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Hello, and welcome to the testing grounds.

On this site, and in writing in general, there are many different methods of writing, types of stories, and styles of learning. Here, we're dedicated towards exploring these through creative and unorthodox contests, short story threads and discussion/spotlight threads scheduled weekly in a social environment. If you're up for competing a little and taking a risk or two, we're sure you'll have a great time here.

None of us here are experts in writing, but we're all very interested in reading and writing as a hobby. We're also interested in reviewing and giving criticism, and we will host events centered around those for any reviewers who are interested in joining in or anyone interested in reviewing. We may also host art related events, depending on interest.



- Current Spotlight:
None. Please stand by.

- Newest prompt:

- Happy New Year!



-Prompts are scheduled weekly/bi-weekly
-Review events are scheduled every three weeks
-Contests will be scheduled as soon as enough members are available/interested


This schedule may change depending on interest and participation. More types of events may be added, and if you have an idea, feel free to post a thread!

We have four admins: HapHazred, Verbose Mode, BikerPon3, and Edgy McEdgerson. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer. We also try to be a pretty friendly bunch, so feel free to say hi.

Rules are simple: follow site rules, keep topics tangentially related to writing and try not to be a dick. That'd be lovely. This is technically a SFW group. Also try and keep stories in their appropriate folder, one folder per story. If you don't know which folder, we have a thread for that.

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401446 Not quite. I'm afraid I miscommunicated.

First contest is about Anachronistic Stories. I left a link in my comment that will lead you to the thread explaining how that works. Click that and you will find all the details there, including how to submit, rules, and what an anachronistic story is. The weekly prompt is just something you can write to: there's no judging (yet) and it will close on Sunday.

401418 Awesome, so, it's changelings, right? I'll see what I can do. But how do I like, get to the judge?

401391 We actually schedule contests regularly. There's one going on right now that'll end on the 1st of September. You can find the thread for it here.

Why not, I've been wanting a challenge. How long untill this contest is over so I can see if I can make the entry?

Hey hey sexy sexy followers.

Just added my "My Mortal Big Brother" story to epics. Despite it's high rating the story itself is a bit muddled because my writing style evolved as the story progressed. That and committed a'lot of writing taboos in the beginning that made the story more convoluted than it should have been.

400699 Ew. no.
Edginess, sure. Darkness?
No. Never. Not in a million years.


Join my cult then, we have dark chocolate cookies.

400695 you discovered my secret :pinkiegasp:

400661 Fix- I mean, um, un-ponified.

original is better


Hum... are you attracted to edgyness too ?

400661 Yes. Yes it is.

This video is relevant to the group icon:

BikerPon3 has invited you to Hazardous Writing Materials and Challenges

Meh. Why not? :trollestia:

Here's how my morning went.

*gets blog notification* Oh look, HapHazred posted on their blog. *opens it up*
... eh, might as well take a look at the group.
*looking at group* Nothing particular unique about this grEDGY MCEDGERSON'S AN ADMIN *joins*

So yeah.

Also, while I'm here, the NSFW sub-folder in the Romance folder is called:

Not Safe For Work (Or Small Childern)

I think you meant "children".

also first

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