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Twilight Sparkle refuses to partake in April Foal's Day, sequestering herself from the world in order to ride out this most terrible of holidays.

The universe decides this is a great time to bring disaster to Ponyville--but can her friends convince Twilight that it isn't a prank?

Probably not.

Trigger Warnings: Contains caffeine, a Lovecraft homage, and puns

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 24 )

This was fantastic.
The universe would thank you, but he's a bastard, so I'll thank you in his stead.

5813378 Me and the universe are not on speaking terms. :pinkiesick:
I'll gladly take your thanks, though.

I always hated April Fools Day...

5813605 The eldritch abominations always get to me, too.
And the paint.
Especially the paint.

Then Aelfax the Beneficent ate Pinkie Pie.

And promptly died from diabetes.
Have you ANY idea how much sugar that pony eats?:pinkiehappy::rainbowderp:

Love this!

A wonderful bit of eldritch hilarity. Thank you for it.

It was his undoing, but only because the cosmic totality of She Who Is Called "I LAUGH," Extension of Azathoth, overwhelmed the Beneficent One.

Of course, then Pinkie started coating the town in ████████████, which led into its own problems.

I will be honest, I didnt get and still dont get the joke here.

I... I truly have no idea what the hell I just read.

Yes, eating Pinkie was the worst thing he could possibly have done.

By virtue of She Who Is Called "I LAUGH," I have come. Though my hooves may trod upon this base earth, I have come. My body shall outnumber the stars. The broken shall rejoice at my smile, and in my wake shall the troubles of nations be cast aside.
I am the Harbinger of Joy. Element of Laughter.
I am Pinkiel.
I have come.

There isn't a build-up to any single joke per se; I was instead trying to create a generally humorous, if a somewhat absurd, atmosphere.
(I have no idea how to intentionally write comedy.)
(I also wanted Twilight to eat raw tea leaves and coffee beans.)

*Awkward shuffling*
It's a story about... uh... what happens if you don't overcome your fears of the past? Or maybe about trusting your friends?
No, that's wrong.
This is a story about why you shouldn't make puns.

Nopony Cries, with Pinkie Clones as the Ree. :pinkiehappy:

And that's how the cautionary tale otherwise known as "The Pony Who Cried Eldritch Abomination" was born.

Thank you for writing this, this was a highly amusing piece of dark humor. Short, simple and fun - all the ingredients of a good laugh.

"The Apple Farmer and the Draconequus" and "The Ant and the Grasshopper Both Get Taken in by Fluttershy" just lacked that mind-breaking touch.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This is absolute beauty. :pinkiehappy:

I am not liable for any brain damage or eye strain these puns may have caused.

Advisory given a bit too late...:raritydespair:Heh
Though point taken :derpytongue2:

And thus a new ruling happen, that no pony shall prank Twilight or they will spend a thousand years on the moon in Tartars! And it took five years for Twilight to be convinced, but by then four ponies where thrown into Tatarus for they felt they played a prank on Twilight and Twilight was none the wiser, though she did wonder the Great and Powerful Trixie stopped sending her those annoying, yet funny threats anymore.


I...have no idea what I just read....

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