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It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.

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Figure I should update this now that I'm, y'know, different.

You can call me Hap, but I have a real name as well which, frankly, isn't that much of a secret these days. I used to be a student of Engineering, but I graduated. Now I'm doing a PhD in Medical Device Engineering, because hey, it's better than designing washing up parts as far as I'm concerned.

I got into MLP in 2014, which makes me... middle-aged, I guess, in fandom terms? I'm not actually middle aged though. I was actually the baby of my year, being a year younger than most (I started uni at 17...)

Don't let that fool you though. I'm pretty dumb, which is good, since we all need practice at being stupid. If you can't handle simple stuff right, you'll probably be way worse at the hard and complex things. Knowing how to be ignorant is a skill most people never even try to learn, which is amazing considering how ignorant most of us are.

I write sporadically, since I'm so busy, but I do still write. Trying to do original stuff, but I love participating in contests, and sometimes I even actually do well in them. I also admin some groups, namely The Writers Group (which you should check out if you're at all interested in discussing writing) and Art for Fanfiction (because... I'm here, I guess).

I got into this fandom by shipping AppleDash, so lots of my stories are about that. Don't let that turn you off, though... I hear it's canon (?) now.

I learned to write through this site, so expect to see both crap and not-so-crap stories from me. I've been doing this for like five years now, and I'm a good learner. Don't expect me to have nothing but flawless stuff here, though!

I'm generally down for a chat, so feel free to say hi if you like.



Beer and AppleDash. That pretty much sums up my (incredibly well rounded) likes.

Looks like I'm mostly bestpony. Poor Fluttershy, though. She didn't stand a chance.

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GlimGlam is Very Interesting and Here's Why · 9:34pm February 9th


You might have been in the fandom for a while and noticed that some people dislike precious Glimmy. You might note them cite reasons why they dislike her. Perhaps her nonsensical motivation for villainy and equalisation? Perhaps her questionable and dubious ethical orientations? Do people insist that she is forced in episodes?

Yes. Yes they do. And I've had to listen to them for half a decade. It's been great. I feel great.

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3007877 No way man. I'm a sucker for happy endings and there's no way that story is going to end with any winners.

I know a story you should write; a self-insert displaced story.

Haphazred arrives in a dark and gritty Equestria (not really), having weaponized being Scottish. Every aspect of Scottish culture, stereotype, and joke, becomes a lethal—or not—weapon.

Heh, cartoons were my childhood AND my adulthood and shall stay that way.

Animation or nothing! ✊❤

3003158 I think I mostly just watched Shrek and then binged them. This would have been back in like 2012 or something when I was a teen. I didn't grow up with cartoons or anything.

Cartoons aren't my childhood; just my adulthood lol.

Awesome! 😁

Whoever introduced them to you has good tastes :rainbowkiss:

3003155 Megamind is pretty great. Before I really got into watching cartoons I was kind of introduced to enjoying animated stuff through Dreamworks films like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and Megamind. They're all pretty rad.

Heh, thank you! :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

Hope that made your day 😇

I love that movie, I just made a history vid on it the other day, XD

It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.

Beautiful. I am truly inspired.

2985554 Vastly MLP fanfic, but I hear they've done some original from time to time. Not experienced it myself tho.

Is it OF or fanfiction?

2985342 'Accomplishing' is a very strong word. Mostly just filling my head with useless garbage to stave off the sensation of inevitable dread. Next on my list is boomeranging. I have a boomerang now. Don't ask.

If you want to give speedwriting a go, actually, the Q&S server runs them regularly. I think they finished their speedwrites for the year, but they tend to be fun little things that take up to an hour, so pretty good for the hilariously overworked.

2985217 Heh, nice to know someone out there is accomplishing something. I've just been working and not really doing anything productive otherwise.

2985207 Pretty all right. Going a little nuts due to the covid. Loneliness not an issue since I'm living with family, but trying to finish a PhD is.

Took up speedwriting now and then. Pretty fun. Also started collecting quarantine skills. Lockpicking, slinging, video-game coding... the usual list of things that nobody in my position needs to know but hey, I'm stuck at home so I'm gonna start learning them anyway...

Pretty alright. Bit lonely due to covid, ya know? How're ya?

2984724 Ay Merry christmas boi. How's things been going?

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