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Using "x/0" in real life. · 10:18pm Sep 30th, 2013

So you have a deck of 100 cards. You, for whatever reason, want to distribute these cards equally among the players of a card game. The thing is, there are no players (existent or otherwise) and you yourself are not planning on playing. What is the number of cards you distribute to each player?

WELL, since there are no players, you can't distribute any cards thus 0 cards are distributed to each player because there are none to be distributed to.

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

It's less that they happened and more that there was too many of them with only minor events or bits of information. Condense them together a little and make them a bit less frequent/more impactful to character progression each and they likely would have been fine.

Haha, you’re not the first to have that opinion on Cloud Blazer... I will say that I have learned from that and so far am avoiding hospital scenes and dream sequences in new stories. :pinkiehappy:

I'll be sure to look them up. Really glad there are still some writers of your type that aren't afaid to go from main character to main character in a series of arcs.

I will say that sadly my least favorite arc was cloud blazer's hospital time. The number of dreams all kind of saying the same thing and the slow progress was a bit irritating but it did benefit from other arcs all chugging along at a steady pace breaking up the monotony there. It may be just personal preference there but I wish the challenge there was less just waiting to get better. Not to say it was horrible, but i did feel like I was just sort of waiting for him to finally start doing something about his situation. It was fairly realistic though as recovering from such extensive injuries takes months on end but it tended to bring the pacing to a crawl at times.

The relationship between him and pixyglitter later on was interesting though and it did well to make them more enjoyable to read about.

Thank you so much! I’m glad that the story resonated with you and was fun!

Looking back through it myself, I see a few things that could use more work... mainly Beigh’s story from beginning to end I felt was the weakest of my main characters.

I was heavily inspired by Game of Thrones and Attack on Titan, though I tried to keep actual references to a minimum. But it was those two that taught me that it is ok to somewhat indiscriminately kill off characters, which really raises the stakes for the remaining heros. Some of these... like Cloud Blazer’s entire story from chapter 7 on, were totally unplanned, and I was just, as I like to say, “following my muse.” My original role for him as Scootaloo’s sidekick ended up being played by Sparklefly instead.

I think with the exception of Swiftlight, I was trying to make everyone likable... which made him fun to write. Anyway, sorry for rambling. Thanks again for your comments!

FYI, I am working on new stories, including a series of shorts I am calling “The Forgotten”, and I have some spinoff sequels for The Last Cutie Mark Crusader that are in progress. They won’t be nearly so grand or dramatic, but I’m doing hem as sequels instead of additional chapters as... thematically they are a little different. I made a blog post with a little more information if you are interested. :twilightsmile:

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