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My mother always told me, ‘If you love something, set it free’.

I never knew just how much meaning words as simple as those could hold.

At least, not until today.

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OH my D'aaaaaaaaaawääääähähähähä~ :raritycry:

Very good, only thing that didn´t set well with me: Princess Celestia as someone who doesn´t know her way around marriage stuff as a priestess. After a thousand years and seeing her doing the priest role in the season 2 finale i expected her to be more calm, cool, collected but also proud, happy and a bit sad how fast her favorite student grrw up and found love and such. I think that would have fit much better. Maybe also a short description of the other 3 friends reaction, opinion and actions when they had releaved that they´re lovers and gonna marry. We´ve seen Pinkie´s (obviously) but maybe her heart-breaking situation would stand more out if it gets comapred to the others who sees everypony as friends who they´re not in love with.

Rest of the story was really great though. Fav and thumps up. :pinkiehappy:

Poor Pinkie :fluttercry:
I liked it though!

Hmm... I realise this is fanfiction but with her being the priest for shining and cadence's wedding, I actually got the impression that she did all the royal weddings so won't she have a lot of experience? Either way, this was a beautiful story. Where ever did you get your inspiration?


I can't say I understand that last bit, but the rest was wonderful. I hope to see more from you.

Poor Pinkie! Because the love of her life is married, she might never smile again. I Imagined that pinkie was like this when Twilight smiled at her :pinkiesad2:

~Princess Starshine out

Peace :duck:

This was well written. My only criticisms would be what others have said about Celestia being a priest, and that Pinkie would not slow anyone down, seeing as she is hyperactive and all that. Also, Pinkie loves Twilight but lusts for Rainbow?

On a personal note, I abominate TwiPie, and love Rainbow Pie, so I really wish Pinkie had been sad about losing Rainbow. If she had, I probably would've loved this. But that's just me.

Normaly I dislike first person view in stories but you did a good job with this. I would change the Celestia priest and church stuff though, not much point in having a church or being a priest to yourself.

:facehoof: I'm such an idiot. Anyway, fixed. Thanks for notifying me! My editor totally missed that.


The last bit means, that even if Pinkie´s not together with Twi/can´t confess her love to her anylonger, her beloved´s smile still put one on her face whatever the situation is. Even if it would be a really sad one.


I understoof it more that Pinkie had a n old crush on RD cause she looks so hot, but that one got lost when she fell in love with Twi. I read it as one of the reasons why Pinkie can´t be mad at RD despite using the word "stolen".
Though i found that word good used, it made it much more personal than it was as RD/Twi/rest of Mane6 don´t know of Pinkie´s feeling, so good pick at that.


No probs, looks better now. :pinkiesmile:

Y'know? Those who exemplify it - laughter, joy, or what have you - don't do so because it is what solely comprises their being. Rather, they exemplify it because they know just how bleak a world without it is...
I appreciate how Pinkie was portrayed in this fic. I appreciate it a lot.

sorry to disagree, but i find TwiPie,when done right is far better than a comparable written DashiePie. But that's just me, and considering how much i like TwiPie and TwiDash as well, this fic gives me conflicted feels:pinkiesad2:

and by finally removing the mask, does she mean :pinkiecrazy:?

957717 No It's the other way around. I think beacuse Pinkie Say this when she is Talking about Dash."Honestly, who hadn’t had a crush on her at some point? Mare or stallion, that gorgeous body, that luscious spectral mane, it was very hard not to feel some sort of need to be around her. Even I had had some small crush on her when I had first met her. But that’s long gone now, replaced by my lust for her." So that might point it out to be PinkieDash. but i could be Wrong. it Could be Twipie. You never know.

972666 That's the only time Pinkie mentions liking Dash though. The rest of the time she's talking about a purple unicorn and such. At one point she says "A scholar like her would have never gone for a baker like me." So yeah, it's Twilight, unfortunately :rainbowwild:

972726 Oh. Ok and i said it could've beem Twipie. So i was wrong. but i somehow got roped into reading it. I'm not much for Twipie. But this was good!

1. Heh, I agree. It'd be a bit hard to change that, but I'll see what I can do.
2. I really tried not to include names throughout, though I could completely see the view on that. I probably should include something that shows it's Pinkie near the beginning, though.
I'll go try and fix that now! :)
Thanks so much for reading!


It's so hard to fix the overdramaticness!
And Twilestia? Heh, that's for me to know and you to possibly find out ;)

Yeah! DUHHH! It was, like, the mostfantasticallyawesomelyepic Pinkie Chapter EVER!

We hast a Skype, though we may not be able to use said Skype for an hour or two(or maybe even three) due to town carnival. Shalt thou be online in said amount of time?
I suck at that kind of language...*sigh*

I am so confused.
So you'll be on 'till midnight? I'm in CST too.

Gotcha. Mhnmkay, I gotta go help my family in preperations for said carnival. A bunch of my dad's friends sleep in our backyard. It's really weird. Cya when I get back on!

Wonderful story! Well done, I was rarely confused, and I must say, the story was beautiful.

Nicely done! No love triangles, no threesomes/polyamory/polygamy, just TwiDash and emotionally crushed Pinkie. Thumbs up!

Also, double period to fix: "But it does its purpose to this day.. " Either single period, or three to make an ellipsis.

It's complete?


Short and sweet. I like it a lot.

Realy nice Story.
I have to say in all TwiDash-Storys I had read until now, the love triangels alway involves Dash, but never Twilight. It´s a nice variety that my favorite Pony finally get the attention she deserves.

This is why I hate weddings: some-one else is getting married but I'm not. Can't say I wanted to be marring the bride instead but I feel like that so often too.:fluttershysad:

Ah, the Pinkie-Mask. Not an idea I particularly agree with. However it was done rather well with a nice twist.

Still, I think it could be done with a bit more work and polish. Not exactly sure how though.

I had to keep that mask on.
That was the sentence that caused the dam to shatter.

:pinkiesad2: This was beautiful. It reminds me of my own experiences. For once, it is not all about finding the pony love and being together, this story is about unrequited love, which is great!
Good job! ! :scootangel:

Awwwwwww! I don't ship Pinkie with Twilight or Rainbow (I couldn't tell which you were hinting at) but surprisingly I still got feels. Very odd if you ask me. Have a like.

What do you have against polyamory relationships anyway? Oh no you are one of them people who think polyamory and love triangles are the same thing. You realize a love triangle isn’t the same as polyamory right?

I have nothing against them at all, and I'm quite aware that those are all different types of relationships. At the time (7 years ago) I had seen several TwiDash stories in a row where they were together but as part of herd relationships, poly relationships, harems, etc., and I was glad to finally find a good one where it was just the two of them.

This fanfic makes me angry. And the priest thing doesn’t help. EQUESTRIA DOESNT HAVE CHRISTIANITY! Ponies are pagan they don’t follow the same religion as us. And it’s a dick move to make a character suffer for your stupid ship. I like all ships but I don’t like ships at the expense of hurting others.

I see. I had no it was common at least back then. Yikes I apologize I did not see that date. I recently became a brony last year when my friend dared me to watch the show.

How are they pagan? I would argue there really isn't religion in equestria.

Also, you do realize this is a story about either un-reciprocated or just a missed opportunity to tell someone how you feel. Its about the emotions of love that for whatever reason didn't happen but one person still feels the effects of it and has to come to terms with the knowledge they missed their chance.

So that’s why it hurt so much reading it? I am sorry it’s just this hit close to home.

No worries. Yeah, some stories can hit you rather hard. There are a lot of really good ones on this site.

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