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Twilight Sparkle is happy with her life, but she can't shake the feeling that something is missing....

Soarin' is glad to be a WonderBolt, it's his life dream, he has an audience but no pony to perform for personally..

Twilight Sparkle and Soarin' embark on finding their true loves.

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SoarLight? not sure if it will be Twilight x Soarin' but your making me want to continue on my writing :twilightsmile:

This is certainly a new shipping pair. I like the idea of making them feel that something is missing from their lives. Soarin X Twilight. Like the rest of your stuff I look forward to the next installment.

if this ship fic was more depressing I'd suggest the perfect song be Lady Antebellum: Need you Now good country music should be very depressing or tell a story. It's just a song about two separate and completely miserable people drunk at a bar looking for some kind of solidarity.

Peace Out.

Thank you so much for writing this man. Glad that you got to do it. But now I have to read.

I like that your keeping it simple right now, well done sir.

44283 yep. I love red dead redemption, had a great story. I also enjoyed Red Dead Revolver, was really REALLY fun. lol:yay:

holy fickle on a stick... twilight is straight and i'm okay with this... You sir are a scholar and a gentleman
Keep it up

:rainbowkiss:~ Very nicely played sir, the meeting may be a little to "perfect" for my taste but i am thouroughly interested and shall continue to read... carry on:twilightsheepish:

This Jolt is a happy Jolt. Well done sir!!!!! Now if there was only a Soarin' emoticon.......

Saccharinely Sweet. If this was Oregon Trail it'd read something like this:
"The reader has just died from Diabetes!" (before you say anything a bet diabetes could kill you instantly in the 1800's)
My only nit picky complaint is that the shipping felt a little rushed. Other than that it's a very well written, calm and easy to read story, that's welcomed considering how action packed the rest of your stuff is recently. It's nice to take a breather, kinda how I listen to country and blue grass to get a break from Heavy Metal.

Peace Out.

I agree the meeting did seem a little rushed so to speak. But the story itself is very well written and I look forward to reading more.

45364 I don't think that im rushing it any faster than I think if they were to really meet like this then it really is, hes a WonderBolt cant really just pick out someone just to know them, so they trust their instincts, and the only bit of plot that i've used so far is that soarin and twi met
45230 Perfection? There is no such this as perfection with a world of evil / misunderstanding ponies :pinkiecrazy:

46270 I plan on writing the 2nd part today aswell :p

ARRRGGGHHH!!! i need moar~!
sry Dash, Soarin's got eye's for one pony :twilightblush:

Oh I am enjoying this story, the romance is a bit too fast but still it is a good read.

"Of course I do.. your the best thing that's happened to me since I joined the WonderBlolts." You added an extra L but that's the only problem I could find.

Oh dear lord... Pinkie pie....:pinkiegasp:
It's a little fast but i like it... slow down a little and it will be beautiful... :twilightsheepish:

46433 I tried to slow it down :raritydespair:
But they just love each other too much :twilightsmile::heart: (insert Soarin' face)

46455 ... you forgot my demented laughter :pinkiecrazy:

If you're having a hard time coming up with names for background Wonderbolts use the names from The Global Gym: Purple Cobras from the movie Dodgeball, because they're cartoony and over the top enough. Either that or just action adjectives. Oh and the story is great too, but that goes without saying. I did feel bad for Rainbow though.

Peace Out.

lol this is still a first soarin and twilight what should we call it hmmm TWISOAR!

46487 I prefer SoarLight, and yes it is the first...
*goes back to writing his* this maybe the first posted but I will have the first finished! *trips* :moustache::yay::trollestia:

This makes me happy on so many levels. You have no idea man.:pinkiehappy:

It is the first. This is so amazing winter but I really must say one thing. MOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

No thanks I'm not hungry.
(puts on sunglasses)
I had alot to eat last night.

I want you to dps very slowly, and when I say slowly I mean Bucking slowly.

