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Figure I should update this now that I'm, y'know, different.

You can call me Hap, but I have a real name as well which, frankly, isn't that much of a secret these days. I used to be a student of Engineering, but I graduated. Now I'm doing a PhD in Medical Device Engineering, because hey, it's better than designing washing up parts as far as I'm concerned.

I got into MLP in 2014, which makes me... middle-aged, I guess, in fandom terms? I'm not actually middle aged though. I was actually the baby of my year, being a year younger than most (I started uni at 17...)

Don't let that fool you though. I'm pretty dumb, which is good, since we all need practice at being stupid. If you can't handle simple stuff right, you'll probably be way worse at the hard and complex things. Knowing how to be ignorant is a skill most people never even try to learn, which is amazing considering how ignorant most of us are.

I write sporadically, since I'm so busy, but I do still write. Trying to do original stuff, but I love participating in contests, and sometimes I even actually do well in them. I also admin some groups, namely The Writers Group (which you should check out if you're at all interested in discussing writing) and Art for Fanfiction (because... I'm here, I guess).

I got into this fandom by shipping AppleDash, so lots of my stories are about that. Don't let that turn you off, though... I hear it's canon (?) now.

I learned to write through this site, so expect to see both crap and not-so-crap stories from me. I've been doing this for like five years now, and I'm a good learner. Don't expect me to have nothing but flawless stuff here, though!

I'm generally down for a chat, so feel free to say hi if you like.



Beer and AppleDash. That pretty much sums up my (incredibly well rounded) likes.

Looks like I'm mostly bestpony. Poor Fluttershy, though. She didn't stand a chance.

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Reading of 'An Article on Unconventional Romance' · 9:42am April 11th

Howdy folks. I recently got PM'd that I'd had a reading generously done by Obabscribbler; the story they decided to go for was 'An Article on Unconventional Romance', a story I had written way back in 2016, if memory doesn't fail me!

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2866409 Returned to utter functionality, yes. Minus the wine.

Migraines are always fun because you never know what mystery symptom you're going to get. Inability to read? Nausea? No peripheral vision? Crippling pain? No longer able to feel the fingers on your left hand and lower lip? Roll them dice and find out!

Truly, the headache for the discerning gentleman/woman.

S'all good, my guy!

Is your head less ... wrecked now?

2863866 : )

Sorry for being slow on the draw. I found myself wrecked by a migraine.

Yeah, they aren't usually that difficult to spot, because you start seeing the same subject line in several groups, and they are big ones.

Main false positive is that sometimes people do legitimately post the same post in several groups...

--Sweetie Belle

2816265 Got it. Will keep an eye out.

Usually not that hard to spot them since I get a bad feeling every time they start existing even when I'm away from my computer, but text is a new one.

No problem, Meeester got them. This time it was a long tract about Sunset Shimmer, so that's what we'll be on the lookout for.

--Sweetie Belle

2816256 Sorry, was out having dinner. Looks to be taken care of though.

If you happen to pop back online, spammer in Art for Fanfiction:

--Sweetie Belle

2810189 Yup, I went through the TWG stuff first before starting to go through AFF...

I noticed you reply to a thread, otherwise it might have taken me longer to notice you were back online...

--Sweetie Belle

2810187 Zapped.

Golly. I had only just started going through them when I saw your message...

2805839 Pretty cray-cray.

And to think, if I hadn't been taunted by some loser, I'd never have found this out! O :

Yeah, it is, and the group in question was the SSPB. It was a case where knighty personally switched the founder to me, hours after the original founder had been deleted, so I don't know if there was anything special about that particular case...

--Sweetie Belle

2805836 That's fascinating. I had always assumed that stuff like threads were gone forever if the posting account was deleted, and I certainly didn't know you could restore a group after the founder was deleted. That's pretty crazy, next-level thread necromancy.

I do know that when an account is deleted, anything by that person vanishes. Threads they made, comments of theirs, groups they founded. I think even PMs.

I also know it was possible at least once for a group's founder to be changed after the founder was deleted, restoring it, which does imply that what they did is still there but not shown. I'm thinking it's because it's linked to an account that doesn't exist, so it just has one field not pointing to anything messing it up.

--Sweetie Belle

2805370 No, that'll be the site mods. I think if you delete an account, rather than simply ban it, it also deletes all the posts.

To my knowledge users don't have the ability to delete their own accounts.

EDIT: It does not. I learned this when after someone replied to me saying 'fuck off you patronizing dickhead' (after I had told them to stop taking bait & feeding trolls) it took me to one of the threads our spamboi had made. This is interesting because the original post does not appear in this thread and it can't be seen in the feed and dashboard (which is why I assumed they were deleted).

Alright, works for me!

I kinda figure if it turns out Verbose doesn't like it, it'll have been up for a week or two at that point, anyways, and I think I'm following the rules...

--Sweetie Belle

  • Viewing 399 - 418 of 418
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