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It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.


Rarity has had some tough luck at love. Blueblood, Trenderhoof... Now that she's been set up on a blind date by Rainbow Dash, all she hopes for is that it won't end in utter embarrassment.

She didn't account for having already impacted their life in a major way.

Rated Teen for Horse Romance. Coverart by myself.

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This has to be the first fic with this ship

10310014 Maybe? I actually haven't really checked very thoroughly. I can't imagine it's common, though!

Hope you enjoyed it regardless.

10310034 Cheers friend! Glad you enjoyed it.

I read that one it was good, I am kind of hoping for a sequel. Seeing their second date would be great.

10310738 10310191 Very interesting, I'll have to check it out! : )

I guess I've often had a soft spot for some strange ships here and there. A while ago I wrote a (worse) story about Celestia and Fancy Pants, though the story didn't really focus on that relationship specifically and more just relationships in general.

This is the best Spitfire shipping story I've read in a very long time, and that is the biggest of deals for me. Thank you so much for writing! Spitfire with the guilt complex was an interesting angle, I think you fitted it to the story just great. And I loved, and was so very thankful for, how grown up they were. There were no innuendos, no awkward blushes, and no love confessions. It felt mature and real. And your approach for how she became captain so young was well thought out, too, especially as it was convincing enough to stand up when first mentioned, but then allowed some twisting later when Rarity questioned it.

I don't know whether to mention this or not, but... that wasn't Spitfire when Spike became giant. That was another Wonderbolt, called Blaze. Spits' mane is two different shades of orange, where Blaze's is one flat tone (it's Blaze who gets hit by one of Tempest's blasts during the movie, too - she seems to be the stand in when they need someone to fill out the orange colour palette in the Wonderbolt lineup but don't want the captain to look incompetent). But having it be Spitfire definitely worked best for this story!

I am so glad I read this, and so happy you wrote it! :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

I like how is 2020 and we're still crackshipping new stuff. :D I approve.

10311964 I was vaguely aware that it was another wonderbolt, and did actually check and note the different mane pattern. I decided to plough on regardless! Congrats for unveiling my sinister misdirection!

I really rather like the vibe that Spitfire is a very young captain. There's even some pictures that (if I recall?) put Spitfire and Rainbow in the same class, and despite Spitfire having very different characterisations depending on episode, I like the idea that this is because she's actually a bit in over her head. How she became a captain so early is also a matter of considerable fic-fuel... It may sound strange, but I almost feel that Spitfire having to struggle does a lot more for her character and creates a weird dichotomy I find fun.

I like the vibe that she has a lot of different faces that we see in the show (like her cool and composed appearance at the Gala, her more sinister and underhanded side in Rainbow Falls, and her no-nonsense attitude in Wonderbolts Academy) and whilst I know a few folk have found those contradictions make her a bit unlikable, I think it can make for some very interesting character interpretations, and I think her being very young puts it into a rather unique context! Whether other folk agree with me or not, I can definitely say I'm rather disproportionately interested in Spitfire. I think she's fun.

Very glad you enjoyed the story. Despite not working on it for very long I've been wanting to do more with Spitfire since writing Versus Jet (though her characterisation there was a fair bit different than here) and I enjoy writing shipping stories in general, so this seemed the natural conclusion...

10311993 Can't stop won't stop!

Glad you enjoyed the story. One of the fun things with crackships is that you get to play with having way less justification and trying to make it into something more.

Nice. Also kind of amazing just how many times the bolts have had Rarity problems all things considered.

10313797 Yeah. Failed to save Rarity twice, had Lightning dust chuck a tornado at her once, had to get Rarity to help solve the matter of a retired Wonderbolt attempt to sabotage their crew, and probably at least one instance I can't remember off the top of my head.

They're a flawed crew in general, but it's always interesting to me how characters who don't have any obvious connections kind of bump into one another indirectly.

