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I may show up from time to time, if I feel like reading.
Honor my username...

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I found you because I had been fumbling through my oldest followers at the time.

And also, Psycho is the herald of the World of Illogic and I killed the groups. No matter what I did no one paid attention to them despite them telling me not to delete them when I said I would do so due to lack of activity.

Oh, I've been stalking lurking alright... Apart the obscene amount of notifications I have, everything's quite dandy in this account!
I'm curious though, how did you find me? My most recent comments (if you can call 2013 recent) are buried in the oldest stories this website has to offer. Another one of your mysterious powers? I still remember you being the master of the illogical and having a group representing the Psycho World?

And he never returned a year later.

> Logs in after months of absence
> Looks at Feed
> ...
> "Damn, missed by 9!"

Man, just locking back at my comments of almost a year ago makes me think : "Was it really me who wrote that?"
Still I'll leave them there. I won't deny what I was.

  • Viewing 91 - 95 of 95
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