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Everypony is best pony. Earth ponies, unicorns, pegasi, alicorns, donkeys, we love 'em all!

But there's just something special about those winged wonders, those fearless and daring masters of the sky. Pegasi simply rule the roost.

This group is for all lovers of pegasi. For those who like Dash, Fluttershy, feathers, flight, weather control, Cloudsdale, the Wonderbolts - anything and everything to do with pegasus ponies!

Feel free to submit any stories that involve pegasi as the main character(s) , and I'll sort out folders for them once we get up and going. Also please do visit and post in the group forum - make the group as lively as the awe-inspiring streets of Cloudsdale!

[As I am quite new to groups, this group's going to be pretty slow to take off, per se, but expect great things in the near future!]

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So, I heard there was a story on here detailing the various Pegasus breeds and giving them names and stuff for each type of pegasus. Is there anyone who can help me find it?

Im an alicorn... so I can join right?:duck:

Okay, this is gonna seem incredibly redundant, seeing as I'm already part of another Pegasus group. However, as one who is partial to the pegasi (I love alliteration), I simply can't resist. Hang onto your wings for a story influx! :rainbowwild:

Rainbow Dash is best pegasus. Luna is best princess.

Spent $47,847 on paint for my Volkswagen Toureg V-10 TDI in Test Drive Unlimited 2 entirely dedicated to Rainbow Dash!

Rainbow Dash baby!
Mach 16.47 no problem
Dragon:"But that Rainbow one hit me" RD:*nods* LIKE A BOSS!
So on and so forth!
Fluttershy is 2nd
Calm, mellow, peaceful, but shy.

My favorite Pegasi is Rainbow but with Snowflake as a close second

im probly gonna join the wonderbolts and beat out spitfire with the stalion version of the sonic rainboom


A shadow, you say? Could it have been the Shadowbolts?


Nice! :pinkiehappy:

All the way!

By the way, friends selling me their Rainbow Dash headset for $7! I is so happy!


A shadow must have eaten your post!

And I'd say my fav is Flitter. Honestly, she and Cloudchaser are better when together, but headcanon + that supercute hair bow make the choice easier.


I'm almost sure I had posted here when I entered! :twilightoops: The hay happened?

Anyways, my fav pegasus (and pony) is Rainbow Dash all the way. :rainbowdetermined2:

Come on guys post.

Seven members should be able to have discussing on their favorite pegasus ponies, episodes, etc. So to break the ice.

Which pegasus pony is your favorite? Out of side characters, background ponies, and of course the main.

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