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It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.


Some ponies are shy creatures, and try to get through life without getting noticed too much. Other ponies are massive, hulking brutes that make as much noise as possible.

The two are seldom related.

Youtube reading by CaptainBron3y here

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So her father could make Celestia look tiny?

Not bad, not bad at all.

How can he generate enough lift?

How does Snowflake/Bulk Biceps?

6295106 Cheers, mate.

6295272 Sheer force of obliviousness. He has so little idea of all the reasons he can't fly, they end up not applying to him.

Nooooooo! Tom! You were so young! ... And now I don't care. This was a well written story, and quite enjoyable. Good job.


That was hilarious! I nearly needed oxygen, I laughed so hard! And yet it was also very sweet there at the end.

This whole thing had a very Discworld feel to it. Nicely done.

6296026 Cheers, mate. I didn't actually intend for this to be funny, originally. Then beers happened, then I'm honestly not sure what happened.

I do really like the Discworld. I think I read all of them, except for Rising Steam.

6295559 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Wow. Force of will does a heck of a lot more in Equestria than here! :rainbowlaugh:

6297233 I should hope so. How else do you explain Celestia living for 1000 years?

In my humble opinion, sheer willpower and a helluva lot of make-up.

As I read the first few paragraphs, I realised where it was probably going, recalled what Warren Hutch had done in Earth & Sky, and automatically read all of Barrel's lines in the voice of BRIAN BLESSED.

6297308 What's Earth and Sky?

That said, reading anything in the voice of Brian Blessed is always a good idea.

Unless it's a bedtime story. Those are supposed to be quiet.


Earth & Sky

One of the fandom's better offerings, in my opinion, well worth a read.

6297475 Huh. I may check it out if I have time. Thanks for the recommendation.

I don't know, pony; there's a reason it goes for $100+ for original Alliances printings.

6297506 Eh, that's just because it's rare. I've seen a lot of counters with lower mana cost that don't eat at your life and card advantage. Common ones too. :unsuresweetie:


True but you can use those other counters (remember when counters cost just UU, by the way?) in conjunction with Force, thereby keeping mana advantage, or tapping out in order to draw out their fatties, as a feint.

In other words, while overpriced, the fact remains that it's rare because it's good, not the other way around.

"Perhaps I should learn how to use the Voice..."

I personally welcome the idea of Rarihkiin or Divahkiin. Please let that be an indication of a future fanfic.


The Lusty Unicornian Maid...

6297722 Ha. I wish. I'm not really a crossover guy.

I wouldn't mind seeing Rarity step it up as Dovahkiin, though. Fluttershy can't have all the fun.


I feel sad for you and your imagination then. Must be withering on the vine, the poor, unfed creature.

We need a sequel where Barrel has a wrestling/boxing/hoofwrestling/etc contest with Bulk Biceps.

There might be entire civilizations concealed within his facial hair. Empires. They might be at war with each other. If you listened closely, you could hear the cannon-fire.

This reminds me of this.
Man I read that story before I even joined Fimfic!

This was an awesome read. You deserve this feature, I say! :scootangel:

Rainbow's moments here were pretty awesome, too.
…Not quite so much as Mr. Barrelopheles, of course. :rainbowwild:


Well... I certainly expected some fics over the issue of Fluttershy actually having relatives, considering a few things I found on youtube here and there about her having a brother, but this certainly was an entertaining one.

... Empires in a beard, I wouldn't be surprised.


I get it.

I give you 10 replicator cards out of 5 prestige cards (11/10)


Yeah, it's quite a bit harder to create your own universe than cross it over with someone else's. If anything, the fact he doesn't cross over makes him better overall. Remember this: because there are so many crossovers but very few successful ones, they are easy to write and hard to get right.

Since there are very few all-OC stories out there and EVEN FEWER that are successful, they're both hard to write and hard to get right.

6299656 Well, I don't exactly make my own universe. I just play around in My Little Pony's ball pool of a universe.

It's simply that I've rarely enjoyed crossovers. I never really liked the attitude of 'there isn't a crossover with this yet, so I'd better write it', which is present through a lot of the genre.

I have seen a few that were decent, though. I reviewed Stardust for the Goodfic Bin, and I enjoyed what I read. But I don't intend to get my feet wet in that arena for a while. And when I do, it'd be to show everyone else how it should be done.

It was more for the sake of comparison; I suppose I didn't make it entirely clear that I wasn't referring to you as someone who creates their own universes. I just hate when someone makes such a declaration such as that, whether it be trolling or absolutely serious. It's not funny, not at all.

But yeah, you do have a point about crossovers. In my experience, that is exactly how things generally go. That's why I said they're easy to write but hard to get right. That's why I've read only two crossovers that were worth a damn: Stardust and a Doctor Who crossover I can't remember off the top of my head.

A very cute and nice slice of life story. Well done!

6299701 Oh, don't you worry about my imagination. But thanks anyhow.

Well, that was fun! :3

Glad to see Brian Blessed is back in town. :yay:

I'm sat in the living room amongst my family while reading this, cooing and awwing at how sweet the story is, they give me an odd stare from time to time.
I finally read the last paragraph and I'm having to choke back laughter, I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up in an insane asylum with the looks I'm getting now.:pinkiecrazy:

6299988 Well, don't worry too much about that. The insane asylum isn't really that bad.

You get to go for walks twice a day and can write all the ponyfiction you want.

"On the contrary. Pegasi are a warrior race! We strive to surpass ourselves!"
Twilight raised her eyebrow. "Through self harm?"

It just looks like that to non-pegasi, Twilight. From inside the culture it's much more subtle and complex.

that was nice :3

Kind of like a 747 Jumbo Jet or a bumblebee - sheer brute force.

Hell, this does not need to be a one-shot story. This needs to be a multi-chapter series of epic-ness.

6300399 I'll have to keep Barrelopheles in mind if I do more stories about Fluttershy and her family. I actually really enjoyed writing about him.

6300021 fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2014/017/2/8/fluttershy_and_bulk_biceps_by_dcencia-d72jfqh.png

Subtle and complex, indeed. Truly an intricate and fascinating culture.

Hahaaa, good one!


I was thinking along the same lines.

I was hoping for a dragon

6300500 I was just thinking "this version of Fluttershy would totally end up with Bulk Biceps, he has to remind her of her father."

6301561 Perhaps. I could certainly see it happen.

On the same note, she might not end up with Bulk Biceps: he reminds her too much of her father.

At this point, I'm split 50/50.

Not the first time I've seen this concept, but I do like what you've done with it, both the sheer ludicrousness of Barrel and the actual family resemblance underneath all the horseflesh. Nicely done, though I am a bit disappointed he didn't get to meet Discord. Still, a fun read.

6301594 There's only so much reality defying nonsense I can fit in one cottage. Although the real reason was I forgot about him. Whoops.

I'm sure he won't feel left out. He had a whole episode to learn about that.

I think it's important there is an actual family resemblance there. Otherwise it'd just be a story about a big pony sitting in a room. Big whoop.

6301586 Either way, I'd love to see Bulk spotting for Barrel.

6301800 Aw. I love those two.

10/10 best bromance.

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