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After the Gala, Applejack has a little too much to drink, and Rarity agrees to escort her home; but then, much to Rarity's embarrassment, Applejack decides that right then and there is the perfect time to confront the unicorn about their true feelings for one another.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Wow! Great job! :pinkiegasp: this is definately cute and deep too! By far a perfect 5! :pinkiesmile:

Well written, although it feels somewhat unfinished.

The ending was perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

This is great.

As someone said above, cute and deep.

Wow, I wish I was as prolific as you, haha. :derpyderp1:

Anyway, I rather enjoyed this one! Well-written, with a very plausible scenario for these two to end up together; all of it tying in well to canon interactions between the characters.

Also, it was absolutely adorable and made me squee. A lot. So there's that.

Ergo, all my stars are belong to you.

It was well done.. I feel like there could have been a little more though. But then again, I just want moar.

this story was really good hope their's more

I swear, if this is a one-shot, I will pull a Derpy and DROP AN ANVIL ON YOU :derpyderp1:
A so adorable and good-spirited story needs more!
Just ask those two:
:ajsleepy: Please!
:raritycry: YEEEEEES!


Only nine comments? Unacceptable. It's a crime against fabulosity, or something. :flutterrage:

I can't really call myself a fan of Applejack shipping, though fics like this are slowly changing my mind. This was very good. Um...Aurora pretty much said everything else I would've, though. The twist ending was pretty funny. Poor Applejack...as if the hangover wasn't enough, now she has to deal with the mother of all awkward conversations.

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Please continue.

It was a very good fic, but as said above it feels incomplete :ajbemused:

This can't be IT! There has to be moar, please!

Love it, tho I would love for it to continue. :ajsmug:


It's great well actually its awesome but just 1 thing ehem,
*incites crowd * :flutterrage: MOAR!!!!!!!!!! um please though if you want.:fluttershysad:. heh heh :twilightblush:

This is probably my favorite RariJack story, and I have been meaning to review it forever and am ashamed at how long it's taken me. Mea culpa.

First, given you share my affection for RainbowPie, I'm just going to assume that Pinkie and Rainbow's disappearance at the beginning of the story is due to the fact that they absented themselves so they could have drunk sloppy make-outs. I approve of this, of course.

Second, I found your depiction of Fluttershy terribly funny, in a dark humor sort of way. Of course, lots of parts in this story were funny, such as:

She hiccupped, then made a profound discovery.

"Ah'm drunk," she announced.

Oh, Applejack.

Relatedly, I love how your drunk Applejack is by turns funny and heart-breaking. In particular, the line "Ah'll dance with you" was just simple and perfect. And it felt right, to me, that this was how Applejack was going about things. Simple, honest, direct.

And this struck me as perfect for Rarity: When she had first met Applejack, her first thought had been, she could be beautiful. I think it showcases Rarity's vanity and her generosity, which always exist in a constant state of tension, very well.

I do think this section ...

But over time Rarity had gotten over it and grown to accept Applejack's attitute, even as it frustrated her, and finally began to appreciate the way she managed to shine, even without the polish Rarity had envisioned for her.

... could have benefited from a bit of expansion. Just a few brief examples of how this process worked, of how Rarity now appreciates Applejack, would have been nice. But that's a minor complaint.


A sweet and simple RariJack story, nothing to be ashamed of. I like it, even though the ending makes it a bit sad. My only gripe would be them walking all the way back from Canterlot to Sweet Apple Acres, but that's a minor detail.

And you managed to sneak in another Rainbow/Pinkie shipping, if I'm not mistaken :raritywink:

If it helps, I wasn't picturing the pub they were in as being in Canterlot. At the time, I was kind of imagining them going back to Ponyville after Celestia left and only heading to the bar when Spike was in bed. And you have absolutely no evidence that any sort of Rainbow Pie shenanigans went down at all! Perhaps they both simply had to use the washroom at the same time. *shifty eyes*

I liked it, Old or not it's still good... I am wondering how Rarity explained the previous night to Applejack, but it's nice to have some mystery sometimes

Story is complete?
This needs more chapters, an epilogue, a sequel, SOMETHING! PLEASE!
All I want to know is how the most awkward of all of the conversations within this universe went. That, and how much of that night Applejack remembers.

I read this story on Fanfiction.net and loved it there too. Please write more of this pairing. We need it.

