimon tried getting in using similar tactics,” Elecmon continued. “But I wasn’t taking any chances, so I told them to leave. When they tried to force their way in, I sent them packing. About a week later though, the village was attacked. A much larger pack of Gazimon tried to rush in and take as many Digimon as they could. I held most of them off, but then a swarm of Flymon came and started snatching them while I was distracted.”

Okay I guess I can forgive the Gotsumon for being rude now.

“Yes, they can be a bit...bullheaded at times. But they have hearts of gold underneath them.” Elecmon said, rubbing the back of his head.

So could you say the gotsumon are a bit... DENSE?

:twilightsheepish: I'll just show myself out.

“I’m sure they have their reasons,” Elecmon replied. “But if you’re really curious you could just ask them. After all, two such Digimon are right here in the room.” Elecmon glanced towards Guilmon, who found the walls to be very interesting.
After studying the various painted clouds and rainbows on the playroom walls for several moments, Guilmon could still feel Elecmon’s piercing gaze. Guilmon turned to see Scootaloo at his side, who’s confused expression morphed into one of realization and disbelief. Steeling himself for the inevitable, Guilmon lifted his head to meet Elecmon’s disapproving gaze. Giving a sheepish smile, he gave Elecmon a small wave. “Hi Elecmon,” he said.

GUILMON! I can't believe you've done this!

“Yeah, I was just followin’ Gigimon. I’ll admit I didn’t really know him that well. We played with each other a couple of times, but that was about it. Anyway, one night I woke up and found him wanderin’ to the outskirts of the village. I barely saw him when he left the village and went into the jungle, but I chased after him."

... Yes Armadillomon the best idea is to follow someone you barely know somewhere in the middle of the night. :facehoof:

Scootaloo turned to Guilmon. “But why did you leave?”
Guilmon sighed. “I don’t know. I guess I just needed to leave. I was never able to digivolve for a while, and...that scared me. I thought I would never be strong enough to see the world outside the village. So one night I decided I wouldn’t wait anymore, and I left.”
Scootaloo gave a small smile. 'Scared that you would never be like everyone else huh? That you would never find out what makes you different?' she thought. She glanced down to her Cutie Mark. 'I've been there too...'

That's rather heartwarming in hindsight since Scoots helped Guilmon digivolve.

Elecmon inspected the device. “Wow, it looks almost exactly like his…” he mumbled to himself.

...I'm stuck between calling this foreshadowing and/or referencing Adventure. Well I guess I just got to wait to find out.

Elecmon looked up. “Uh...nothing,” he shook his head, handing Apple Bloom the device back. “Do you...actually know what those are?”
Apple Bloom looked up as she strapped the device back on. “Not really.”
Diamond Tiara leaned forward. “Why? Do...do you know?”

Yeah! Time to learn more about the world our friends have found themselves in! I mean i seriously want to see how they'll react to the digi-

All eyes were on Elecmon, who had a paw to his chin. ‘Where to begin?’ he thought. He looked up to the group. “Well, you see—”
The sound of a door slamming open snapped Elecmon out of his lecture. “ELECMON!”

...:twilightangry2: OH FOR THE LOVE OF-

“Um...excuse me,” Diamond Tiara said. “Are you okay?”
Hawkmon looked up with a smile. “Oh, don’t worry about me dear,” he said, speaking with a pretentious accent, coming across as a gentlecolt. “I’m just...a bit winded...that’s all.”

Oh. Okay. This is probably important. World building can wait.

“Whoa there cowgirl,” Diamond Tiara said, putting a hoof in front of her. “Give him some air, alright?”

... I think I know where this is going... but...

“Um, Scootaloo,” Diamond Tiara said. “I don’t think Hawkmon can get very far like this. He needs some rest.”

Ok so... Diamond Tiara and Hawkmon as partners... I can buy that.

On another subject it looks like Bearmon is going as well.

“I’ve made up my mind Elecmon! Nothing you say is gonna stop—” Bearmon started before realizing what Elecmon said. His face softened into one of disbelief. “What?”

The only problem is I can't remember where this happened in MLP or Digimon before.

