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The only time one should see the morning sun is when one has stayed up all night.

Admin for the Goodfic Bin and The Writers Group

I've been made an admin on several groups, including Hazardous Writing Materials and Challenges, the Writers Group, and the Goodfic Bin. In the spirit of doing, y'know, my job, feel free to post any queries regarding the group, and I will pay attention.

Fact isn't stranger than fiction. If you are ever under the impression that this is incorrect, you simply have to correct your definition of 'strange'.

Google email thingy haphazred@gmail.com

Also this:

Beer and AppleDash. That pretty much sums up my (incredibly well rounded) likes.

Looks like I'm mostly bestpony. Poor Fluttershy, though. She didn't stand a chance.

Latest Stories

What I write and why

Whilst I have plans of writing stories of almost every kind (except crossovers, because no), there are a few types that stand out.

AppleDash: AppleDash is my favouritest ship evah! It can be funny, cute, heartwarming, dramatic, grounded, and conflicting all at the same time. I've looked around, and frankly, I've not seen as many ships that have such a variety of ways you can write them without twisting the characters to suit the situation.

^^^How a story should work: conflict, followed by a fulfilling conclusion. It's perfect, perfect, I say!

I also write a fair bit of slice of life, and the occasional action-murder mystery story. If it can't be cute and cuddly, it'll sure as heck be intelligent.

More about myself

-I study engineering (mechanical and design)
-I practice martial arts (wing chun)
-My favourite pony is Rainbow Danger Dash
-My second favourite pony is also Rainbow Dash. I'm a very diverse person.
-I pride myself on always trying to improve whatever I do, as much as I can.
-I am often being very lazy about the above, despite my best efforts.
-I am a fluent English and French speaker
-I prefer writing short stories under or around 20K words long, because my attention span cannot accommodate longer stories
-I like to improve with practice, and so I believe that my story quality will improve with each successive chapter.
-I also believe that whilst I do write primarily for myself, I like to write stories for the purposes of entertaining others. For that reason, I always enjoy getting comments and advice so I can get better, quicker, and in turn, hopefully you can enjoy even better stories.

I don't network of follow a whole lot of authors. I can't handle it. Also, I don't believe in a follow for a follow. However, I do check out everyone who follows or even comments on my stories: I like seeing what kind of audience my stories attract, and chances are if you like what I do, I may like what you do.

If you want, feel free to comment on the page or PM me with questions, advice or feedback. I'm online a lot, so you can expect a rather quick response. Although...

Things I want to Achieve as a Writer

Write another Crime Story [X]
Get on the EqD [X]
Write a Crime Story that gets over 500 views (it'll happen eventually) [ ]
Acquire 10 000 story views [X] (it's over nine thousa—)
Acquire 100 000 story views (ambitious much?) [ ]
Get 100 followers (eventually) [X]
Get 200 followers (even more eventually) [X]
Write a Changeling Story [X]
Write a Western style story [ ]
Write a Steampunkish story [X] (it had an airship, what more do you want?)
Help some other author [X] (look at me, helping the community! +10 paragon points, please)
Write an Epic story [ ]
Write a romance story where neither pony meets the other, and don't know they're who they're in love with (as requested by ThatWeatherStormChap so don't go blaming me for this... [ ]

More may be added. This is to help me keep track of what I want to be good at and stuff, and is purely to help me selfishly achieve my own goals.

Bookshelves ordering:

I unfortunately don't do as much reading as I should, and often need a good excuse to tackle a story, be it a contest or perhaps a personal goal. My library is therefore not very large.
My library contains the following bookshelves:
-Mysterious Bookshelf: contains all the stories I've added to Murder/Mystery/Murder Mystery. These stories include stories done by me, and other mystery stories that filled my nebulous prerequisites.
-HazardPony's Unusual AppleDash: a rather nebulous concept. These are AppleDash stories that made me feel they made good use of the fantasy surroundings of Equestria.


New non-MLP project coming up this new years · 3:33pm Dec 19th, 2018

Hey gents. I've been kept pretty busy over the past year by lots and lots of science-y stuff, which has been epic, but pretty time and mind-consuming. At least I get a swish title at the end of it though! And money. Money is nice. I've discovered I quite like being able to spend more cash on booze and coffee.

I'm back in Scotland, and looks like I'll be there for the foreseeable future as well.

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2681300 Good good. He's probably just woken up himself, if he's on brit time like I am.

And knighty's deleted them...

--Sweetie Belle

Donning some garments to wear when meeting the knight does seem prudent. And work probably has some sort of dress code.

I'm sure once one of the site staff gets on, they'll delete the account once again...

I'll catch you around!

--Sweetie Belle

2681288 Fair enough. I'll keep an eye out for any other threads like this today, but my day is going to be a tad busy. I get to meet a knight today!

Speaking of in order to do so I need to be not-naked, so I'm going to go and rectify this situation and drag myself to work. See you around.

I've had those mornings, though for me this is more like what I'm doing while winding up my day. I think I was getting ready to post a thread somewhere before this, but it wasn't exactly an important one...

--Sweetie Belle

Comment posted by HapHazred deleted Dec 14th, 2018

2681284 Yeah I deleted it first before going to ban the user. Funny how life works. I do have a screenshot tho.

This is literally the first thing I've done since waking up. I am not even dressed yet. What a way to start the morning.

Yeah. I did a banning pass first, and then a deleting pass afterwards, since I was cleaning up on several groups. I noticed that one was gone when I went back to delete it...

--Sweetie Belle

2681282 Already saw it and deleted a thread on TWG. Someone got to the user account itself before I did though. I assume that was you?

2661439 Sorry, was trapped in an office with no internet.

As you can imagine, it's a highly effective work environment.


Edit: You can ignore the poke. The spammer was deleted, so that thread quasi-isn't there now, though the link still takes you to it minus the initial post.

--Sweetie Belle

2599310 Sup dude. Sorry, I was running an experiment.

I love Pinkie. She is literally the best at jumping. Pronking, as the term is called.

Who is your favourite pone?

Look why won’t you talking to me? I see you online. I really don’t want to bother you on discord I will if I have too.

Ya know what I will dm you on discord instead.

Comment posted by lonesometank deleted May 3rd, 2018

Since dash is your favorite does that mean pinkie is your least favorite?

2586696 No clue. Probably not.

Usually I actually make my own but I'm tragically without my graphics tablet currently. I'll probably replace it with one of my own when I'm back in Glasgow. Feels weird using someone else's art. Like wearing a stranger's clothes.

I see you found an appropriate RD avatar. Same person make the Fluttershy one?


I hope you dreamed of probing probes, gently massaging your most secret places (armpits).

Is that not normal?

Believe it or not, despite the fact that I do in all honesty consider myself something of a local expert on Rainbow Dash's character, I have not given much thought to what she'd do if she was abducted by aliens. Which is humbling. I feel I should have predicted this eventuality.

Although I would find it amusing if she grabbed a space suit and flew after the crew that abducted Applejack. I reckon she'd be very interested to see how fast she can fly without pesky things like wind resistance.

"How are you using wings outside of atmosphere?"

"Is that not allowed?"

"What is wrong with you?"

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