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Favorite Couples


My Favorite Pairing

**Rarity x Applejack**

Couples I Love

Rainbow Dash x Pinkie Pie
Twilight Sparkle x Luna
Twilight Sparkle x Trixie
Twilight Sparkle x Sunset Shimmer
Fluttershy x Big Macintosh
Celestia x Discord
Sweetie Belle x Spike
Derpy x Doctor Whooves
Lyra x Bon-Bon
Octavia x Vinyl Scratch
Diamond Tiara x Applebloom
Shining Armor x Cadence
Shining Armor x Twilight Sparkle
Scootaloo x Featherweight
Soarin x Braeburn

Couples I Dislike

Applejack x Rainbow Dash
Fluttershy x Rarity
Celestia x Twilight Sparkle
Luna x Zecora
Big Macintosh x Cherilee
Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry
Spike x Rarity

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United States

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Voice Acting | Drawing | Writing | Singing | Anime & Manga | Cartoons | Shipping | Chocolate

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Spiders | Vomit | Tea | Bigotry | Minions

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++Why It Takes Me So Long To Update ++

I know that many of my pieces take a long time to update, but I apologize. You see, I have six chronic illnesses. My most major is called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. It is an autonomic illness that is the result of mono and is further exacerbated by a genetic condition called Ehlers Danalos Syndrome. POTS is a neurological disorder which is manifested by delays in the body's autonomic responses. These are things your body does without having to think about it: heartbeat, blood pressure, eye focus, hearing, sweating, etc. The Epstein Barr (mono) virus lives latent in my system causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. POTS patients have a hard time controlling their blood pressure and heart rate, pass out easily, can have difficulty with hearing and focus, are more susceptible to illness, and are slower to heal. I also have Myasthenia Gravis is an autoimmune disorder that only affects fifteen in one hundred thousand people. It is characterized by muscle weakness in certain muscle groupings. The ones that have been messing up on my body are my facial muscles and esophagus. The muscles tire quickly and I begin to slur when I speak and cannot swallow properly. Finally, I have hypothyroidism and a couple other chronic problems. I try my hardest to update my stories. Please bear with me.

Rarity x Applejack is BEST COUPLE


Rarity and Applejack is my favorite pony pairing in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by leaps and bounds. The first pairing I was exposed to in MLP was AppleDash and while the pictures were cute, I wasn’t really sure I liked it because I found Dash and AJ to be too similar to be more than friends, despite their “tension” during their competitions. Actually, I didn’t really like ANY pairings in the first few episodes that I saw. It wasn’t until I watched “Look Before You Sleep” that I knew the snooty unicorn and hard-working earth pony were meant to be. I have always loved “opposites attract” pairings and this is one of the best! I love the way they bicker and snipe at one another, yet always come through for each other in the end. Arguably, Applejack fights with Rainbow Dash as well, but her attitude towards her is more competitive than what I would consider the unresolved sexual tension that Rarijack exudes.

Don't Buck With Me

Pinkamena Diane Pie

I, like many, am in love with the idea of the ever-cheerful pink party pony as a psychotic killer. Long before I ever set eyes on the infamous "Cupcakes" fanfiction, I already had ideas of writing Pinkie Pie with a fractured personality. I was delighted when I discovered that I was not the only person who enjoyed seeing this sweet mare as a homicidal maniac.

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Hi there random friend would you like a follow for a follow?

Comment posted by Luffy-Kun deleted Aug 1st, 2013

I love your silence of the lambs parody you still up dating the story:rainbowhuh: but yeah I can't wait for more:twilightsmile:


I changed my username. Let me update it. Lol. My fanfiction (that is not My Little Pony) is all posted on: www.fanfiction.net/~luffykun3695

Hey I just went to your fanfic link and it says user does not exist did you change your username delete your profile or did some asshole report you just wondering.

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