A quiet groan brought everyone’s focus back to Hawkmon, who was massaging his wing. Diamond Tiara trotted up to him. “It’s not strained or anything, is it?”
“No, just sore,” Hawkmon assured her. “I guess I was flying harder than I thought.”
“Maybe some ice will help?” Diamond Tiara offered.

Okay I was just theorizing earlier about Hawkmon being DT's partner but this just sealed the deal for me. Especially since all the partners so far fit my WMGs from last chapter.:pinkiehappy:

As Elecmon lead Bearmon and Rumble to the kitchen, Rumble tapped Bearmon on the shoulder. “Um...thank you for offering to help us. You’re very brave.”
Bearmon blushed. “Oh...I’m not that brave. But you’re welcome.”
Rumble smiled and held up a hoof. “I’m Rumble, by the way.”
Bearmon smiled as he took his hoof and shook it. “I’m Bearmon.”

Seem's like Rumble and Bearmon are going to be partners. Now to do some researc into bearmon cause I got nothing in the way of my WMG for this one.

Meanwhile in the playroom, Sweetie Belle looked out the doorway. “You think they’ll need a bit more help? Maybe I can—”
“NO!” Apple Bloom and Scootaloo shouted, their eyes wide.
“Uh, I mean...I reckon they’ve got it under control,” Apple Bloom said, laughing sheepishly.
“Okay…” Sweetie Belle relented.

Good to know that Sweetie Belle is still terrible at cooking I guess. To the point her friends are afraid she'll ruin chocolate milk. How bad at cooking do you need to be to ruin chocolate milk?

And Now back to Silver Spoon and Bab Seed.

The Gazimon rolled his eyes before shaking the Digimon a couple of times. “Let me ask you something. Have you ever heard the definition of insanity?” he asked, looking deep into the small Digimon’s eyes. “Insanity is...when someone does the exact same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome each time. You see, what you’re doing every time we come down here is the perfect example. You think to yourself: ‘This time, this time I’m gonna get him!’, despite the fact that you never got me the last five times!”

I'm not sure if I should rescind my statement about Gazimon being idiotic.

Babs Seed gently picked up the Digimon. “Hey, you alright little guy?” she asked, brushing some dirt off his face.
DemiVeemon looked up at Babs with a smirk. “I’m alright. Those chumps can’t kick to save their life.”
Babs Seed chuckled. ‘This little guy seems stubborn, but he’s definitely got spirit,’ she thought. A sniffle drew her attention back to Silver Spoon, who was staring at the cell door.

And DemiVeemon is acting tough. Cute. Also I'm going to call this one. DemiVeemon is Bab's partner.

“Any minute now, I’m gonna wake up,” Silver Spoon whispered to herself. “I’m gonna wake up at the campsite. This is all a stress induced dream.”
Babs Seed trotted up to Silver Spoon, putting a hoof on her shoulder. “Hey, Silver Spoon?”
“I’m gonna wake up, I’m gonna wake up…”

And Silver Spoon is in the middle of another emotional breakdown. That's... not good to say the least.

And Pagumon isn't helping. Great. Is everything in the Digital World trying to either kill our heroes or cause them to have a complete mental breakdown?

DemiVeemon looked up at the two fillies. “Come on, this way,” he said, before waddling off to another side of the cell. Babs Seed and Silver Spoon followed the little Digimon over to a small pile of straw. On top of it sat a small, cute Digimon with white fur and patches of green on its collarbone, paws, and the tips of its very large ears. To Silver Spoon, he looked like a cross between a small dog and a rabbit.

UGH! Come on I should know this one. This descriptions sounds super familiar but... Wait a minute... Is that?

The white Digimon smiled. “Well, you’ve met DemiVeemon over here,” he said, gesturing to him. “I’m Terriermon.”


Terriermon gave him a flat look. “Yeah, charging in and screaming at the top of your lungs. Yep, you definitely had the drop on him.”

The sarcasm is strong with this one.

Terriermon walked up to Silver Spoon and put a paw on her foreleg. “Please don’t cry,” he whispered. “I’ll protect you. Everything will be okay.” Silver Spoon turned to look at him, and he gave a small smile. “Moumantai…” he whispered.


