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Part of the Anarchyverse.

Fluttershy has always been a warm, motherly presence in her friends' lives, so filled with kindness, caring, and love. But when she is once again reminded of the one aspect of her life yet missing while on a train ride to Ponyville, the Bearer of Kindness will find herself confronting her Very Special Somepony... or Somedraconequus, with a very special request.

How will Equestria survive the results? And what will the in-laws think!?

Special Thanks to Toriandthehorse for being a great co-admin, a great editor and proofreader, and a great friend.

Featured: 12-20-2019!:yay: (for 20 minutes!) :raritydespair:

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Okay. THis is perfect!!!

Well, this should prove interesting....:twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

Also, Grogar being "sealed away" in a retirement community makes a scary amount of sense.:rainbowlaugh:

“… and then you’ll have to decide if saving the world is worth destroying your evil red-and-black alicorn of chaos son, but the power of love and friendship will prove too much…”

I saw what you did there!

Discord waved his claw nonchalantly, costume vanishing and suitcases wandering off as he spoke, “Oh, where to begin? I suppose nothing too crazy went on… though at one point everyone’s characters came to life and threatened to destroy Equestria- NOT MY FAULT!” he added quickly, “I mean, who the heck expects holograms to suddenly gain sapience and turn evil!?”

Is this a slight PHINEAS AND FERB reference?

Wait... so I'm guessing Discord impersonated his Dad during Season 9? Makes..... sense, I guess.

Also, I feel you may have wasted an opportunity for a great bait and switch where Fluttershy thinks that they need to "do the deed," but then Discord just snaps. Story's great, just feels like that could have been a good joke to out in there.


Also, I feel you may have wasted an opportunity for a great bait and switch where Fluttershy thinks that they need to "do the deed," but then Discord just snaps

I mean... that was what Fluttershy was stammering and stuttering about... :pinkiehappy:

This is great! Between "Not my fault", Sombra blowing up yet again, Grogar's outburst, Ann's first snap, Discord's reaction to it I'm laughing y sides off.

Oh..... well I guess I just thought there’d be a bit more build up. Carry on then.

But with the Council adjourned, the closest friends in Equestria had to say goodbye once more.

As is the case with these sort of gatherings, I'd imagine there'd be an informal after party at Sweet Apple Acres or something, that's not part of official business. Cause then meeting your friends just seems like...work. :raritydespair: :twilightoops: :rainbowderp: :fluttershbad: :ajsleepy: :pinkiesad2:

I'm imagining Ann as an unstoppable version of Flurry Heart.

This is gonna be fun.

I like this premise and I’m excited to see where this story goes.

I’m especially intrigued by the potential for interactions between Ann, Lil Cheese and other foals. If the spawn of Pinkie and Discord were to work together, Equestria could be in peril once more.

On the other hand, it’s hard for me to imagine Discord as a father figure. I have no idea what to expect from him in this role and I’m ready to be surprised.

this is very good story please continue write

Off to a really fun start, looking forward to more of the adorable trials and tribulations that come with raising little Anarchy :twilightsmile:

Yes! Perfect! I LOVED how the baby came about! :rainbowlaugh: Oh, I do hope you continue writing!

:raritystarry: She's so cute and fabulous, I want a foal too
:moustache: cool
:twilightsheepish: you realized she's already potty trained
:duck: How bad can it be?
:moustache: on a bad day? Ever see burning lava? Skipping stones? or Flaming farts?
:duck: Asbestos darling asbestos :facehoof:

Wonderful chapter!! Love it!!

The comedy was on point in this chapter! Love Ann’s personality already! Hope we can get more development for her relationships with her parents soon.

Ann you little shit XD

Poor Pinkie, having to suffer for her son

Grogar is such a ham, must be where Discord got it from

Gallus, you should have realized what you were getting in to just from what happened while you were at friendship school

This is hilarious and teeth-rottingly cute and heart-warming. Just what I needed.

The comedy is great, just what I would expect if the show was ever allowed to go where your story has gone. I was laughing out loud through about a third of it,

I wish I had more things to say, but I can only think of: Great job.

I'm keeping an eye on this. Happy writing.

Hoo boy....

