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Not at all! I'd be happy to take a look. Since you have taken that step and decided to write, I have a few pieces of advise that have helped me (I had a script writing section in my cinematography class back in college).

1) Write every day. Even if you can only muster a single sentence, make the effort to do at least that much. You'll be surprised how many times you really don't feel like it, and then you make that one sentence, and it leads to far more than you had expected to get done.

2) Finish the story before you revise it. So, a mistake that can really cost you a lot of time and possibly prevent you from finishing at all is endlessly revising the beginning chapters to get them perfect. The problem is that you get to feeling stuck in a loop, and you can easily get discouraged by the lack of progress. Make notes as you go on things that you want to change in early chapters, but keep moving forward until you complete the first draft. Then revise however you want.

3) Know your theme. Not all stories have a theme, nor do they have to, but it can be incredibly helpful to help sort out how some events play out, and even how your story ends. It can be something as simple as... A Man's House is His Castle (Home Alone), or True Love Conquers All (The Princess Bride)... The theme is simply a short statement of what your story is about. It is kind of like a condensed heart of your work. In the case of The Last Cutie Mark Crusader, it is about suffering loss and learning how to deal with it.

4) Get a proof reader if you can to check over your spelling and grammar.

5) and this is just a personal rule... I keep the first draft to myself. The second draft is what I start showing people.

I'm not sure if it's rude to request this on your channel page but I just wrote my first fic, that I intend to make a series of. The first chapter is both short and not very good but I am proud of myself for, after having this story in my head since 2013 finally committing to writing it and I would love your opinion. I will, in the future, better proofread my work as my gramers not always the best, even without an autocorrect that doesn't always pick the best fitting words.
I am sorry if this comes across as needy or rude, ( this is your profile page and should mainly be focused on you)

I will look at them but first I need to get through you, and that appears to be a few more days, maybe a week away.

I have heard of it. I have seen tons of fan art of it on Deviant Art. I'm not that familiar with Fallout, and generally I am not drawn to crossover pieces. However, on your recommendation, I intend to look into it.

You never heard of Fallout Equestria,
it is one of the longest and best written pieces of not just fanfiction but in my opinion all fiction.

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