Now this is quite the rare pair. Personally, while Rarity was very mature throughout her inner voice didn’t feel very Rarity-like. It threw off a lot of further immersion I could have had with this. Nevertheless, this was a fun, refreshing little tale about light drama and a date gone right.

10314940 Interesting! Any suggestions I could take on-board regarding Rarity's voice? I tried to have her focus on some of the more artistic elements that would surround her, such as decor, colours, and appearance, to try and drive home that artistic side. I'd be super happy to get more ideas, though!

I did notice those! I feel like Rarity’s voice generally comes best after editing, since she balances being lively, posh, and having a very sophisticated vocabulary very well. So the focus was there, but a couple of the core idiosyncratic bits weren’t there.

Does that help?

10314994 Less than I'd like, more than I'd usually get! :twilightsheepish:

It's fine; I actually didn't have barely any time to perform even minimal edits on this story, so I'll be hunting through stuff this week-end to fix some issues I might have missed. Usually I like to let my stories sit for at least a week before doing a final edit, but due to real life work, trouble on TWG, and other stuff, I simply didn't have the schedule to allow that and still meet the deadline for this story. Hopefully a few word tweaks here and there will sort it out.

That's really about what I think would do it. Just giving her narration the equivalent of a brush-up than a face lift.

Also, you must insert at least 2 bajillion more instances of 'darling' or the Rarity Writer Police will find you. It is mandatory, daaaaarling.

10315100 Nuuuuuuu Rarity is more than just saying 'darling'! :raritydespair:

I will make myself safe from the Rarity police by hiding behind this wall of bad fashion!




How is the Rarity police going to get me now?! I have protection! I have protection!

Okay, I have a fashion sense of thinking this is Haute Couture and these have still offended me on a spiritual level.

10315115 It's a t-shirt! T's are eternal and timeless. It's an artistic blend of a timeless backdrop forming a meeting grounds for the societal zeitgeist and the written word.

I rate it.

Google-imaging 'bad fashion' reveals some corkers. I'd recommend it if you haven't given it a shot already!

Is it on par with the results for 'weird stock photos'?

10315135 No, but it's almost close!

Wow, this one ... really opened my eyes to the potential awesome of this pairing. Nicely done.

10316821 Cheers man! Glad you enjoyed it.

: )

And on the flight to wonder bolts whatever Dash passes Spits and goes "niicee" with the most shit eating grin directed at her.

There is one other story that I know of that features this ship, after a fashion, and it is one of my all-time favorites: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/216396/spitballed It boasts the single funniest orgasm that I have ever seen committed to print. It may be rated "E," but I guarantee that you will be too busy laughing to have any hope of ever fapping to it.

Omg I love this story! Will there be a sequel?

10318237 Potentially, but considering that this was for a contest I'm going to wait until that got wrapped up at least!

Fact of the matter is this story was written at something of a breakneck pace, so there's a lot of loose threads I might want to revisit. For now I expect this to remain as a standalone and I'll work through whether it merits revisiting shortly. : )

It was when I saw the mare in question that I had figured out exactly why Rainbow had thought me such an appropriate mare to push into this blind bate.


She was the current captain of the Wonderbolts, flight instructor and general leader of Rainbow’s famous flying team, Spitfirem subject of dozens of magazine articles and a good few interviews.

Think that 'm' after Spitfire's supposed to be a comma.

On top of everything else, horror stories that Rainbow had told me about her boss flooded back to me. tales of gruesome training and drill-sergeant attitude inflicted upon Rainbow by this mare.

And I think you want a comma there instead of a full stop.

“Yes, I was,” I said, and sat down, smiling as sweetly as I could manage. “I’m Rarity, but we’ve technically met before, miss Spitfire.”

Not certain, but I believe Miss is capitalized in this context.

“Pet names so soon?” Spitfire clicked her tongue, looking up as she thought. “Y’know, I think my friends mostly just call me ‘Captain’.”

