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Motherhood is hard, as Shining Armor knows, and Cadance has been dealing with a lot lately. So, when Shining comes home, he's not too surprised that she seems a little... off. But it doesn't take long before he realizes something is not quite right. In fact, there might be something weird in the very foundation of their family...

Warning: Is a lot more harmless than the title and description might lead you to believe...

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Alex_ #2 · Apr 6th, 2019 · · ·

This story floored me.

What should I say?! This was amazing!

...this gif pleases me.

Okay, Pencil.

Calm down.

(can't wait to read it)

This story took my heart away.

“You know… I think you’re right,” he gently said at last, holding Flurry Heart close to him.

Cadance looked up to meet his eyes. She sniffed, and the corner of her lips wavered in a hesitant, hopeful smile.


“Yeah… you really are a terrible mother.”

Okay, this got me good. XD

But what about Flurry Heart?

I was board.
jk it's good love the Edgar Alan Poe reference

She was fine, luckily totally unfazed and still giggling under the floor.

The child had been up all night with severe colic,

This kills horses.

I acted out Star Trek episodes, Next Gen not original series,

Good distinction. Shows she has good taste.

“Yeah… you really are a terrible mother.”

in her defense, she's the princess of love, not the princess of dealing with annoying screaming babies.

Ah, yes, more Edgar Allan Poe. Always good.

Glad someone caught my little baby vs. horse colic joke. ;)

fuckin jesus Shining, that was damned harsh!

I laughed harder then I should of

Hilarious bit of dark humor! You went there without actually going there!

Also, BLASPHEMY! Star Trek first Gen would have been SO MUCH more entertaining for a baby to watch their Mommy act out.

It's not often I laugh at stuff but this got me good. I understand Cadys mindset completely, most days I just want to bury myself tho.

That is what I like about you, pencil. Absolutely nothing is out of bounds, even babies and Princess Bubblegum.

Nice story!

Hmm, someone call CPS we have a mad women over here.

Me: reads at 12 am
Also me: needs sleeping pills
Still me:

I'm really happy I helped with the title and idea XD

Hey, sometimes the truth can hurt. It's called tough love baby!

I thought this was just okay. And then I read the last line. Tenfold improvement.

(Also, halfway through, "lier" should be "liar". Yes, I do this a lot.)

Whew! Thank goodness! You nearly made me jump out of my skin. :fluttershbad:



Well, you got me with the title. Great story though (both this and the Poe original).

Forget the title and description, the cover art was what made me worry.


I made her a martini, but nothing NOTHING would help!

(I needed this laugh)
Well, you should have tried moonshine. It has to be strong for an alicorn baby. If you give her enough she would sleep for a day. My dog did when someone left their whiskey on the floor.

Oh I remember reading poe

Has Cadance been hitting up the wine boxes too much?

Cadence, you seem to forget that the baby can just teleport out when she starts getting hungry or thirsty (or bored)... but the again acording to her she hasn't gotten sleep for over a day

Where the hell is Starburst?

Well there's the problem, she should have re-enacted original series Star Trek episodes... :rainbowlaugh:

>that cover art

Best boy 2snacks. :heart:

This came straight to my movie-quote-addled brain. i.imgflip.com/2xzbcb.jpg

I wanted to call out your reference, but you make it too obvious. SHAME.

I have none, no worries! :)

Huk #44 · Apr 7th, 2019 · · 3 ·

Alternative ending:

“You know… I think you’re right,” he gently said at last, holding Flurry Heart close to him.

Cadance looked up to meet his eyes. She sniffed, and the corner of her lips wavered in a hesitant, hopeful smile.


“Yeah… I don't remember her ever being this peaceful," Shining put Flurry Heart back to the hole in the floor and covered it with the carpet. "So, what's for dinner?"

Yes, I know, I'm a monster :pinkiecrazy:

It worked, though. Her logic was off, but Flurry got better now.

she is a pretty terrible mother.

But only season 1 and 2!


I was a bit confused at first, but...

“Honey?” he said, his voice hollow. “Why is the floor here a different wood than the rest of the floor?”

Oh no...

This was fucking hilarious. Although it also raises an important question.

Did Cadance sact out Picard's speech from 'Measure of a Man'?

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