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Writing is just pain leaving the spirit...


Sick Report · 2:59am January 4th

I got the Virus right after Christmas, and I've been dead for the entire end of 2021.

While I'm trying to get back to 100-percent, work on writing is slowly resuming. One short I was doing as a quick bit of prompt-work has bloomed into something that... might actually be worth publishing. A little glimpse into the early days right after Luna's banishment.

There might also be a short comedy about cannibalism. :pinkiehappy:

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Derpy Saves Christmas… I mean, Hearth’s Warning. · 1:27pm Dec 1st, 2021

EDerpy Saves Hearth's Warming
"Get in the sleigh, Derpy. We're saving Hearth's Warming!"
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Twas the night before Hearth’s Warming. Or, at least December 1st.
And I’m advertising a story, all written in verse.
It’s about Derpy Hooves, and Princess Luna too,
How they saved Hearth’s Warming by delivering gifts to
All the orphans in Equestria in one single night,
But how? Guess you’ll just have to read it, alright?

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Radio Silence · 6:28am Nov 16th, 2021

I would like to apologize for essentially disappearing for the last few... eh, months, kinda.

My explanation is weak: I was busy. Busy with life, work, illness, family drama, and other things. I don't know if these distractions are over and done with, or if more trouble's coming. This was all made a bit worse by a severe bout of depression triggered by the rather... tepid response Nightmare Night received. If you can't tell, it's now on HIATUS until I can get my head back into it.

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NIGHTMARE NIGHT · 10:42pm Oct 29th, 2021

ENightmare Night
It's the very first Nightmare Night for Discord and Fluttershy's new family, and everything's going to be perfect... right?
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Nightmare Night,
What a fright!
Give me something good to bite.

But if you don't,
By morning light,
Then this will be your last good night...

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Writer's Block, Halloween, and the G5-Anarchy Connection · 7:56pm Oct 26th, 2021

This whole past month, I've felt like I've got nothing done. Work has been rough. Getting sick has been rough. Prepping for Nanowrimo has been rough. And I'm tackling, like... four or five projects at once.

Which is rough. :rainbowwild:

On the plus side, I'll have something for Halloween. Can't promise it'll be done then, but I can promise chapter 1 will appear on the spooky scary holiday. And that it'll involve Anarchy.

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Um… huh · 1:56pm Oct 12th, 2021

[Adult story embed hidden]

I took a five minute break from slaving over my other projects to write something very silly. Very stupid. What better way to inaugurate my feeble attempts to write a G5 story?

I actually do have a more serious G5 story in the works as well, but since it features Anarchy, I worry folks will think it’s trying to deride the new movie. Which isn’t my intention at all. Hopefully, whenever that’s finished, people will enjoy it.

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Fall Update · 2:54am Sep 24th, 2021

I'm not dead!

Just really tired from work!

Still working on Legend of Trixie! And that OTHER THING!

The OTHER THING is fun!

Haha but no seriously, I've been deep in a depressive funk this whole month, not helped by the fact that I had to scrap a 3k word draft of the next Trixie update because it did dumb things using my dumb smooth brain. There are days I stare at a blank screen and just scream "DO SOMETHING YOU FOOL" over and over again.

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Memorial... in Chinese! · 3:21am Sep 8th, 2021

Hey all! Memorial now has a Chinese translation! How cool is that?

Chinese Translation by Hellagur

Give him a big hand! And if you haven't read Memorial in a while... uh, go... go do that! As well!

Nailed it.

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Trixe: When you hear hoofsteps, think of zebras · 1:45pm Sep 3rd, 2021

Trixie decides she has stayed in bed long enough. She’s not meant to lay about “recovering” from her “injuries”. She’s meant to be out there, doing things! Taking in the sights! Watching a show! Running headlong into enemies she thought she’d defeated back in Hyneighria…

Oh. Crumbs. Those three are back.

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Trixie's running for her life · 5:09pm Aug 31st, 2021

The next chapter of The Legend of Trixie is almost done. It's off to the editors and pre-readers. It's out of my hands now. I know I should press on with the next exciting chapter, but there's all these little side scenes and mini-chapter ideas I want to write and put in, but I just can't find the right place.

I mean, I can actually visualize the moment Twilight goes to speak with Grogar, or when she finally confronts Raven Inkwell.

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