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In the most important day of Rainbow Dash's life, the only one of her friends that is missing is Pinkie Pie.

The only thing left of her is a letter.

A letter in which the pink pony poured all of her heart...

A letter in which there is everything she wished to say to the pegasus...and couldn't find the courage.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 164 )

What a delightful and heartwarming read! I never knew Pinkie Pie could be so poetic.
Well done!

awwww i love its aweosme its so sweet!
good job you! :twilightsmile:

Quite nice. I felt that there were quite a few grammatical errors that made it slightly harder to immerse myself, but overall I liked the story. Good work!

Manly tears mode activated!
Anyway, very touching and lovely story.

Ah! Finally someone that used those emoticons! My mission is complete...

And there was much approval and rejoicing. :pinkiehappy::heart::rainbowkiss:

Good job.

*Reading the letter part*
"Awe man this is pretty touching"
*Reads some more*
"...No way Dashie didn't feel anything back..."
*Gets to end of letter part*
"NO! IT CAN'T BE! THE STORY HAS TO GO ON! IT CAN'T END LIKE THAT!" *Tears at eyes* :pinkiesad2:
* Frantically scrolls down, reads the rest*
"... *Sniffle*... good..." *tears a rollin*
Great job! Well written and well presented! AND A GREAT ENDING! I don't tend to find myself at such sad stories, but the quality of this kept me going and it was well work the read! It hit me right in the feels. If you plan on making more... I shall read. So keep up the great work and have a great day!
...Oh Pinkie....

It's always difficult to tell how you feel to someone else...
I was going to cry, but i said to myself: "At least, read until the end before doing something..."
So i did.
And now, i'm here, eye teared, and smiling. And i usually HATE shipments between RD and the other mane 6 (RD lesbian = arrow to the knee joke, according to me), but this... is something deeper.

hmmm, this will be featured soon
... i'm calling it now :pinkiehappy:

>I can’t think of one moment of my life without picturing those seven colors.
rainbow's mane has six, the rainbow has six ... 7 colors are used in the gay pride flag but dashies hair doesn't ...
though you fic is still bleeding amazing :heart:

Insecure and somewhat creepily obsessed Pinkie is best Pinkie. *nods wisely*

Anyway, this was a nice story. I was bracing myself for a really depressing ending all the way through, but in the end everything went better than expected. Dashie truly is the only one for Pinkie :pinkiesmile:

I need to say, in midle of letter it was little boring then i scroll down looking if its only letter in all fic, when i find out its not only then i read all.

Not bad, but actually nothing special too

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Thank you, dearie! A great day to you, too! I'm currently writing a lot these days but i can find the time to at least tack on an epilogue showing the reactions of the other girls. Sometimes, i almost forget they're called the mane 6 because there are 6 of them :rainbowlaugh:, but i like PP and RD so much! Also, you have to thank a friend of mine that advised me about the happy ending. The original one was much bleaker, Joss Whedon-level of bleak, with Pinkie that finds that place under no sky. Maybe i could post it under "alternate ending" or something...

:fluttercry: Adorable! Similar to my stories Apologies and Closing Doors.
This is my favorite part:
If our life were a painting, you would be the centerpiece: A stunning embodiment of everything that is good and pure of under Celestia’s Mighty Sun. Even a Goddess of your own. I always thought that you were prettier than the Princess Herself…

Me? I was just some faded pink blur in the background that only made your beauty stand out more.

That’s what I always was: a background event.

I’m comic relief, not girlfriend material…

It’s true that I’ve touched the lives of many ponies (and donkeys and dragons…) but only for a moment. I’m a brief candle that can lighten up your day when you’re lost in the dark with a smile and a quick laugh. Too cheap and impermanent to be something more than this. Surely not enough for what I wanted to be with you…

Because … you are my Sun! And a candle can’t beat the Sun. And her light is not even worthy to stand beside you.
Beautifully written. Keep writing, you have a talent here :twilightsmile:

Now im a guy who isnt one for crying
*reads this beautifully written story*
*crys heavily* :fluttercry:
My heart is full of wonder now thank you for writing such a beautiful piece


Thank you for reading it!

Reading this while listening to

One of the most beautiful things I've ever felt...

Thanks for making up my day! Especially with my favorite pony!
Insta-Faved! :heart:

Embrace me!

That was beautiful, I don't tend to read sad stories due to my tendency to cry, and I hate crying, but I managed to keep my tears at bay, and just had that lump in my throat, saved by the happy ending. Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

someone needs to send this to AA, she'll appreciate it. Nice read but Pinkie was too out of character for me. Keep writing though

"Returns the hug with gusto"

Thank you! I'm glad i saved you.

That would be wonderful! AA is my favourite pony writer!

