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Dedicated to discussion and work on the Ponymarillion, a 5,000 year history of the creation of Equestria based on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion. A collaborative crossover / art project, edited by Ponyweed. Additional writers / artists / Tolkien fans welcome and encouraged. Drafts, snippets, and additional material posted on the wiki page here. This is a family-friendly project with "teen-rated" elements -- death, dark stories, emotional tragedy, satire. banner image credit

Family Tree (source). To explain who these characters are
and which ones are played by the Mane Six, see this thread.

Proposed Story Arcs: (unsubmitted, work in progress — collabs welcome!)

The Ponymarillion I: Of the Beginning of Days (current work)

The Ponymarillion II: Song of Starfall (current work)

The Ponymarillion III: Song of Heavens (of the Sun and Moon) (conceptual)

The Ponymarillion IV: Of Apple and Flutterén (unwritten)

The Ponymarillion V: The Children of Píe (preliminary conceptual)

The Ponymarillion VI: Of the Ruin of Alfalfaland (unwritten)

The Ponymarillion VII: Of the War of Wrath (unwritten)

The Ponymarillion: Appendix & Tales (misc tales go here)
Includes after-story, index, family trees and cutie marks, etc.

To pimp my own (Ponyweed's) first little short fic (part done) —
Approaching Thunder — a Watership Down crossover.

Ponymarillion Adaptation Thread #1 - Fëanor Arc - Synopsis / Discussion (Song of Starfall)

Ponymarillion Adaptation Thread #2 - Lúthien Arc - Synopsis / Discussion (Apple & Flutterén)

Ponymarillion Adaptation Thread #3 - Túrin Arc - (of Pinkamena and the Children of Píe)

Ponymarillion Adaptation Thread #4 - Gondolin Arc - (of Clover and the War of Wrath)

Silmarillion Readthrough - Prologue -- read by mathwiz617

These threads are an opportunity for us to discuss (or re-read) the book and comment on the original story and the pony adaptation. -- map link

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As a huge Silmarillion fan I love this idea! If I wasn't t neck deep working in fanfics I would want to contribute right away. As it is, this one would require a LOT of thinking, but I do hope to work on it at some point! Really hope this is not dead, and will go somewhere!

Oh geez. All the genealogy charts make my brain hurt. And I'm used to Tolkien.

This hopefully gives an idea of the limits of how close
or how far apart the resulting fic will be: -- Source

Hopefully this gives us a bit more to go on in brainstorming the fic... note that the discrepancy in family trees (and the difference between the two worlds) means there's holes in between the "blank spaces on the map" to be filled in by story that is different than that in the original book. Much of the original book is simply sketched-out history of the main characters over a 500-year period, so having the overall plot progress in the same way doesn't prevent writing the story differently. I would like to structure it according to the story arcs Ottoyuhr and I identified, even if at some points the perspective shifts away from the "main characters" to the blank spots on the map.

To explain who these characters are and which ones are played by the Mane Six, see this thread:

Anyone having problems viewing the banner image after I uploaded it? I changed it to a site pic (upload existing image) and it disappeared. Well, it's Silmarillion-only artwork that happens to be done by a Tolkien fan-artist who does "stained glass" art in a very FiM style, so it's the same pic as before. I will probably post new Ponymarillion art for the banner pic, now that I'm doing art again. Drawponies has offered to do a pic!

I don't know if I'll be able to contribute anything to this project, but I'd love to read it.

Guys, and gals - I'm gonna try and start writing again... but I need your help

... if you're reading this and are a Tolkien fan ...

... I don't really have anypony to talk to about the fic. This unfortunately makes it difficult to write, because of my process. Basically, I get all my writing ideas (for plot and characterization) from interacting with other people on the subject matter. If I just write it in my head, then I'm essentially talking to myself and everything boils down to my experience, so the result is much less. And talking to people seems to help me about as much as, say, dreaming an idea, only stories you come up with in your dreams are usually illogical and don't hold up when you're awake.

As Fritz Lang used to say about his movie sets -- I'm largely a visual person -- so the Ponymarillion originated as a series of vignettes. So setting and description I am much better at on my own. I have a whole host of ideas for illustrations sketched out in my head (or sloppily on paper) -- I'm only waiting on that new drawing tablet I promised myself I'd get, (back in 2011 when the idea for the fic first started to come about. because scanning sucks.) Fortunately it looks like that will finally happen. (I was hoping to get it done for Christmas but it's essentially a gift from a friend.) So the one thing I know how to do entirely on my own is sketch art, and I hope to start churning some out soon.

Perhaps that will lead to some interest from a fellow Tolkien fan, because right now there isn't anyone I'm in touch with.
more >>

Updates! No Text yet (awaiting a co-author -- text me if you're interested) but...

I'm about to get a new drafting tablet so I should put up some sketch art soon, and...

Here's a synopsis of the Silmarillion (for those who haven't read it, ahem, recently) and discussion of adaptation for the fic.