“Yes, that too,” the tallest purple thing that ever purpled said.


Interesting to see Rainbow has at least tried to develop a professional demeanor, even if an apparent friendship crisis can easily shatter it. To say nothing of motherhood making Pinkie a lot less chill....

Ah, good old Sunbutt and Moonbutt. Just as useless as ever.


This is hilarious and teeth-rottingly cute and heart-warming.

Whenever I write Ann, I think: Will this cause spontaneous diabetes in a reader? If yes, I proceed. :twilightsmile:


To say nothing of motherhood making Pinkie a lot less chill....

:pinkiecrazy: Some things get a lot less funny with experience...

Glad everyone is enjoying the chapter!

But Discord had nothing to do with it. Even his meta-humor had failed him.

When you can't please fill with META humour you know you're in dire straits...

Rarity placed a foreleg over Rainbow’s withers, “Dashie, darling? I think that particular ship has, shall we say, sailed.”


This is a really good story, the characters are well defined and the jokes are on point :) Keep it going!

Magnificent thus far. I especially love Pinkie's inexpressible envy at how Fluttershy got to skip all the early issues. Grogar being an entire pig farm's worth of ham is also fantastic. Eagerly looking forward to more.

Wow. What a chapter!!!

:raritycry: Spike!
:twilightsheepish: He's resting
:raritystarry: Did you know even Blue Blood has a filly? First Pinkie then Blue Blood ! What am I going to do!
:moustache: Put more guys on the job?
:duck: I'll put some dragon to work!
:twilightoops: Wut? Rarity!
:moustache: If Discord can do it I can do it
:duck: Well I'm waiting
:moustache: I'm snapping my fingers the best I can,,,,
:flutterrage: Do it the natural way
:moustache::raritywink: eeeewwwwww!


Put more guys on the job?

Oooof. Leave it to a dragon to burn like that... :trollestia:

"Ponequus" is a rather silly name. She's a horse-horse!

Heh. Don't worry, Anarchy, you'll spot us eventually.

Ann tilted her head, questioningly, “What? But… how did you fwy wiffout magic?”
“Uh, wings?”

Because that doesn't involve magic at all...

Some nice where-are-they-now moments will Silver's social circle.

Interesting that it's Fluttershy who qualifies as Ponyville's "local sort-of-Princess" as opposed to, say, Applejack. I wonder what determined that.

Discord’s eyes grew eyebrows, which frowned, “Did you ask the readership if they thought the joke was old?”

I mean, I think it is.

And so I expect you to behave yourself, and show these earth ponies the pride and dignity of our family. Is that understood?

"What about all the other creatures, Papa?"
"And them as well, I suppose."

Twinkleshine? Huh. Didn't see that coming.

Your parents are the first Buckball team from Ponyville!!!

And now I wonder what happened to Snails...

Flawless. Honey. Sweetie pumpkin. Their parents are hexarchs and gods. They're two degrees removed from Princess Cadence. Even if you can't look past the surface, recognize that their families can bury you.
Ah well, I imagine she'll learn that lesson soon enough...

In any case,

Technically all six of them are princesses. Considering they rule the whole dang country. And Twilight would consider her co-rulers and friends equals, sooo...

Also, Twinkleshine... I mean, she lives in Canterlot. She’s pretty, and a unicorn. Aaaand Blueblood needed a good influence. That’s means, motive, and opportunity right there! :pinkiecrazy:

“Oh… he might also hate me for trapping him here…”

Foresight is not Discord's strong suit XD

Pearl followed Cheese’s outstretched hoof towards the edge of the crowd, where a large alligator held some sort of frizzy-maned clown up above the other ponies. He was singing a song about accordions and mayonnaise while juggling cream pies, and had a number of foals and a few older children dancing along around him.

Classic Cheese

And now Pearl was beginning to hop in place, chattering away, “Your parents are the first Buckball team from Ponyville!!! This is amazing !”

Did not expect the Blueblood spawn to be a buckball fan. Adorable.

Pearl Rose already sounds like an intriguing character. Can’t wait to see what adventures our trio will get into.

I believe it's originally from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Malfunctions on the Holodeck were a recurring episode premise.

