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Just what does a Dark and Stormy Knight look like?

Who is this guy?

I like My Little Pony.
I like writing. I'm certain these two little facts come as a shock.

I'd honestly rather read the stories in my head than write them, but since we haven't yet developed a method to directly transfer ideas into other people's minds I'll have to make do with whatever words I can come up with.

I have a non-pony fic over here: Happy Families Are All Alike, if for whatever bizarre reason you would want to read something that doesn't have ponies.

If you are ever inspired by something I write, and want to do any sort of sequel, shared-universe story, companion piece, or simply something using an idea you liked from my story, feel free to do so. Just tell me about it, okay?


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Feature Box! · 1:18am Dec 9th, 2015

I've been fortunate enough to have all of my fics make it into the Popular Box at one point or another. But now, I've done the impossible.

I've made it into the Featured Box.

To my credit, I've been calm and and haven't lost my cool despite this amazing honor--

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Thank you for faving Two In Exile and keeping Twilight and Sunset company as they try to get by in the human world. :twilightsmile:

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Why, thank you in turn!
Have a follow.

Thank you for the favorite on "Sunset Shimmer's Many Demons" :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the watch ^^

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