Ponymarillion Adaptation Thread #1 - Fëanor Arc - Story Synopsis / Discussion (Song of Starfall)

Ponymarillion Adaptation Thread #2 - Lúthien Arc - Story Synopsis / Discussion (of Apple and Flutterén)

Ponymarillion Adaptation Thread #3 - Túrin Arc - (of Pinkamena and the Children of Píe) -- TBD

Ponymarillion Adaptation Thread #4 - Gondolin Arc - (of Clover and the War of Wrath) -- TBD

Silmarillion Readthrough - Prologue -- read by mathwiz617

Silmarillion Readthrough - Chapter 1

Silmarillion "Book Club" Read-Thru Thread -- Index -- In case anypony is interested. :pinkiesmile:
At somepony's request, we can do a read-through of the book and discuss the adaptation.

Also, a description of a draft version of the ponified map of Alfalfaland. Here's a link to it and other sketches.

I haven't posted it on the wiki yet, but there is a wiki which is mostly a repository for drafts, poetry snippets and other worldbuilding information.

382173 Ah, you're not messing anything up :raritywink: Any interest in participation is welcome, encouraged in fact! :pinkiehappy: I'm in the process of re-reading some of the books for the sake of the fic, if anypony wants to do a read-through with me, we can do that... (probably on a forum thread in this group). It might be fun...

A couple other persons have expressed interest, two folks are big Silmarillion fans (Otto and 6thMaster) but I think only 6thMaster has time to assist with writing stuff yet, because he's done some related crossover fic that's pretty good, and creative with the dialogue. (Otto has a really awesome idea for a fic too, although he and I are more visual / conceptual thinkers, and I'm not as experienced writing fiction.) The other folks are happy to be pre-readers though and talk with us about the fic. So if you'd like to help with future writing, or just chat with us about ponies in fantasy worlds, it's all good. Professor Celestia hasn't read the Silm but has done some writing, I promised I'd take a look at it and I haven't yet :pinkiesad2: I'd love to do a read-thru of... some book with Triforce_Cutie_Mark if they had some time.

I'm joining just to see where this goes, at least until I get off my lazy butt and read The Silmarillion. This sounds like a huge undertaking, and I'd love to be part of it, but I'd rather not mess anything up.

The Ponymarillion -- an epic fanfiction re-imagining J.R.R. Tolkien's Quenta Silmarillion as the history of ancient Equestria. -- It was a time of war and chaos. The Alicorns, immortal, fairest and wisest of all beings, rebelled against the Gods and set sail for Little-Equestria to wage war on Tirek, first Dark Lord of My Little Ponies, for control of the Elements of Harmony. In this conflict, none suffered more than the seekers of actual harmony: the Unicorns, noble and proud, inhabitants of the magical realm of Alfalfaland; the Pegasi, warlike and civilized, who built the greatest city Equestria had ever seen, hidden in the mists of Feathergrim; and the Earth Ponies, brave and rustic, a young and short-lived race. For the children of Princess Starfall swore a terrible oath: to wage undying love and tolerance on anypony, immortal or earth pony alike, who stood in the way of alicorn ownership of the Elements. But their cause was hopeless even as it was begun: for the Trees of Harmony had been extinguished, and the Elements had been stolen, locked away in the Iron Crown of Tirek in the nethermost hall of Tartarus, beneath the peaks of Changorodrim far in the north. The unsullied light of the Trees lived on only in the Elements, and the last two fruits of the Trees had been given to the fillies Luna and Celestia, who went on to rule kingdoms of their own. The Ponymarillion tells of the heroism of Apple and Flutterén; of the tragedy of Pinkamena and her sisters; of the triumph of Clover, Starswirl's pupil; and the fall of the kingdoms of Derpîath and Cloudfountain as all Alfalfaland fell to the forces of evil.

Ooh we are New!! Welcome ExOttoyuhr and Triforce_Cutie_Mark :) If you (or anypony else) see this message and wish to use this group as a forum, PM me and let me know, and I'll reply. I have originally posted a forum thread in Crossovers, which can be found here.
Naeggh! Sing We now of the Song of Equestrian Ponies, Spear-Guarded, Shield-Slinging, Who Paddled the Sea-Pony Paths in Butterfly Ships, Guided by Gossamer Wings, Horn-Swoggled, Mane-Bedecked, Eyes Glowing; and That Noblest of Kin, Starfall Starbringer, Spirit of Fire, That Led Her Mares Out of Darkness, Doom-Defying; And What Became of the Alicorns, Manes Majestic, Towering Tiaras, as They Came Amongst their Kin in Little-Equestria. Hardship and Ruin they Planted There, but also Seeds of Harmony! Like the Star of Twilight, Ever Twinkling; or The Force of the Sun's Brightness Through Storm-clouds Churning. The Rise of the Moon Tell We, and the Day's First Dawning! Of the Wrath of Tiny Unicorns, and the Feathered-Ponies …

-- fragment of The Ponea, verse 1 (Song of Starfall), mentioned in the Red Book of Twilight Sparkle; from a lost original.
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