Greetings everyone with a (hopefully) healthy relationship with their parents! I bring a few questions for all of you: Do you like Cadance? Do you also enjoy seeing her struggling to provide her best? Well, I have the solution for you:



This contest doesn't exist because we hate Cadance. It exists because we enjoy making her and those around her suffer. So, why not turn it into a friendly competition? Flurry Heart is without a doubt a character. Whether said character is likable is up for debate, but that's where we come into the picture. Write a story about Cadance having a difficult time being a parent, and go as crazy as you wish with it. The story can have a stupid ending, or the story could have a heartwarming ending. Just remind all of us why Cadance is a trash mom and you're all set!


1. No Mature stories. Yeah, your edgy humor may be slick, but we only want some wholesome fics about Cadance being a bad mom. T is the highest rating you can pick.

2. No Fetish tags. Dear lord, does this even need to be a rule?

3. No child abuse. Again, we want funny. The whole squad will be laughing until child abuse is brought up.

4. Maximum word count is 5,000. Minimum is 1,000. PM one of the judges if your story surpasses this word cap but you still want to enter the contest. If the word count succession is within reason, we'll work with you.

5. Stories must be published after March 25th. Submissions will close on April 25th at 11:59 CTZ.

6. Alternate Universe is okay.

7. Up to 3 stories are allowed per person, however, you can only win with one.

8. Stories have to be funny. Don't write a trollfic with the end goal to offend a lot of people. We will allow the drama tag, but give us a few good chuckles at the very least.

Let us know if we missed something!

Now, if a competition about Cadance being a bad mom doesn't grab you, maybe the prizes will.


1st Place: $75
2nd Place: $50
3rd Place: $30
Honorable Mentions: $10 (up to 3)

Prizes will go up depending on how big the contest gets

And, as far as judges go, I handpicked a few with some experience to ensure that stories are judged fairly.



Description: A gay baby.

Not Enough Coffee

Description: Misnomer. Drinks tea.


Description: Hasn't cried since Toy Story 2.


Description: King of kings. A swol boy. Still cries on occasion to remind his lessers that even a god among humans can shed emotions. Also, it helps him sleep.

And that about wraps things up! We look forward to reading the many stories about Flurry Heart going through a goth phase Cadance being a trash mother. Also, if you don't know what you want to write, here are a couple of fics that you could use as reference!

TThe Telltale Heart
Shining comes home to his loving wife and child, only... where's the baby? And why is Cadance acting so weird?
anonpencil · 1.4k words  ·  357  22 · 6.1k views
TInto The Trash It Goes
Princess Cadance and Shining Armor have to have a very serious discussion about parenthood. Not all ponies are responsible enough to be a parent. So, the two sit down to have a serious discussion. Very Serious.
Flutterpriest · 1.4k words  ·  328  84 · 5.2k views

These two are partly what inspire the idea. The rest is of my own volition.

Let us know if you there are any more we can use as a reference!

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Thanks! That is kind of you.

I went ahead and added it. looks like Super Trampoline finished their story after mine and still got in.

I should have thought to ASK for an extension?

Anyway, thanks for setting up the contest! It's been fun! :twilightsmile:

The contest LOOKED still open? SO I hurried to write a new story! But when I tried to add the story...I guess the contest WASN'T really still open?

This contest is STILL open?! Maybe I should start a new story. :twilightsmile:

just realize central time is two hours ahead of Pacific time not one because mountain time is one hour ahead of Pacific time, I’m almost done with my driving shift I finished my story but I need to edit it because I wrote it with voice to text and F I submit it as it is right now the mods will take it down so I’m asking for a 1 to 2 hour extension please?


Yes, I thought I had less time than I did to submit it. Thank you for the offer to help, though.

Let a judge know ahead of time and we'll help you out.

Edit: It looks like you already submitted it. :)

I summitted a story, but its taking time to get though the story feed. If I miss the deadline, can I still add it to the contest folder?

Crap, I can't remember. I found it on Derpibooru. Try looking up "Cadance" and scrolling until you find it. Didn't take me long to look for it.

neat pic at the bottom who is the artist?

Me trying to pray the autism out of this meme you just posted:

Chelsea, Chelsea!
Tell me you love me!
Chelsea, Chelsea!
Are you feeling me now?
Chelsea, Chelsea!
I think it's 'bout time we get down... get down...

Sure, so long as she has a bad influence on a child and is seen as a mother.

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