“Captain Darling it is, then.”

...okay, I like this either way, but I'm curious whether you intended this as a small Blackadder reference or if that's just a fun coincidence.

I pushed it aside for now, and trotted t a box where I kept some more rigid components.

Missing an 'o' in 'to', there.

It must have been closer to morning than evening when I turned, the sheets sliding over me, towards Spitfire. I felt movement from her side of the bed, which whilst large, wasn’t so spacious that I could ignore the tossing and turning of a pony with a wingspan as considerable as hers.

Hmm, seems like "I turned towards Spitfire, the sheets sliding over me." would flow better and I think the comma should either be on the other side of 'which' or be on either side: "...the bed which, while large, wasn't so..." or "...the bed, which, while large, wasn't so..."

Still, apart from a few mistakes here and there, perfectly understandable given the circumstances you describe, this was a nice little story that made an excellent case for the pairing. Just goes to show what I like to say: a ship being 'crack' doesn't mean it can't work played straight. All it takes is a little creativity. Kudos.

10320355 Cheers man, that's super helpful!

Can't say my editing process is perfect even on the best of days, but it's definitely true that this one was a bit rushed by necessity. I actually struggled just to find the time to reply to this comment; somehow, even stuck in quarantine without access to my lab, I've found a way to be more busy than I usually am, lol!

Glad you enjoyed the story regardless of the issues. It was fun to write!

This was sweet.

I really liked this!

Congrats on second place! 👀👌

Congrats on placing!

10377385 10377112 Likewise! It seemed the judges were pretty taken with your topics. Well done! : )

I really enjoyed this, instantly comfortable and dug right in

10404172 Very glad you enjoyed it! I enjoyed writing it a lot, even if it was done very quickly!

If you want more romancey stuff, this story was part of a contest about shipping. You should consider checking some of the other entries out! Alternatively, there was another shippy event that KrazytheFox hosted that I also participated in recently (I think that story is off in the 'also liked' stories folder to the left...).

Author Interviewer

A little more laid-back than the original, but I like that you switched POV and it's still good. :)

10416079 Cheers, glad you thought it was okay.

I think I've literally never just continued something randomly. Kinda fun though. Keep people guessing.

I admit my first thought going into this was "What an unusual pairing..." but then when you made mention of all those moments where the two of them have interacted it... All started to kind of make sense. I'm impressed, honestly. You write both characters in such a believable manner and the touch of (budding?) AppleDash sprinkled in is a nice cherry on top!

The agonising sting of embarrassment was only slightly overshadowed by the overwhelming terror caused by hurtling down to my likely death. The prospect of being smeared on the ground like jam on a pastry has that effect on a lady's priorities.

^ This line actually made me say "Yup... That is SO Rarity." out loud. :rainbowlaugh:

“Yeah. It’s always ‘Applejack this’ and ‘Applejack that’ whenever we’re training. I leaned in a bit. I hear you do contests and stuff too.”

Did Spitfire actually say "I leaned in a bit" or are there some quotation marks missing here?

Finally... Owch. Just owch. You know what I'm referring to.

10416287 Yes there are some quotey quotes missing! Nice catch.

Cheers, glad you enjoyed it! This one is really fun to write, if I'm honest with you.

And yeah. Ouch is one way of putting it. But hey! You don't advance the sciences without some experimentation.

10416411 Nothing but wholesome over here.


Glad you enjoyed it!

I think you were awake for Fluttershy escorting Pinkie away.

...you know, it's a tiny, inconsequential line and I'm sure it doesn't mean anything, but I find this little detail weirdly interesting. I mean, yes, Pinkie would probably have to get dragged from many a party, but Flutters being the one to do it is a little surprising and, I will admit, does make me wonder if there's more to it. I certainly like the idea.

Still, that's a mostly irrelevant point in an overall very entertaining chapter.

I enjoyed this, thanks

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