UHM... Anyways, It seems like we have Silver Spoon's partner as well.

And That's it for now. WMGs in spoiler
The following pony's get the following crests: Scootaloo Courage; Applebloom Responsibility; Sweetie Belle Love or Friendship?; Diamond Tiara Sincerity; Silver Spoon Knowledge; Bab Seed Hope or Friendship?; Rumble Love or Hope? I have absolutely no clue who will get Light.

Okay, I'm calling it here before reading on, because palmon quoted pinkie pie by saying that strangers are just friends you haven't met yet, i'm guessing that palmon used to be the partner of pinkie pie

Comment posted by ShadowBolt96 deleted May 27th, 2017

Annd little Bloomy puts her hoof in her mouth again! Tune in next week to find out how the CMC and their friends get covered in tree sap again!

Alls good alls good.
College finals are a bitch, period.
Keep up the good work.

This sounds really good. I can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work.

Seriously good job with this! keep it up!

Love it! So when is the next chapter coming out?

Glad you're enjoying it. As for the next chapter, I can't say for certain when it will be coming out. I'm still working on the rough draft, planning out a certain part.

As long as this story keeps being awesome as it is now, take as much time as you need. But it would be great if you could tell us when you think you're going to bring out a new chapter, OK, please.

“Big...red...beetle...chase…” Silver Spoon said between breaths before collapsing onto Diamond Tiara.

Babs Seed and Rumble stared at Silver Spoon. “Seriously? We didn't run that far," said Rumble.

“Yeah. You really need to work out a bit more,” Babs agreed.

Silver Spoon shot them a glare. “Shut…up."

XD Red Vs Blue reference was unexpected, but great to see!

Again, I love the references to Red vs Blue!

I am so glad I found this story. I love how it's following the original set-up with the children being the heroes. You've done a great job. Keep up the good work!

I love Guilmon. He's about as clueless as the Tamers Guilmon, but he's still got his own personality. He and Veemon (and oddly Babs and Scoots) are my favourite characters so far. I kinda want to see Guilmon and Veemon spar or something.

This is getting intense. And I love that last line. Really channels Freeza from TeamFourStar's DBZA.

I love that you went with my idea for a main antagonist. I told you it would work well

Scoots nows how I think, except my scream was one of nostalgia.

More like cue the American Digimon Theme Song!

So this takes place after both Season 1 & Season 2 of Digimon and Devimon is BACK!!!!! I thought Angimon got rid of him for good! Man, he's like a rash you can't get rid of! But why do they need an army for anyway? What if they learn of Equestria and they plan to take it over?! Twilight and her friends along with the princesses won't stand a chance against an army of evil Digimon! Looks like Scootaloo and her team are both Earth, Equestria, and the Digital World's only hope! Good thing that Guilmon can Warp-Digievolve into Gallentmon and go into Crimson Mode! That's a ace in the hole!

nice work on all chapters so far.:twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh: looking forward to the next chapter.

I'm glad you're enjoying it! There's too few Digimon stories on this site that follow that set-up, with the heroes being kids like in the original series. It feels good to know that I managed to capture that here. :twilightblush:

now this is a good story. please keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

So nice to see this little gem updating.

surprised they didnt ride inside Whamon...they could have ya know...

That was a good breather chapter compared to some of the earlier ones. Just some antics while they pass the time reaching their next destination.

Before even reading, I realized how similar those pendants that the digidestened had are to the Elements of Harmony

I'm kind of curious what happened that knowledge of the Crest of Light was lost again. Also I would like to assure the author that these chapters are worth waiting for.

Eager for another update. I'm very much pleased by how coherent you've made each of the characters, including giving most of the cast distinct flaws and personalities. This isn't your run of the mill, sugar coated episode of mlp, you're going for just the right mixture of maturity and dark for the message to be clear; the stakes are high, and they are real.

I have the Board Games

If you ever in Winnipeg, let's play it !


You missed a crest. The eighth, light. But since you only have seven ponies right now, I understand that.

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