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It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.

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Figure I should update this now that I'm, y'know, different.

You can call me Hap, but I have a real name as well which, frankly, isn't that much of a secret these days. I used to be a student of Engineering, but I graduated. Now I'm doing a PhD in Medical Device Engineering, because hey, it's better than designing washing up parts as far as I'm concerned.

I got into MLP in 2014, which makes me... middle-aged, I guess, in fandom terms? I'm not actually middle aged though. I was actually the baby of my year, being a year younger than most (I started uni at 17...)

Don't let that fool you though. I'm pretty dumb, which is good, since we all need practice at being stupid. If you can't handle simple stuff right, you'll probably be way worse at the hard and complex things. Knowing how to be ignorant is a skill most people never even try to learn, which is amazing considering how ignorant most of us are.

I write sporadically, since I'm so busy, but I do still write. Trying to do original stuff, but I love participating in contests, and sometimes I even actually do well in them. I also admin some groups, namely The Writers Group (which you should check out if you're at all interested in discussing writing) and Art for Fanfiction (because... I'm here, I guess).

I got into this fandom by shipping AppleDash, so lots of my stories are about that. Don't let that turn you off, though... I hear it's canon (?) now.

I learned to write through this site, so expect to see both crap and not-so-crap stories from me. I've been doing this for like five years now, and I'm a good learner. Don't expect me to have nothing but flawless stuff here, though!

I'm generally down for a chat, so feel free to say hi if you like.



Beer and AppleDash. That pretty much sums up my (incredibly well rounded) likes.

Looks like I'm mostly bestpony. Poor Fluttershy, though. She didn't stand a chance.

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Art Contest · 11:40pm Aug 23rd, 2022

Howdy folks. Quick announcement, and then I'll let youse get back to sleep/reading fanfic, whichever it is depending on your timezone.

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Comment posted by HapHazred deleted September 23rd

When you get a moment, could use your input on a thread in the TWG admin group. (And you know, that looks wrong without the 'the', but is redundant with it. Oh well... :unsuresweetie:)

--Sweetie Belle

3168266 To be fair you've also ruined my capacity to act like a normal human being around lemons. As soon as one just appears in my nearby vicinity, it's really just a roll of the dice whether I might accidentally lose control and draw little faces on them, which the folks in the lab found mighty suspish.

And then I have to explain the whole situation to them, which did not present to my coworkers an impression of a stable and sane man.

I've known you for so long that I often unthinkingly misspell the word "Haphazard" in everyday life because of you, and a lot of the time it goes unnoticed until someone else corrects me like the stupid lemonheaded goon that I am. And it is a heavy curse to be shackled with.

Just wanted to make you aware of the fact. If anything, you should feel a deep sense of pride.

It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.

I'm saving this quote on my phone. :pinkiesmile:

3152062 Cheers! It happens. Good luck with your story!

Thanks for the video! Definitely gonna give that one a look. I hope to get a graphics tablet sometime in the future, but for now I'm kinda stuck with a mouse.

You're pretty cool, man.

3078598 The only real 'issue' with digital art is trying to get a graphics tablet, but once you've got that it's really just a practice thing. There's some good free software out there that's getting to be real good these days to, so it's basically never been easier to play with imo.

If you're interested in trying it out but don't have a graphics tablet, there are techniques that work really quite well with a mouse as well, though they can be a bit fiddly. I vastly prefer using tablets but I have played around with just a mouse for some things.

Wow, that's cool. I used to do a lil editing on Photoshop (actually used it to make one of my covers), but when it comes to digital art I don't go much farther than that. I do appreciate most fanart though, which is why I said I like your pic.

Here's a follow, cause you do art and are probably better than me.

3078595 It's surprisingly low-maintenance. I was originally brought on board to just make sure that nobody was posting porn but then as years passed I basically became the head admin there. I'm more of the writer-y sort, and also admin The Writers Group, which is much higher maintenance.

Digital art is pretty fun; I find that it wastes way less paper, which I'm really glad for. I mostly just do sketches and things to relax, as well as try and draw my own coverart a lot of the time. It's a nice repetitive and fiddly task that occupies my mind when stressed. : )

Cool! I'm tryna get better with digital art, could be one of my avenues in the future. Also, Art for Fanfiction is a huge group, so being an admin must feel pretty good.

3078573 I didn't used to be, but they made me an admin of Art for Fanfiction and I felt self-conscious, lol! Had to practice a bare minimum to fit in, ha ha.

Wow. You're a damn good artist, man.

3078503 Cheers bro. I arted it myself.

Heh, props on the profile pic.

3078496 Damn straight it is.

Ur bio is the best motivational phrase of all time

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