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A group involving stories with Starswirl the Bearded.

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I’m so happy that a group for Star Swirl the Bearded has been made. Especially since he’s a Pillar of Old, and so far, there aren’t really any groups for each individual character.

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The most powerful pony in Equestria's group. Star Swirl the Bearded, who 'adopted' me in the story, The Hidden Alicorn.

Interesting picks indeed. I can see all three doing great

374542 That's certainly an interesting voice, a bit like the voice of Starscream from Transformers Prime. Though I was thinking more of a Corey Burton, Christopher Lee or Charles Dance voice for him. Powerful, cynical, subtle yet dramatic, with each word carrying a lot of weight behind it.

Keith Szarabajka. Does the voice for Crowfather from Darksiders 2. Have a listen.

I can see him being StarSwirl.

365290 I agree, I hope that something like this happens in a future season. But who would voice him?

Did anybody see Dr Wolf's idea for season five? It's a damn good idea for Starswirl the Bearded -

I just made a d&d character named starswirl the bearded

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