47508 part 2 is coming tonight again, i like to think of the parts as my intermission time, im listening to a pod-cast about Bill Clinton being interviewed as a brony, asking him simple questions so its hard to tell if hes serious or not lol

So... Applejack and Spike :ajsmug::moustache:, nice got one of my fav parings in here as well.

AppleSpike? Mark that as the second rare shipping idea. This chapter was great, but it felt a little short.

Ooh, I just thought of a weird awesome crossover you could do with this and Applebloom's Vendetta. Have you ever seen the Jet Li film, "The One"? The film where Evil Jet Li is traveling through the multiverse killing his other dimensional counter parts and gaining their power to become invincible and the last counterpart which is good must stop him. Just hear me out, the Applebloom from Vendetta can be Justin Statham and Gummy can be Delroy Lindo and they must stop evil Spike from killing the Good Spike of this fic and becoming a martial arts psychotic god. Of Course there would be a lot tension b/w Good Spike, Applebloom, Applejack and his murderous counterpart. Sorry, for posting this I couldn't help myself.

Peace Out.

47596 LOL i saw that movie and it confused me a little, and maybe.. with Pinkie Pie .. anything is possible:pinkiecrazy:
but still i want to finish this before i go back to Applebloom's Vendetta
I still have so many twists plan for that story :3

Too many stories...don't want to sound stupid (because I'm not) but could you include a summery in your next chapter or so because I can't remember what this story is about.:facehoof:

i have a feeling i'll be seeing you around a lot.... oh spike :moustache:
nice story! i just wonder how soarin managed to connect 2 and 2 with spike and applejack...

47670 lol, alright. I'll do it just because you guys provide me with lol's

Ok... trying to get into Twilight pants, for lack of a better term, can't be a very smart idea. She is after all the third most power magic user in Equestria, after the Princesses of course.

Dash is jealous, Soarin' is confused, Twilight is hurt, Rarity is happy for Twilight, and Applejack maybe pining after Spike. Of boy I've read enough fanfiction to see where this is going. ~Celestia's Paladin

47715 Do you now?:twilightsheepish: I was thinking I was being such a sneaky ninja too :moustache:
You should read another one of my stories, Gummy's secret life, you might see a pastern in my plot. :trollestia:

An interesting story so far. However, my one grievance against it is the slightly unnecessary repetition that I find in places. For example:

"I see that Twilight and yourself have found each other well, I hope you two have had alot of 'fun' latley!" Rarity said putting very slight, but very suggesting emphasis on fun.

"Uh..yeah." Soarin' noticed the enthusiasm on the word fun and got slightly confused.

In this instance, 'fun' is used three times consecutively. Putting quotations around 'fun' the first time is enough, we don't really need it beat into our heads two more times in succession that Rarity placed special emphasis on the word, so repeating the description of how the word was said s redundant. Another instance is this:

Twilight and Rarity had appeared next to them in the stands, Twilight took the seat next to Soarin'.

"Hi, did you sleep well?" Twilight asked as she sat next to Soarin'

Once again, unnecessary repetition. Otherwise the story is quite amusing, and this is just one aspect that could be easily amended with a quick re-read of what is written.

Thank you for your time to listen to my opinion.

Thank you very much, I read fanfiction a lot and sometimes start mixing them up.:twilightsheepish: Also great story, I'm going to go on the assumption that twilight was panicked, because if she wanted to, she probably could have sent those two to the moon herself.:twilightangry2: is not healthy to be around, especially if your the cause.


I am just trying to be helpful and point out a small stylistic thing. Overall I enjoy the story, and do not aim to discourage, but rather offer what I hope is constructive criticism. :fluttercry:

47762 I do not aim to discourage others either with my own discouraging to their criticism. I just enjoy a laugh :trollestia:
Sometimes I've been called the joker for my weird sense of humor (Not the cupcakes humor, never read it, never will)

oh no spike just got love advice from soarin this won't end well

well ok my only issue is ponyville wouldn't have ponies who would try to rape others that just sounds wrong but this story rocks

oh wait they were drunk that explains everything@!

47782 Maybe they weren't ponies from ponyville, The Welcome Summer Festival attracts ponies from all over! :yay:

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