That. Was. Fabulous! :raritystarry:
I loved that. :heart:

I really liked the ending. Kind of inception-y.. Did Applejack remember or not?? :o

This was hilarious and adorable and generally extremely entertaining. And the ending made me swear very loudly.

Was the title inspired by friendship is witchcraft? or visa versa?

Neither. I don't watch Friendship is Witchcraft. The term "diamond in the rough" is a fairly common proverb.

What is with this site and having awesome portrayals of Rarity? Seriously. I actually do not like her at all in the show, but give her to you, or Donny's Boy, and suddenly she goes up a whole four places in Best Pony rankings. Admittedly, that still leaves her about four whole places from bottom, but still.

Right off the bat, I think you nailed the balance between awkward and touching for AJ's drunkenness. I especially like :
'She hiccupped, then made a profound discovery.

"Ah'm drunk," she announced.'
I don't know what it is, but for some reason the word profound just sells that to me in a way that any other word would not. I also like the implication that AJ has, indeed, forgotten completely by the time she wakes up. The ensuing snit doesn't even need to be written to be present.

That said, I didn't get the same degree of 'damn you for being so good!' that I got from Where You Can't Follow. But this was still very enjoyable indeed. :twilightsmile:

Yay! :yay: Rarijack! or... Applarity? :rainbowhuh: No, no... definitely Rarijack... :facehoof:

In some ways, I think you chose the perfect place to end it. A part of me thought really wants to see whether the previous night comes crashing back to Applejack, or if she forgets it, what Rarity's reaction is.
Unintentionally, Rarity's characterization from reading this actually fleshes out two cups of tea a little better. Even with how much you wrote between the two, and their different love interests in each fic, it feels like you wrote the same Rarity in each story.

you probly hate hearing this but...das it?!!?

Awwww, that ending! I sure hope AJ didn't forget! :P

Lovely, cute, and brilliantly written. You really nailed the characters and the motivation behind this ship (I completely agree that Rarity would admire Applejack in that way).

And as many have said, this line just nailed it;

"She hiccupped, then made a profound discovery.

"Ah'm drunk," she announced."


noo :o dont end it like that :pinkiegasp:

I can't believe I missed this, im shocked at myself for not reading this yet. General consensus? Not bad, not bad at all.

I thought I was a very good take on rarity first of all. "She could be beautiful" is the most rarity thing I’ve ever read. It speaks volumes about, well you explained it perfectly yourself in the story but the impression is reciprocated. If I saw one flaw in the story it was how kind of vague rarity's attraction to AJ’s origin is. It’s kind of mentioned a bit but there’s no meat to it at all I felt. But then again if you did expand on it then we'd just have home struck again but with rarity and a funnier ending. Not that that would be a bad thing by any means...

Back to the positive: my absolute favourite part about this whole story is drunk AJ. The reason being apart from being awesome and funny and adorable it was also relatable, at least for me. Drunk AJ is basically drunk me. That kind of wobbly but stone-faced sincerity that AJ extruded when she asked about blueblood is exactly the kind of thing I HAVE done when intoxicated, as well as the bombastic social disregard and that one blatant realisation. "I’m drunk" is the exact same thing I’ve said in the exact same situation. I got it completely because I knew that for her, as it was for me, it seems like the greatest revelation of all at that given time. It was like watching a female, pony version of me with a southern accent. It’s also overall the best portrayal of a drunken character I’ve ever seen ever. Other attempts elsewhere are cliché or stereotypical. It was really nice to see a character act real but that’s kind of what you do best anyway.

Also the concept that they walked all the way back from Canterlot kind of struck me as odd. I know you fixed that in a comment somewhere but in the actual story you never mention where the pub is actually located, EVER! So it's very clear why some people assumed they stayed in Canterlot to go drinking. Plus why would you go all the way back to Ponyville just to go to the bar. Canterlot is a city. Ponyville is a village or maybe a large town. Either way odds are that Canterlot would have better or at least closer drinking establishments.

Conclusion: this is an AA story so no one is going to argue how fucking brilliant it is. AA is the most consistently good writer I’ve ever seen, even outside of fanfiction so it goes without saying that this is damn good. That being said, however, this one would rank lower than most compared to other stuff you've done. There is a nascent feeling of MOAR but not in the sense of a sequel but only in wanting to know about rarity's feeling as I’ve already said. This is a solid 9/10 and you should be very proud little miss.

