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Don't tell anyone, but I like ponies.


To be honest, this is something I'm posting for my own sake.

MLP still holds a special place in my heart, but I've lost the drive to write in it. But I have half-written stories (and one almost finished) I can't quite bear to leave to rot in my hard drive.

I know not many people read this sort of thing compared to proper, full-fledged stories, but I hope that maybe, where my own words have failed me, your imagination can finish these stories, not with more words, but in your thoughts and dreams.

I'll update this with new portions as I clean up my stories folder, and hopefully I'll find a bit of drive to finish one of these. New genres and tags to be added as I update.

Story 1: Flame, Fire, and Furnace
Once, her name was Twilight Sparkle. But that name had been consumed by the inferno and burnt away, and somepony else was born anew from the embers. Hopefully she could change that. [story cover]

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Only a small number of bat ponies remained in Equestria after the disaster of Nightmare Moon. The majority fled, not trusting the nation after being betrayed by their own Princess. But with Luna's thousand year exile having come to a close, it is time for them to rejoin the fold, and no pony is better suited for negotiating that task than the Princess of Friendship herself.

However, when the captain of your escort is Indigo Zap, who suffers from a severe case of Lust At First Sight, and has an ego to put Rainbow Dash's to shame, things get a little more complicated than merely healing millennium-long tensions.

Thanks to bahatumay for pre-reading.

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For the nocturne of the Royal Dream Service, the night is the time when their purpose as ponies is fulfilled. By traveling through the Dreamscape, they are capable of delivering dreams to sleeping ponies across the world.

Once each year, one deliverymare is chosen to carry a most important dream--tonight, that mare is Night Whisper. By all rights, it should be a delivery like any other.

A routine delivery. A dream identical to that of each past year, delivered to a mare who lived each day identically to the last.

But nothing can be called "normal" when flying to the Moon.

Written with Miss Spectrum for the Write my fic for me group's first contest, which it won.
Pic used with permission from enigmaticelocution.

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

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Just because a city flew in the sky did not mean it would escape Tirek's endless hunger for power, as the cloud city was soon to learn. It was in the chaos of his attack that Cloudsdale came to realize that magic is more important for some ponies than for others.

For instance, the pegasi needed it to walk on clouds.

And to fly.

For a father separated from his daughter, that flight is more important than ever.

Thanks to Knight of Cerebus for proofreading and to PrincessSaros for letting me use Desolace as cover art.

Now approved by Nonpareil Fiction and The Goodfic Bin!

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Nightmare Moon was not one to sit about and wait in hopes that she might sometime escape. She would bring about her freedom with her own two hooves!

All she needed was power. Enough to fill the stars and drag them from the skies.

For an alicorn in chains, that was magic she just didn't have. But she could take it; it was only a subject's duty to give of themselves for their Princess's sake, was it not? Still, that would take time, centuries even, and with such thorough bindings she would be unable to take more than scraps from from common peasants.

No, she would need somepony... special. Somepony attuned to the stars themselves.

And if no such pony could be found, then she would make one.

Now with an audiobook provided by Illya Leonov.
Approved by Nonpareil Fiction!

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Twilight Sparkle refuses to partake in April Foal's Day, sequestering herself from the world in order to ride out this most terrible of holidays.

The universe decides this is a great time to bring disaster to Ponyville--but can her friends convince Twilight that it isn't a prank?

Probably not.

Trigger Warnings: Contains caffeine, a Lovecraft homage, and puns

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Winner of Rage Reviews' "F*** THIS PROMPT!!!" #1

Fluttershy finds herself in the unwelcome position of being the subject of a tiny, red-and-black alicorn's crush.

Approved by the Nonpareil Fiction group.

And it earned the following awards for its victory in the prompt contest, receiving both the Angsty Alicorn Award and the Art of the Fanfic Award, right beside each other. Strange, I know.

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