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Theo Vellum

Hello Everypony, I am Theo Vellum, and welcome to my array of stories. I happen to enjoy all kinds of books, I enjoy ponies as well, and lots of other things. I hope to see you all soon.


Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had a terrible fight. A terrible, terrible fight.

Now they hardly even look at each other, hardly even acknowledge each other's existence...But deep down, they are feeling an incredible pain. Will they ever be friends again?

One Shot Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon story, I hope you all enjoy it!

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4425972 Thanks, I was really nervous about it. I wanted to do a unique story, with almost no dialogue from the two main characters. I wanted to let it speak for itself, do you think I succeeded?

Wow. This was a very nice story. Have a like.:twilightsmile:

That was a really good first story. The whole premise is something some of us go through at least once in our lives. This was really nice.

Hope to see you do more. Keep it up!

Very good first submission, very likable.:scootangel: An excellent piece of introspective piece. Gold Star for you, UVF.:yay:

4435441 Introspective? *looks up what that is* ...Well, I guess it does fit the description, but honestly... I just wrote whatever style I thought it would fit in, I've read a lot of stuff, so some things just come naturally I guess.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking on what to write next. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll take them into consideration, just nothing involving the nasty!

Man, this gave me some flashbacks to my earlier years. Short, simple, but pretty effective. I kinda like how little dialogue there was. Nicely done.

Damn it , it made me cry

Great story. Very touching, especially for anyone who may've been through something like this. I feel like it's a little on the short side (as I personally am interested in learning more about the fight itself.). It feels almost like this is part two to story which has no first part. But otherwise, the story is good. I like the interior monologue and mood manipulation. Description is a bit scarce, but that's less important in a like this one. (Though I'd still advise some more description.)

Let me know if you have any questions. If you need/want a prereader, please do let me know! I preread for a few authors here, and quite enjoy it.

Also noticed one mistake:

I have to at least apologies.

Should be "apologize." :raritywink:

4452671 Thanks! And I could use a pre reader...But I could really use someone who can be there while I write. You see, I kind of like writing when someone's watching. It gives me more confidence when someone is there to help me immediately, rather than keeping me second guessing myself. Plus it would give me a new friend to hang out with. If you have a Skype, maybe you could let me know in a PM? It would be a lot easier to talk that way.

A bit anti-climatic, but a great story nonetheless.

I would'vd liked to witness that big argument, though.

That was a nice first attempt.

It did a good job making me remember that Diamond Tiara isn't always (to put it nicely) a freaking jerk.

So, It's short, sweet and gave me some feels.

Over all, good job! :rainbowdetermined2:

We need more Diamond Tiara stories like this :twilightsmile:

Well, looks like Diamond had an epiphany in life. That one person whose always closest to you hurts when you hurt, that special bond that certain best friends can only share.

I like it.

Is it wrong I interpret Diamond Tiara referring to herself in the third person in places as her almost referring to a MASK she wears instead of herself?

5376320 You could say that. It's been a while since I wrote this but I think that was the general idea behind the 3rd person thing.

I have one thing to say about this story
That is all.

I like it. It's killing me though.

:fluttercry: That was so beautiful. :fluttercry:

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