I'm not a Fluttercord shipper, but this is so well-written! I don't understand why this hasn't gotten more attention and upvotes.

It’s very kind of you to say that. But, it is what it is. And if all I get from this story is warm fuzzy feelings, and the occasional nice comment, I’m happy. :twilightsmile:

Also, yes. That was a Star Trek reference. Even the original had malfunctioning, homicidal holograms, if I recall.

Well... I guess that's part and parcel of school. At least Ann's made one new friend already, and probably not one anyone saw coming.

This account is 100% new, barely a day old, literally only made to keep track of stories I'm liking.. and this one is the very first one I liked enough to comment on! It's got heart and fantastic sense of humor. Also really appreciate the attention to detail despite the sprawling cast.

Looking forward to more of this! Would love to see more Fluttershy, and how much of her is actually in Ann. We've mostly seen the Discordness in her, ot would be nice to see her mother's influence too. The very unique and conflicting combination that is Fluttercord is what makes Anarchy so intriguing!

Well, thank you for saying such nice things! I hope I can deliver something to your liking soon! :twilightsmile:

This story is great so far! I can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you and keep up the great work!

cue the chaos fueled antics!!!

“Are you…” Flawless finally took a moment to blink, “Magic?”

"... This is Equestwia. You come fwom a city-state kept safe by a magic cwystal. I gave youw desk witeraw wegs. Why awe you impwessed, and why do you even need to ask?"

“Yah!” cried Lawcord, and the two flew up and away.

Up until she did a loop-the-loop and sent him flying into Town Hall.

“At least things can’t get any worse...”

You'd think he'd know better than that.

I do appreciate how Pinkie trumps three of the most powerful beings in the world at a party.

“What? I can’t help it if dragons classify hatchlings as hoard-possessions…”

This raises yet more questions about the history of Spike's egg.

...except for the grey coat and swirling mane she inherited from her father, Starswirl the Bearded.

Oh no, that's canon to this story.

In all seriousness, lovely showcase of Luster's wider pre-Ponyville social circle. And good to hear that Sunset never stopped being a thing.

Moondancer’s Kindergarten for Gifted Unicorns

Not what I expected. I'm surprised she has the patience to put up with that many foals.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders would ride again…

I though the goal was to de-escalate the tension.

Waiting until something silly happens before we all learn a lesson is just… silly.

The student has surpassed the master.

Entirely reasonable way for Flurry to inherit the Sparkle family curse. Lovely stuff throughout this chapter. Looking forward to more.


This raises yet more questions about the history of Spike's egg.

I mean... you assume it's a real egg... :pinkiecrazy:

I though the goal was to de-escalate the tension.

The CMC never saw a bad idea they didn't like. :applecry::unsuresweetie::scootangel:

So, Ann, Cheese, Shady, and Pearl will be the newest CMCs, right?

Also, I loved all the subtle world building you did at the party. Flurry Heart making an appearance was great, getting to learn more about Blueblood was nice. Great job! Can’t wait to see what’s next

Also, I love that the schoolyard antagonism will be limited to a competitive rivalry and not bullying. At least they seem to agree that’s a bad idea.

Also, I love that Ann said No. she knows how to not take crap from people and not immediately forgive them for it.

Okay, there’re.... a LOT of characters. So, who’s the child of who here???? You have a diagram somewhere. Who’s Celeste related to?


Okay, there’re.... a LOT of characters. So, who’s the child of who here???? You have a diagram somewhere. Who’s Celeste related to?

Why, the Great and Powerful Trixie, and the Legendary Starswirl the Bearded, as detailed in this silly little thing I decided on a whim would be canon with my other stories.

I just read it and I loved it. So, I guess then the question is how those two met Flurry Heart then.

There's still a couple decades unexplored. Could have happened at any point between S9E25 and E26. :twilightsmile:

Not only Ann, Pearl Cheese and Shady were illegal levels of adorable you've also done the impossible, you made me respect Blueblood...
Keep up the good work :)

Just a quick heads up...
The bits where Flurry Heart say's that she's a shipper are bugged... It didn't made the text smaller, it just added on top of that...

Thanks for the heads-up. It should be fine now.

Did you like it? :twilightsmile:

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