It was beautiful... :pinkiesad2: but why the "Teen" rating? :rainbowhuh:

Preparing for the epilogue i'm writing right now. Also, i wasn't sure of the content. I thought that it was a bit too emotionally tense for a T rating.


Well, in this first part, i didn't saw anything that deserves the "teen" rating as i saw it. But, it's true that sad stories are not exactly for "everyone", and can not be enjoyed by some group of people.
Anyway, waiting to see that epilogue :pinkiehappy:

Do you know just how beautiful this story is? It is so amazing. I loved it so much. So many emotions. :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

Dawww, that was sweet, although it does beg the question of how Pinkie managed to fit all that onto a single scroll. Heh, I can see Rainbow Dash having to dash around looking though a bunch of notes Pinkie left having to find the right one that comes next.

Bee-yoo-teh-full. I loved it! Faving and thanking the featured box for bringing me here :heart:

Very emotional. I didn't necessarily cry, but I felt like I would. What tugged me in was PinkieDash, so I felt devastated for Pinkie. I was all, "No...no, don't do it, Pinkie! You're making a huge mistake! She'll love you back! Waaaaah :raritydespair:" Ahem, but the ending satisfied me enough to make me click that little star up there. And there's an epilogue coming up? :yay: "yay."

Aww, Pinkie. When will you see that you are good enough for the pony of your dreams? Very moving and heartfelt. Excellent job! :pinkiehappy:

If there is one thing she is sure of, is this: that she will love Rainbow Dash, the Wonderbolt, until Celestia’s Sun goes out and the Stars fall from the sky.
DAT END!!!!!!!!
I am so glad that this wasn't one of those "ships" where its just meet, fall in love, announce it, then buck each other, it is a true love story. Not my favorite ship but it was vary good.
Thank you!

Author! Y U make me sob like an idiot?

At first I was like :raritycry:
Then I was like :yay:

I love a happy ending. I would have been mad if Pinkie just left.


oooo right in the feels.

wonderful story, very touching ; ^ ;

great job :pinkiesad2:


Rainbow Dash's recruitment into the Wonderbolts is an eventuality! She will be forced to leave her friends behind. Beware Dash-shippers.

This tale is one of the more gut wrenching I've read, and good on you, sir, for doing this for us humble readers.

You broke the best fic meter. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

it got featured, I knew it :yay:
also congrats, the place was well earned
here,have a spike :moustache:


seriously though, that was beautiful.

D'awww!! Nice wrap up to a beautiful story. :pinkiehappy:

there's a few errors, but they don't detract from the story as a whole. It's beautiful.

"one of the voices I’ve heard at my birthday: It said that that this perfect moment couldn’t last."
Reminds me of Why I Hate Loving A Rainbow
Great story btw! :pinkiehappy:

You did good here. This fic is just one of those things that make you feel genuinely happy for the characters even if we didn't know who they are. Some syntax errors here and there and you seem to have a tendency to "tell" instead of "show". Try to get a proof reader on that if you can.

As for the "telling", it's generally best if you describe it as if someone has little to no idea what "looking hurt" or "an understanding look" means. Try to avoid giving names to emotions like "looking happily" or "understanding", they rarely do well when standing alone as an adjective unless your describing an unimportant action AFTER the emotions have been conveyed, like "happily bouncing along" or "gazing at her hooves sadly". In those situations, they are only confirming the mood and are otherwise unimportant compared to the action which the character is making and can afford to be broad. When trying to convey a change in emotion however, it's usually better to describe what it is that would make people think that the character is feeling such things like "Rainbow came up the path wearing a broad smile". This not only shows that she's (very) happy, but that she's very open about the fact and is more inclined to share it with others. If it where to say "smirk" instead of "broad smile", then it would say that she was happy and amused (indicating that she has a defiant reason for being happy) as well as showing that she may be a bit smug or perhaps is planning something. This adds a whole new layer of depth as it not only gives them lots of information, but informally promises that there may be later action or a retelling (whether directly as a flash back, or indirectly as clues and/or some aftermath results). In that one change, we have kept the emotion similar while taking the direction of the story and the reader's excitement and expectations in a completely different direction.

It requires a little granarical editing, but as as story, this was brilliant. It had the emotions in it ripe for the picking. Everything was paced decently well, and although it becomes a bit rambly at points, it sticks to a main storyline in which the events perspire very well. Gud job.:moustache:

A'wwwww... That was a nice story to read first thing in the morning.

It was heartwarming
It was a little sad
It had a lot of emotion
Most of all it made me happy

Yep... perfect thing to wake up to.:pinkiehappy:

Perfect ending for this story. It was cute and I loved it and....:pinkiehappy:

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