Absolutely any and all flaws in this fic can be chalked up to the fact that it was like the third story I've ever written ever. So naturally it's not THAT great. :scootangel:

is that a deflection of criticism i hear there AA? dear dear have you forgotten that one blog post of yours so soon?

if thats your answer then this should be brilliant(not that I'm saying it's not). i went and read your first story written. thought it was glorious even though i tried to prepare myself for the teething pains that come with writing your first story. turned out i didn't need too.

btw never think for a second that i thought this was an actually poorly written story or bad in any sense. the worst story you make will likely be better then 90% of the content on this site judging from the quality you've created thus far. i was basically nit-picking. a proper critic doesn't give a 100% good review which is why i don't plan on "critiquing" most of your other stuff any time soon.

P.S. i tried being as composed and un-gushy in the above paragraphs as i could; i don't think i managed it because AA ACTUALLY REPLIED TO SOMETHING I SAID! i don't mean to sound weird or anything but i might as well confess now. your writing(specifically home grown) is basically the main reason I'm a Brony right now. first mlp fan fiction i ever tried was home grown and i was truly impressed. rarijack is basically the only ship i can call an OTP of mine. thank you and never change.

sorry for all the mushy star-struck business but in all professionalism and honesty you are the most impressive author i've ever seen, the only person who comes close to having as much respect as i have for you is Derek landy, and varanus. the first being a successful novelist and the second being another fanfic writer on this site. a tip of the hat to you m'lady :moustache:

You had me from "It looked like Rarity wasn't going to be allowed to finish any sentences tonight."

The ending makes me imagine a drunk AJ trying to insist that Rarity take the bed and she take the couch. They'd argue back and forth until Rarity finally said she'd take the bed, having given up on actually leaving by that point. As soon as AJ fell asleep, Rarity would use magic to lift AJ and tuck her into bed properly before curling up on the couch.

That is an excellent ending. I shall accept it as canon, even if I never write it.

this is fantastic<3 i really wish there was more to this story.

I can imagine this with a comedic ending. Where she sees rarity sleeping on the couch and she whispers her name in her sleep. Applejack gets mad at herslef and yells for her brother, "Gosh dangit, Big Mac i did it again."

I don`t think they did but....

i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/263/914/ede.jpg I just had too. SORREH :rainbowlaugh:

Great read, as always. There was something, however... Let me skim the story over...

"No." Rarity finally answered. "No, we did not. He was the least charming prince I had ever met.

Very ungentle




Too much of Lyra influence, perhaps? dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra_dealwithit.png

I know I already reviewed on Fanfiction (I'm xTheCrazyDancingPersonx?) but this deserves another :pinkiehappy: So much fluff, cuteness and hilarity! :rainbowlaugh: Must. Love. Drunk. Applejack.
Plus, on Fanfiction, I couldn't give you these.... :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:
:twilightsheepish: Yes, it's the same person giving you two reviews. Weird, eh?
Whatever! :derpytongue2:
Just take this... :scootangel: And be on your way.

Loved it, except the conclusion seemed....well not like a conclusion at all. This doesn't come off at all as a story that's finished. Drawing the conclusion that they would end up as a couple after reading this, would just be stretching the wishful thinking a bit. They could just as easily never speak of this again. It'd be nice if there was more. Perhaps some drama stemming from indecision on Rarity's part, uncertainty about the whole thing and worry of what others might think. I like shortfics....but what I see is an introduction here rather than a complete story. And what of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie? One mention of them slipping away together and not a further thing said about it, when that could have been developed into a peripheral pairing!

But overall I was thoroughly fascinated by this story, and I think the portrayal of Applejack and Rarity, as well as the set-up for their possible relationship upgrade, was nearly flawless. I just think this story needs to continue.

man i re-read this can't stop loving it~ :twilightblush:


This was a good story because rarijack is always nice but that conclusion, or better yet lack thereof , is killing me. But even if I'm left to my own devices about what happens next its still a fun story. great job

Ah, the insistence of Applejack that she would remember, followed by the ending, made me laugh.

Poor Rarity. :facehoof:

While I liked the story and I was really digging the premise, the ending was a bit too abrupt for my taste. I suppose it accomplished the goal of making me want to know what happened next... But I'd rather have that itch scratched than just leave it hangin'. Good job, but I wish that you'd written more. Maybe a little epilogue with a teensy bit of resolution.


This was way cuter than a story about drunk pony makeouts has any right to be. But... dat ending!


This story?

It's best story.

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