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When a disaster occurs in Twilight and Midnight's laboratory, and a monster from beyond the stars begins to destroy reality itself, only Spike can save the day.

Part of the Anarchyverse, and Sequel to All These Midnight Days, but all you need to know for this is that EqG's Twilight Sparkle spun her inner demon self Midnight Sparkle into their own person, and the two now do science and magic as twin sisters.

Partly inspired by this song by the amazing Blanks!

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“And that suit better not become self-aware, young ladies!” he said, glaring.

When you realize this story is literally just the show Johnny Test, but with Spike serving the roles of Johnny and Dukey.

Clearly the question isn’t why all of the sisters’ creations become self-aware. The question is why they aren’t proactively trying to make sure their creations don’t conquer the world. If you can’t avoid making AI, at least make it friendly.

In any case, delightful madness. Thank you for it.

Well. That was a thing that just happened. So, does this mean that Spike is now permanently Iron Mutt?

The aged machine sat in the center of the empty bunker, sitting atop a metal stool. The thing was an off-cream gray, except for the top casing which was an obnoxious green-blue color, with the emblem of a banana on the side.

Bloom County reference?

“Or spitting in the eye of the universe with experimental science and-or magic?”

That's the point of being a mad scientist.

Don’t be presumptuous the only way to truly earn the appellation “Wonder Dog,” is to kill a dinosaur with a nuke. :derpytongue2:

I love all the mad science mishaps mentioned in this.

Nice bit if insanity and a nice little one-shots for the Midnight-verse

Well...at least the girls remembered the main rule.
Don't bring up what you can't put down.

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